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Do we need to kill IAM to save it?

Last week I received a newsletter from Radiant Logic, a vendor of Virtual Directory Services and some other IAM stuff like Federation Services. This newsletter pointed to a video of a presentation of Gartner analyst Ian Glazer titled “Killing Identity Management in Order to Save it,” which had been published on February 7th, 2013. In this video he spends a lot of time talking about some topics like IAM is too static and typically HR driven IAM is not focused on providing services and integrating with business applications IAM is based on LDAP (and CSV) and other hierarchical...

Product Report

Product Report: Layer 7 Technologies - 70627

The emerging API Economy is presenting significant challenges to all industry participants. When coupled with the Computing Troika—Cloud, Mobile, and Social computing—the API Economy is bringing about change in strategy requirements that have not ever been presented to organizations before. For example, the sheer number and nature if personas and identities and the need to give access to internal information and resources is very significant. The API Ecosystem is made of the rapidly evolving elements of The API Economy that organizations need to understand and integrate in...


Pervasive and ubiquitous identity

I read a lot. Mostly about identity, security, the cloud and other tech topics, but because I’m a writer I’m also interested in the tools of the trade. That’s why, every week without fail, I read the World Wide Words newsletter. Through it, I find out about words such as this past week’s “nidicolous” (“If your offspring are proving recalcitrant or obstreperous you may like to hurl the epithet nidicolous at them. It will be accurate and tantalisingly unclear; it might even provoke them to crack open a dictionary to discover whether you’re insulting them.”) No, I won’t tell you. Go to the web...

Executive View

Executive View: Cloud standards and advice jungle - 70641

Cloud computing is one of three dimensions in which organizations are moving towards an economy based upon the interconnection IT services. This idea is described in KuppingerCole Advisory Note 70532 “The Open API Economy”. This success of this economy and hence of cloud computing depends on the availability clearly defined interfaces; standards have a key role to play in achieving this. Cloud services are built using a technical architecture that may include both proprietary and standard protocols and interfaces. Many of these standard protocols and interfaces are already...


Whitepaper: Using Information Stewardship within Government to Protect PII - 71002

Loss and theft of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from government, military and defense organizations continues to be a significant problem. Given the amount of attention to this area and the wealth of standards and technology available – why do these leaks still occur? This document considers the sources of leakage and describes how better information stewardship based on information centric security is essential to manage these risks.  According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), examples of PII include, but are not limited to: Name,...


This Week in Security

OK, in fact this is about the last few weeks in security this time – but in future it will be most time about looking back at the previous week. The permanent threats: Chinese hackers, Anonymous,… Not a single week goes by without news about attacks from various groups. This includes Chinese hackers that are alleged to have attacked the Wall Street Journal or Anonymous that claimed that they have successfully attacked the US Federal Reserve. In the latter incident, it took four days from the announcement by Anonymous until the official statement of the US Federal Reserve. An additional...


How to Make an API

Introduction Making an API is hard. It is also a tough question. A small company out of England has figured out how to let anyone make an API with just: Dropbox A Spreadsheet A Datownia SaaS account Datownia One of the activities I practice to keep up with what is happening in the world of APIs is to subscribe to the ProgrammableWeb’s newsletter. Every week the newsletter contains the latest APIs that have been added to the rapidly increasing list. While I seldom can get through the whole list, I inevitably find one or two new APIs that are really interesting. Recently I ran into one...


Mar 21, 2013: Extending Data Governance Beyond the Database

Traditionally, enterprise data governance started within your database management system by establishing the appropriate access control and auditing policies to prevent unauthorized access and demonstrate those controls. Now a new generation of database security solutions allow organizations to extend database security policies beyond the database management system and across the enterprise.


Mar 07, 2013: BYOD, Social Networking, Cloud - sicher und kalkulierbar

Die Einbindung mobiler Endgeräte, seien Sie im Eigentum des Mitarbeiters oder des Unternehmens, die Nutzung von Social Media im Unternehmen und der vielfältige Einsatz von Cloud-Anwendungen - all dies ist Alltag geworden und stellt IT-Professionals in den Unternehmen jeden Tag vor neue Herausforderungen.


Cloud: hope for the best but plan for the worst

The past couple of weeks must have been an anxious time for the customers of the outsourcing service run by 2e2 which went into administration on January 29th.  This impacted on a range of organizations including hospitals. The good news today is that the Daisy Group plc. has been appointed to manage the 2e2 Data Centre business.  Organizations are now almost totally dependent on their IT services to operate. It is tempting to think that outsourcing the service absolves you of any responsibility.  This is not the case; an organization using a cloud service is still responsible for the...


Protecting who you are

At last week’s Kaspersky Labs Analyst Summit, Chief Marketing Officer Alexander Erofeev said that for 2013 the phrase “protecting who you are” would be the theme for the company. This made me pause and think about “who you are” means. Of course, as an Identity Management analyst my first thought was that it was identity, and identity attributes, that Erofeev was talking about. But further reflection (and the rest of his presentation) led me to understand that it’s really Information Stewardship that the company is leaning towards – even if they don’t use the term. For the corporate entity,...


Jun 06, 2013: Quo Vadis SAP?

Martin Kuppinger and Craig Burton will discuss about how the "Computing Troika" Cloud, Mobile and Social Computing will necessarily influence SAP´s products and Services strategies.


Mar 12, 2013: European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 - Agenda Preview

The European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC) 2013 once again will be Europe´s most important event exploring the future of information technology. Join us in this webinar for a compehensive preview on this year´s Agenda and speakers.


Mar 15, 2013: SAP Identity Management und GRC: Miteinander statt nebeneinander!

In diesem Webinar beschreibt KuppingerCole Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger unterschiedliche Architekturkonzepte, verfügbare Produkte und deren mögliche Rolle in IAM / GRC-Gesamtlösungen im SAP-Umfeld. Richtig gemacht, können Unternehmen durch einen integrativen Ansatz für IAM und GRC ihre Audit-Anforderungen besser erfüllen, schlankere Prozesse realisieren, die Arbeitslast für Fachbereiche reduzieren und eine schlankere und damit günstigere IT-Infrastruktur für IAM und GRC umsetzen.


Mar 19, 2013: Protecting Information in an Unstructured World

Join KuppingerCole Senior Analyst Mike Small and TITUS CTO Steph Charbonneau in this Webinar to learn the Major causes of information loss and leakage and how to avoid them by bringing structure to Information through Information Stewardship.

Executive View

Snapshot: Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall - 70631

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall is a new offering combining and enhancing two existing products: Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall. The product monitors Oracle databases and databases from other vendors. On the one hand it can detect and block threats while on the other hand it consolidates audit data not only from the database firewall component but also from the databases themselves and from other sources like operating system log files, application logs, etc...


Top Ten Tips for Negotiating and Assuring Cloud Services

KuppingerCole research confirms that “security, privacy and compliance issues are the major inhibitors preventing organizations from moving to a private cloud.”  Our report on Cloud Provider Assurance provides information in depth on how to manage these issues.  Here is a summary of our top ten tips on negotiating and assuring cloud services. Consistent IT governance is critical: The cloud is just an alternative way of obtaining IT services and, for most organizations; it will be only one component of the overall complex IT service infrastructure.  IT Governance provides a way to manage,...


This Week in Security

Chinese hackers, US newspapers This week, several US newspapers, including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, have reported that they have experienced cyber-attacks related to their coverage of China. In the case of The Times, corporate passwords for every employee had been stolen. Chinese officials called allegations that the Chinese Government commissioned these attacks “unprofessional and baseless”. However, it is not likely that Chinese hackers caused these incidents without at least tacit government approval. In fact, this appears to be sort of a sideshow to the bigger,...


Rethinking Identity and Access Governance in a World of Change and Complexity

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