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Analyst Group KuppingerCole publishes Information Security Predictions and Recommendations for 2014

Wiesbaden, Germany, December 19th, 2013 – Analyst Group KuppingerCole published its annual report on Information Security Predictions and Recommendations, providing an expert’s view on what to expect in the Information Security market in 2014.

Press Release

Europäisches Analystenunternehmen KuppingerCole veröffentlicht Prognosen zum Thema Informationssicherheit und gibt Handlungsempfehlungen

Wiesbaden, 19. Oktober 2013 - Die Analystengruppe KuppingerCole hat ihren Jahresreport 2014 mit den Prognosen zum Thema Informationssicherheit veröffentlicht und liefert damit eine unabhängige Expertensicht auf aktuelle Trends und Entwicklungen.


Big Data - The Holy Grail for Information Security?

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Mar 20, 2014: Das neue ABC: Agile Business, Connected. Wie sie die neuen Business-Anforderungen wirkungsvoll unterstützen

Die “Identity Explosion” stellt Unternehmen vor neue Herausforderungen. Statt sich beim IAM (Identity und Access Management) primär um die Mitarbeiter zu kümmern, muss man im „Extended Enterprise“ auch Geschäftspartner und oftmals Millionen von Kunden verwalten und ihnen kontrollierten Zugriff auf interne Systeme ebenso wie Cloud-Lösungen geben.


Feb 18, 2014: Marketing will das Facebook-Login. Und was ist mit der Informationssicherheit?

Unternehmen verändern sich schneller denn je. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden und Geschäftspartnern in neuen Geschäftsmodellen führt zu immer neuen Anforderungen an die IT. Diese muss reagieren und die Business-Innovationen unterstützen, statt sie zu behindern. BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity) und Social Logins sind sichtbarer Ausdruck dieser Innovationen und deshalb von hohem Gewicht.


Jan 28, 2014: Informationen schützen, Risiken reduzieren: Privilegierte Zugriffe kontrollieren

Geschäftliche Informationen machen einen wesentlichen Teil des Unternehmenswertes aus. Diese Informationen sind aber gefährdeter als jemals zuvor. Diese Gefahr entsteht aber keineswegs nur durch externe Angriffe, sondern in hohem Maße immer noch durch interne Anwender mit umfassenden Berechtigungen.


KuppingerCole Predictions and Recommendations 2014

On Monday this week, we have published the KuppingerCole Predictions and Recommendations for 2014. They differ from other publications of people looking into the crystal ball in one important aspect: we not only provide our predictions, but also recommendations. More on that below. Information Security is in constant flux. With the changing threat landscape, as well as a steady stream of innovations, demand for Information Security solutions is both growing and re-focusing. Based on new offerings and changing demand, KuppingerCole predicts several major changes in the Information Security...


2013 – The End of Innocence?

Many people have begun thinking of 2013 as the Year That Changed Everything, at least in the area of privacy. From the Snowden leaks thru the many iterations of Facebook’s privacy policy, from the implications of the Internet of Things through Google’s troubles with the EU’s various Data Privacy laws it seems that privacy was on everybody’s mind. In January, NSA contractor Edward Snowden made contact with The Guardian and the Washington Post and by now we’re all familiar with the revelations of state-sponsored surveillance he revealed. Primarily concerned with the US government, and...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Information Security Predictions and Recommendations 2014 - 71299

Recommendations for investing in Information Security in 2014. Predictions of the trends and hypes in Information Security in 2014. Advice on which of these trends and hypes to follow.

Product Report

Product Report: Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory - 70977

Directory Services, Identity Federation, and Access Management from the Cloud in a single integrated solution. Extend your Active Directory infrastructure to the Cloud and manage business partners, customers, and Cloud service access in a combined service.


SDN is NOT the next big thing. SDCI is.

I have read many predictions recently that SDN (Software Defined Networking) is the next big thing in IT. Wrong. It is not. It is just a small piece in a bigger story. And just looking at SDN is not sufficient. The next big thing is SDCI – Software Defined Computing Infrastructure. This is about “software-defining” everything. Hardware virtualization – “software defining hardware”, so to speak – is a reality. Software Defined Storage is becoming increasingly popular. SDN is another element. A number of vendors, such as VMware, talk about a Software Defined Cloud Datacenter. I don’t like...


Business Ready IAM with Sony Computer Entertainment and Simeio Solutions

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Cloud Standards – Complex but not a Jungle according to ETSI!

In September 2013 the European Commission (EC) published the strategy to “to create single set of rules for cloud computing and increase EU GDP by €160 billion annually by 2020”. This strategy identified a number of key actions one of these being “Cutting through the Jungle of Standards”.   Following a request from the European Commission, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) launched the Cloud Standards Coordination (CSC) initiative.  In November 2013 ETSI published its final report from the CSC initiative.    According to this report “the Cloud Standards landscape is...


Feb 19, 2014: Identity & Access Management Experts Day

Deep dives into technology & architectures: The Identity & Access Management Experts Day is the place, where you meet with Identity & Access Management experts for in-depth discussion on the future of Identity Management, Cloud Computing and Information Security.

Business & Technology Breakfast

Feb 18, 2014: Managing Identities and Access to Information for Cloud, Mobile and Social Computing

Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing and Social Computing - each of these trends have been around for some time. But what we see now, is the convergence of those forces, creating strong new business opportunities and changing the way we use information technology to interact with our customers and to run our enterprises. It is all about the shift of control into the hands of users, far beyond of what we used to call consumerization. Identity and access is the key element in this paradigm shift and this KuppingerCole Business & Technology Breakfast is a great place to discuss these topics. It...

Business & Technology Breakfast

Jan 23, 2014: Moving from Prohibition to Trust: Identity Management in the On Premises and Cloud Era

Managing and governing access to systems and information, both on-premise and in the cloud, needs to be well architected to embrace and extend existing building blocks and help organizations moving forward towards a more flexible, future-proof IT infrastructure. Join KuppingerCole APAC in this Breakfast Debate to find out how to best move from old school, prohibition based security to trust in access control.


Smarter Risk

According to IBM a consistent way to manage all types of risk is the key to success for financial services organizations.  To support this IBM will be rolling out their Smarter Risk offering during Q1 2014.  Failure to properly manage risk has been alleged to be the cause of the financial crisis and, to force financial services organizations to better manage risk, the regulators around the world are introducing tougher rules. The underlying causes of the damaging financial crisis can be traced back to the management of risk.  Financial services organizations need to hold capital to protect...


Time to Review and Rethink: Does Your Current IAM Still Suit Your Needs?

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Is there really no way to avoid shared user accounts?

In various discussions over the past month, mainly in the context of Privilege Management, I raised the (somewhat provocative) claim that shared accounts are a bad thing per se and that we must avoid these accounts. The counterargument  I got, though, was that sometimes it is just impossible to do so. There were various examples. One is that users in production environments need a functional account to quickly access PCs and perform some tasks. Another is that such technical user accounts are required when building n-tier applications to, for instance, access databases. Administrators...

Executive View

Executive View: Stormpath Identity API - 71013

Information security in general and identity management in particular have become a critical, more and more sophisticated, and costly component for almost every online service. Developers must either invest a lot of effort to implement and maintain it or integrate a third party solution. Currently, the market for such solutions is very large and mature, but solutions from traditional vendors like Oracle, Microsoft or IBM are usually prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses and require months of integration effort. This is why demand for completely managed Authentication and User...


Safer, stronger authentication

In my last post (“Dogged Determination”) I briefly mentioned the FIDO alliance (Fast Identity Online) with the promise to take a closer look at the emerging internet password-replacing-authentication system this time. So I will. But first, an aside. It’s quite possible that the alliance chose the acronym “FIDO” first, then found words to fit the letters. Fido, at least in the US, is a generic name for a dog which came into general use in the mid 19th century when President Abraham Lincoln named his favorite dog Fido. Choosing a word associated with dogs harkens back to the internet meme...


Security Advice for Industrial Control Systems

Last week, the German BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, the Federal Office for IT Security), published a document named “ICS-Security-Kompendium”. ICS stands for “Industrial Control Systems”. This is the first comprehensive advisory document published by the German BSI on this topic so far. The BSI puts specific emphasis on two facts: ICS are widely used in critical infrastructures, e.g. utilities, transport, traffic control, etc. ICS are increasingly connected – there is no “air gap” anymore for many of these systems It is definitely worth having a look at the...

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