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Product Report: Beta Systems Software AG SAM Enterprise Identity Manager - 70274

SAM Enterprise Identity Manager from Beta Systems Software AG (Beta Systems) belongs to the category of enterprise provisioning systems with integrated access governance functions. Its core function is to reconcile identity information among different access control systems based on defined processes and connectors in a structured, automated and traceable manner. It also supports common provisioning features such as the implementation of workflows for request and approval procedures, user self service, delegated administration and password management. The solution further provides auditing...

Product Report

Product Report: Microsoft FIM 2010 R2 - 70106

In 1999 Microsoft entered the Identity and Access Management space with the introduction of Active Directory in Windows NT and the purchase of Zoomit Via which was renamed to Microsoft Metadirectory Server (MMS). MMS was eventually retired and Microsoft re-wrote the system from ground up and named it Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS) with one of the major changes being the support of the .NET framework. In 2007 MIIS was combined with the Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) component which manages X.509 certificated and smart cards, the combined products was called Microsoft...


Benutzer- und Berechtigungsmanagement für den Mittelstand leicht gemacht

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Smarter Security Spending

On Thursday, I was moderating a panel discussion at infosecurity Europe (InfoSec), the leading UK security fair, which hosts a program of keynotes and panel discussions. My panel was titled “Smarter security spending: Optimising spend without exposing the business”. Panelists were Dragan Pendić, Chief Security Architect, Global Information Management and Security, at Diageo; Michelle Tolmay, Security Officer, ASOS; Cal Judge, Information Security Head, Oxfam; and Graham McKay, CISO, DC Thomson. We had a very interesting, well-attended session with some interesting questions during the Q+A...


What happened recently in Security?

The number one issue in the past weeks is the LivingSocial hack, where attackers reportedly have stolen massive amounts of personal data, including names, eMail addresses, birthdates, and encrypted passwords. LivingSocial has confirmed an attack, but not the reported number of 50 million stolen data sets – which would be the vast majority of all LivingSocial users. However, there still is relatively little information about the details. It is still unclear whether all non-Asian accounts are actually affected. (LivingSocial holds the Asian accounts on another server.) It is not publicly...

Product Report

Product Report: Qiy Independent Trust Framework - 70640

The ongoing trend of IT consumerization driven by growing adoption of mobile, social and cloud computing has made a profound impact on our society. It has brought many new challenges for both consumers and businesses, which are now struggling to adapt to the new demands for storing, sharing, and processing sensitive digital information and to comply with increasingly harsh privacy-related regulations. An emerging revolutionary trend that is turning the Internet upside down and making privacy a fundamental layer of any network interaction is the Life Management Platform. Life Management...

Executive View

Executive View: ServiceMesh Agility Platform - 70639

ServiceMesh is a company out of Santa Monica, CA that fields a platform in the category of Enterprise Cloud Management, and places a heavy emphasis on policy-based cloud governance. This is a relatively new category and in particular the focus on “Enterprise Cloud Governance” needs some explaining. KuppingerCole agrees with the interpretation ServiceMesh uses for Governance in the classic sense of IT Governance. IT Governance is the discipline of focusing on IT systems and their performance and risk management. Much of the increased interest in IT Governance is attributed to...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: Atos DirX - 70741

Atos is one of the largest IT Service Providers worldwide, with more than 70.000 employees and global reach. Following the acquisition of Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS), the company changed its name from Atos Origin to just Atos. The company is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. This vendor report focuses on a specific part of the Atos portfolio, the DirX products. These are part of the Systems Integration division at Atos and within that division grouped into the solution area Identity, Security and Risk Management. While Atos primarily acts as solution provider with a set of...


Bridging (the gap between) Access Governance and Privileged User Management… and they lived happily ever after!

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More Consolidation for the API Economy

CA Technologies acquires Layer 7, MuleSoft acquires Programmable Web, 3Scale gets funding It is clear that the API Economy is kicking into gear in a big way. Last week, Intel announced its acquisition of Mashery, this week, CA Technologies announced its acquisition of Layer7 , MuleSoft announced its acquisition of ProgrammableWeb and 3Scale closed a round of funding for 4.2M. Money is flooding into the API Economy as the importance of APIs only heightens. Expect this trend to continue. The upside of this flurry of activity is the focus being given to the API Economy. But here is my...


More Unsmart Infrastructures

In my last post I mentionned the motor driven door locks I have at my home. A frequent question I get from friends visiting me is, wether that doorlock system, which works with pincodes, RFID, remote conrols and over the Internet, is connected to the KNX/EIB bus system I also have in my house to control lights, shutters, air circulation, music and some other features. And the answer is no. Because, no joke, EICB/KNX, which seems to be the most spread "standard" for home automation, does not provide any security feature. no encryption, no authenication. If you get access to the 2 wires of a...


Unsmart Infrastructures

My colleague Martin Kuppinger recently (and quite a while ago) has posted some critical articles on smart infrastructures in his blog.Yes, security is a big issue there. However, it is not only about security in these more or (in most cases) less smart infrastructures. It is also about making these infrastructures work at all and, last but not least feasible for a large audience. In my home, which is a so called passive house (well insulated, large, south bound windows for passive solar heating, saving 98.5% of heating energy compared to a standard building...) I have a smart meter. I have...


Consumers, credentials and context

Larry Ponemon, of the Ponemon Institute, is well known for excellent surveys about technology issues. And Larry didn’t disappoint when he recently released “Moving Beyond Passwords: Consumer Attitudes on Online Authentication, A Study of US, UK and German Consumers” (warning: pdf file). In summary, the report of the survey concludes: “The majority of consumers would use a multi-purpose identity credential to verify who they are before providing secure access to data, systems and physical locations. Banking institutions are considered the best for online validation and strong...


Intel Announces Mashery Acquisition

From partnership to acquisition Let there be no confusion. Intel is a hardware company. It makes microchips. This is its core business. History shows that companies do best when they stick to their roots. There are exceptions. At the same time, Intel has always dabbled in software at some level. Mostly in products that support the chip architecture. Compilers, development tools and debuggers. From time to time, however, Intel ventures into the software business with more serious intentions. Back in 1991, Intel acquired LAN Systems in attempt to get more serious into the LAN utility...


The Dark Side of Cloud Computing

When things go bad, it goes really bad At KuppingerCole we use Office365 extensively to manage our documents and keep track of document development and distribution. On April 9, 2013, Microsoft released a normal sized Tuesday update to Windows and Office products. The only thing is, this time the update completely broke the functionality of Office 365 and Office 2013. Trying to open a document stored in SharePoint would result in a recursive dialogue box asking for you to authenticate to the SharePoint server. Same thing would happen when trying to upload a document. Excel and PowerPoint...


When are technologies really disruptive?

A few days ago I read an article about “disruptive technologies” in the (glossy) customer magazine of a large system integrator. The article mentioned technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, or Mobile Computing. But are these technologies really disruptive? The definition of “disruptive innovation” in Wikipedia is as follows: A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology. The term is used in business and...


Another Case for IDMaaS

Identity Management is a universal problem When I pay my electric bill I usually just call the power company and give them my credit card. This month I decided that I should go set up auto payments on the web site and be done with it. So I opened the power company web site and attempted to login. Clearly the site recognized me, the login name I usually use was being recognized, but I just could not remember my password. I tried all of the normal passwords I use and none of them were working. So I attempted to retrieve my password, it gave me an option of having the password reset sent to...


Kill the heating – how smart infrastructures will not work at all

This week, I read an article (in German) about a severe security bug in heating systems provided by Vaillant, one of the larger manufacturers in that space. The issue was found in so called “nano block heating systems” that are made for detached houses and duplex houses. The entities have an IP-Interface that allows both the service technicians of the vendor and the owner of the heating system to remotely manage the device. However, a security bug allows pretty much anyone to easily access, in clear text, the passwords of the owner, the technician (expert), and even the developer. In other...


Rapidly Evolving Identity & Access Management to Meet Today´s B2C & Cloud Challenges

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Whitepaper: Information Classification: Information Stewardship in Practice - 70740

Information stewardship uses good governance techniques to implement information centric security for all of your data. Information Stewardship involves the business as well as the IT services group. It creates a culture where the people in the organization understand the sensitivity of information and the ways in which this information can be put at risk. A key concept within Information stewardship is that it “ creates a culture where the people in the organization understand the sensitivity of information ”. Such culture in consequence means that people feel responsible...


Apr 23, 2013: Bridging (the gap between) Access Governance and Privileged User Management … and they lived happily ever after!

Access Governance (modeling a desired state, then detecting and remediating risks deriving from any deviation from such a model) and Privileged User Management (controlling the activity of the SysAdmins, operating at the system level) have been historically taught as a single mantra within Identity Management lectures, but ultimately treated as different technologies and implementation projects.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 Preview

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Just the fact(or)s, ma’am

2FA, it’s an abbreviation (word? acronym?) I see a lot these days. But it’s not, as I first thought, teenage texting slang (“OMG, that’s 2FA!”) for “too freakin’ amazing”. No, it’s a shortened version of “two factor authentication” which has been a hot topic and buzzword since Google announced it (although they call it “two step verification”) after the now infamous case of hacking which struck Wired magazine’s Mat Honan (see “The Honan Hack and the BYOI meme”) last summer. Suddenly everyone is writing about 2FA. Of course, they rarely mention that two weak factors can be worse than one...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Privilege Management - 70736

Privilege Management - which, in the KuppingerCole nomenclature, also is called PxM for Privileged Access/Account/Identity/User Management- is the term used for technologies which help to audit and limit elevated rights and what can be done with shared accounts. During the last few years, PxM has become increasingly popular. Some vendors have enhanced their offerings significantly, while acquisitions have also led to vendors providing broader offerings, moving from niche players to market leaders. The reason for that growth is the increasing demand in the market. PxM is on its way out...


What happened recently in Security?

During the past few days, there have been at least two notable events in security. One was the attack on South Korean banks and TV networks. The other was the “Spamhaus incident”. I will talk about these two more in detail further down that post. Besides that, it was interesting to observe that iOS and OS X seem to become increasingly the malware targets of choice.That is not surprising, however, since there are masses of iOS and OS X devices out there. Thus, the platform is far more attractive than in the past. Combined with the fact that Apple’s patch policy still is not convincing, this...


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