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What’s behind Bitdefender’s Clueful App having been removed from Apple’s App Store?

Apple recently removed the app Clueful, provided by the IT security software vendor Bitdefender, from its App Store. That at first glance isn’t momentous news. However, when looked at in a little more detail, it raises some questions. The iOS app Clueful had been available in App Store for about two months. It had been approved by Apple back then. Bitdefender, even while being pretty cautious in what they are telling the public, says: Apple informed Bitdefender’s product development team of the removal – for reasons we are studying – after it was approved under the same rules. This is a...


Enterprise Role Management Done Right: Building the Bridge Between Business and IT

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Life Management Plattformen & die Zukunft des Social Networking

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The value of information – the reason for information security

If you’ve ever struggled with finding the argument for an investment in information security, here it is: According to a survey recently published by Symantec, 40% of the worth of organizations is derived from the information they own. The link goes to a German site and the extract of that survey specific to Germany but the report is in English. The global version can be found here. There are other interesting numbers: 57% of the German respondents expect a loss of customers and 48% brand damage in case of a leak of information (and breach notification). The global numbers aren’t that...


How to Unleash the Power of Life Management Platforms

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Leaked passwords – where does it end?

One of these days I’ll be able to stop railing against password problems. Today, however, is not that day. It was just last month that I wrote (“Lessons Learned from the LinkedIn fiasco”) about the problems that LinkedIn had with their recent password breach: No salt for hashed passwords is bad practice; No immediate response to the breach is bad PR; No plan to deal with information leaks through hacking, insider theft, inadvertent exposure and the like violates your users trust. I ended by saying “One of the more painless ways of learning is through others’ mistakes (rather than our...


Privacy is back – the discussion about the new German law on citizen registration

Germany has, in contrast to many other countries, a mandatory citizen registration. One side effect is the national ID card (now an eID). Another is that there are registration offices at every local authority. And there is a law called “Melderechtsrahmengesetz” (MRRG) which rules everything about this registration. A few days ago the German Bundestag passed a revision of this law, and did it during the semi-final of the European Football Championship (Real football, played by feet and with a ball; not American football, played by hand and with an egg) between Germany and Italy. That...


SCIM and the Microsoft Graph API

Kim Cameron recently blogged about his view on SCIM and the Microsoft Graph API. Kim explains his view as to why SCIM and the Microsoft Graph API, which is related to the WAAS (Windows Azure Active Directory), are complementary. That reminded me of two older posts in my own blog: In 2010 I posted about an idea which Microsoft unveiled at a PDC (Professional Developers Conference) called system.identity. Last year, after SCIM has been announced, I published some of my thoughts about SCIM. Even while I didn’t focus explicitly on relationships in the second post but more on the management...

Advisory Note

Scenario: Understanding Cloud Security - 70321

This research note is one of series of documents describing KuppingerCole’s basic positions and providing insights into IT Service and Information Security Management. It describes the principal information security risks associated with Cloud computing and how these risks can be managed by effective IT service management using the KuppingerCole model. The Cloud provides an alternative way of providing or procuring IT services and offers many benefits including increased flexibility as well as reduced cost. It extends the spectrum of IT service delivery models beyond managed and...

Product Report

Product Report: CrossIdeas IDEAS - 70620

CrossIdeas is a European vendor based in Italy specializing in Access Governance, Dynamic Authorization Management, and IAM (Identity and Access Management). Formerly known as Engiweb Security, the company was renamed following a management buy-out and operates today as an independent software vendor in their core market segments. Concerns which have been voiced along the transition regarding maintaining existing Engiweb customers have shown that they were negligible. The markets CrossIdeas deals in, especially Access Governance continue to support a number of comparatively small...


Intelligent Access Management - Vorsprung vor dem Auditor

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User views on Privilege Management

Last December (“Quo Vadis?”) I advocated using Privilege Management solutions for all users. As Martin Kuppinger defined it in his advisory note last April: “Privilege Management, which in the KuppingerCole nomenclature is called PxM, is the term used for technologies which help to audit and limit elevated rights and what can be done with shared accounts. The x in PxM is used due to the fact that there are many different terms in the market which aren’t used consistently: Privileged Access Management Privileged Account Management Privileged Identity Management Privileged User...


Dell to acquire Quest Software – really starting their software business now?

Dell today announced that they have a definitive agreement to acquire Quest Software. Quest Software then would form the core of the software division of Dell, which until now was pretty small. There were some business units like Dell Boomi (, but no real software business. The decision to acquire Quest Software is an interesting move which, from my perspective, makes a lot of sense. Quest’s strengths are in the areas of Identity and Access Management/Governance with their Quest One Identity portfolio and around Systems Management, particularly Windows Management, Performance...

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