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Passwords redux

Over 25 years ago I started in the networked computer field worrying about authentication, usernames and passwords. And despite all the weeping and wailing about passwords in the intervening years, I still spend an inordinate amount of time thinking, writing and speaking about them. Just last week, Oracle’s Mike Neuenschwander (formerly with The Burton Group) organized a lively tweet chat on authentication issues (search Twitter for #authchat to see what’s left of the thread) which showed surprising agreement about the future of passwords for authentication. The week before, Google had...

Executive View

Snapshot: IBM InfoSphere Guardium V 9.0 - 70632

IBM InfoSphere Guardium V9.0 is a new release of the IBM database security product. However, in its new release it extends real-time database monitoring beyond databases to other data stores, including data warehouses, big data environments, and file shares. IBM InfoSphere Guardium takes a big step forward from database protection towards data protection. IBM managed this balancing act well with the new release, further extending its strength in the database security market segment and enhancing this to new information management systems This potentially imposes the risk of ending up...


Yubico – will Google bring the breakthrough?

Recently a story about Google hit the news, according to an article in Wired, “Google declares war on the password”. Google wants to integrate this into the browser. Their approach is based on the idea of using a USB key or a NFC (Near Field Communication) device to log into applications. Currently, Google uses a YubiKey, developed by Yubico. This brought my attention back to Yubico. Some months ago, I had a conversation with their CEO Stina Ehrensvärd. She unveiled some of the new devices Yubico is working on, including their YubiKey NEO, which supports both NFC and USB, and their YubiKey...


Cloud Computing and Standards

Introduction The three biggest trends impacting computing today are what I call the Computing Troika. Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing and Social Computing. There is a fourth trend that is on par with each of the Troika movements. The API Economy. Finally there is the question of the role of standards in these trends. First, here is my definition of Cloud Computing—and its opposite—Non-cloud Computing. Cloud Computing Cloud Computing involves offering network computing services with the following three characteristics: IT Virtualization Multi-tenancy Service re-usability IT...


Data Breaches during 2012 demonstrate the need for better information stewardship

Was 2012 a big year for IT security breaches? Whilst I don’t have quantitative information on exactly how many data breaches there were during 2012.  However, during this period, there were many prosecutions, enforcement notices and monetary penalties issued by the ICO (UK Information Commissioner's Office).  These included a record monetary penalty of £325,000 for a hospital in the UK where discs containing patient data were sold on the internet , a penalty of £150,000 for Greater Manchester Police where an officer lost an memory stick with unencrypted information relating to more than...


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 Preview

KuppingerCole Webinar recording

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Snapshot: Thycotic Secret Server - 70633

Thycotic Software is one of the vendors in the emerging Privilege Management market. Their core product is called Secret Server and supports managing secrets, especially, but not limited to, administrative and service account passwords. In contrast to other vendors in that segment, Thycotic as of now focuses not on delivering a complete Privilege Management infrastructure covering all use cases in that space but focuses on the core area of managing passwords. Secret Server is a web application which can be accessed by different users in multiple ways to request passwords for a multitude...


The buzz for 2013

Last time out, I ended by saying “Next time we’ll take a look at two ideas that, hopefully, will be the talk of 2013.” I lied. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either four ideas – or one idea. And there’s sure to be a buzzword/phrase/abbreviation/acronym or two coming about from it – or them. I do know that there are four concepts, known fairly well within the identity community, that need to coalesce to create a grand scheme which can be turned into a buzz phrase and picked up by the general media so let’s take a look and see how they’ll fit together. At the root of the grand idea...


Negotiating and Assuring Cloud Services

Adopting cloud computing means moving from “hands on” management of IT services within the organization to “hands off” IT management using governance, service level agreements and contracts. This approach sits uneasily with many IT people whose education, training and experience are in the delivery of services rather than negotiation and governance. Nevertheless the IT department is an important player in ensuring that an organization gets what it needs from the cloud.  IT Service and Security Management are key components of the KuppingerCole IT paradigm which identifies the important...

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Snapshot: GreenSQL Unified Database Security - 70588

GreenSQL Unified Database Security is an integrated database security solution for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Azure SQL databases aimed at small and medium businesses. Depending on the license, GreenSQL offers different packages such as Database Security (in fact, a typical database firewall for preventing SQL injection and protecting from unauthorized access), Database Activity Monitoring (providing advanced auditing and alerts), Dynamic Data Masking (hiding personally identifiable information or other kinds of confidential data on the fly) or a complete...


Fast away the old year passes

Happy New Year everybody! I’m sure your in-boxes, RSS readers, Linked-in groups, Twitter feeds, magazines and other periodicals are all filled right now with predictions for IT in 2013. I’ll have a couple of those myself, but only as they relate to what were the hot buzz topics of 2012. Each year there are a couple of technologies, catch phrases, acronyms or abbreviations that catch the fancy of the non-technical press and become the “IT buzz words” of the year. Those of us in technology try to do our best to either explain what the buzz words really mean or throw up our hands and nod...

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