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Product Report: Virtual Forge CodeProfiler - 70585

Die Analyse der Sicherheit von Programmcode ist eines der bedeutendsten Geschäftsfelder im Bereich der sicheren Software-Entwicklung. Für alle gängigen Programmiersprachen gibt es recht reife Produkte und die wichtigsten Innovatoren wurden von den großen Software-Herstellern aufgekauft. Es gibt jedoch einen wenig beachteten Bereich der Software-Entwicklung, der nichtsdestotrotz recht wichtig für die Unternehmen ist: das so genannte Customizing von SAP-Anwendungen. Customizing bedeutet typischer Weise dass das SAP Standard-Angebot um neue Anwendungsbestandteile...


Quantifying Access Risk: How to Sell the Access Governance Project to your CFO

KuppingerCole Webinar recording


European Identity Award 2012 Ceremony

The European Identity Awards 2012 honoring outstanding projects and initiatives in Identity Management, GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) and Cloud Security were presented yesterday by the analyst group KuppingerCole at their annual event, the European Identity Conference 2012 in Munich. Winners were chosen from a shortlist of exemplary projects and initiatives compiled by the analysts at KuppingerCole, end-user companies and vendors during the last 12 months.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Making critical infrastructures in finance industry fit for the age of cyber attacks - 70405

When looking at the topic of this research note, there are two major aspects to look at. One is about “critical infrastructures”; the other is about “the age of cyber attacks”. We’re looking at critical infrastructures in finance industry. However, this is at least to some degree also about finance industry as a critical infrastructure. The finance industry in its role as one of the backbones of the economy and of entire states is a critical infrastructure. If critical infrastructure within the finance industry becomes attacked, this imposes a massive risk on...


The Identity Explosion – one reason to re-engineer not only our IAM

During my Opening Keynote at this year’s EIC (European Identity & Cloud Conference,, when talking about the Top Trends in IAM, Mobile Security, GRC, and Cloud Computing I used the term “Identity Explosion” to describe the trend that organizations will continue (or start) to re-define their IAM infrastructures in order to make them future-proof. I talked more about that in my presentation on “Re-engineering IAM to better serve your business’ needs” later during the conference. Interestingly, I heard the term “Identity Explosion” being used several times in other sessions...


May 14 - 17, 2013: European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013

With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe.

Press Release

Analystengruppe KuppingerCole veröffentlicht neue Reports

Düsseldorf, 24. April 2012  – Im Rahmen der sechsten European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012 (EIC), der Leitveranstaltung in Europa zu diesen Themen, hat die Analystengruppe KuppingerCole eine Reihe neuer Reports veröffentlicht. Dazu zählen zum einen Reports zu den in diesem Jahr auf der Konferenz verliehenen European Identity Awards, in denen die ausgezeichneten Projekte vorgestellt werden. Darüber hinaus gibt es drei weitere neue Reports, die sich mit der IT-Sicherheit in der Finanzindustrie, mit Marktentwicklungen und mit den wichtigsten...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: IT-Initiativen 2012-2013: Eine 6*3-Matrix - 70609

Welche Initiativen sollen 2012/2013 auf der Agenda von CIOs ganz oben stehen? Diese Advisory Note liefert, basierend auf dem kontinuierlichen Research von KuppingerCole, Vorschläge für die Beantwortung dieser Frage. Im Report werden für sechs Themenfelder jeweils drei Initiativen vorgeschlagen, die für die kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung der IT besonderen Nutzen versprechen und die eine Reaktion auf laufende und kommende Trends darstellen. Das Ziel ist eine IT, die fit für die Zukunft ist, sich aber gleichzeitig am Machbaren, am Sinnvollen und an den zu...


EIC 2012 - My Pickings

We’ve just concluded the sixth EIC, the European Identity and Cloud Conference. It was my fifth, but I continue to learn something new each time. Before I get into what I learned this year, a brief note to mention that EIC 2013 will return to Unterschleissheim (just outside Munich) from May 14-17. Begin to book now, it’s sure to be even bigger and better than ever. I’ve been going to technology conferences, both big and small, for 25 years and it never ceases to amaze me that there’s always something new to learn – either a new technology, or a new way to look at technology. While it’s...


EIC 2012 – some take-aways

EIC 2012, the European Identity and Cloud Conference, is history now. We had a week fully packed with a lot of great keynotes, sessions, panels, and workshops. For me, it definitely was the year in which the EIC was most influential to my own thinking. The reason for that was simply that we had a lot of very good panels and other types of sessions related to some research we published around EIC or are currently working on. The three key topics were: The KuppingerCole IT Paradigm which we have described as a model for developing IT infrastructures and organization in a way that it is fit...

Advisory Note

Trend Report: Top Trends 2012-2013 - 70516

As in the past years, KuppingerCole has worked out the Top Trends in IT in general, Cloud Computing, GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance), IAM (Identity and Access Management) and Mobile Computing. The most important trends are, from our perspective, an increasing level of compromise of digital certificates, the proliferation of “Bring your own Device” (BYOD), and the need for better encryption among other preventive measures to ensure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and secure device management.

Press Release

European Identity Award 2012

Duesseldorf, April 19th, 2012  - The European Identity Awards 2012 honoring outstanding projects and initiatives in Identity Management, GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) and Clooud Security were presented yesterday by the analyst group KuppingerCole at their annual event, the European Identity Conference 2012 ( ) in Munich. Winners were chosen from a shortlist of exemplary projects and initiatives compiled by the analysts at KuppingerCole, end-user companies and vendors during the last 12 months. Award winners have all distinguished...


European Identity Award 2012

The European Identity Awards 2012 honoring outstanding projects and initiatives in Identity Management, GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) and Cloud Security were presented yesterday by the analyst group KuppingerCole at their annual event, the European Identity Conference 2012 in Munich. Winners were chosen from a shortlist of exemplary projects and initiatives compiled by the analysts at KuppingerCole, end-user companies and vendors during the last 12 months. Award winners have all distinguished themselves through exceptional efforts in Identity and Access Management (IAM),...

Executive View

Advisory Note: European Identity Award 2012: OpenID Connect - 70706

Best New Standard 2012 in Category „Best Innovation/New Standard in Information Security”: Providing the Consumerization of SAML. Driving the adoption of federation and making this much simpler.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: IT-Initiatives 2012-2013: a 6*3-Matrix Report - 70612

Which initiatives should be top on the agenda of CIOs in 2012/2013? This Advisory note suggests answers to this question, based on the ongoing research of KuppingerCole. The report proposes three initiatives within six areas, which promise specific benefits for the future development of IT. They represent responses to current and future trends. The goal is an IT, which is fit for the future, but at the same time based on what is feasible, and is oriented at the meaningful and the observable changes of the requirements. The report concisely describes each of the areas for action naming...

Press Release

European Identity Award 2012

Düsseldorf, 18. April 2012  - Der European Identity & Cloud Award 2012, mit dem die besten Projekte und Initiativen rund um Identity & Access Management, GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) und Cloud Security ausgezeichnet werden, wurde von der Analystengruppe KuppingerCole im Rahmen der derzeit in München stattfindenden European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC) verliehen.  Die Jury wählte die Gewinner aus Vorschlägen aus, die von den Analysten der KuppingerCole-Gruppe, von Anwenderunternehmen und Herstellern im Laufe der...

Advisory Note

Best Practice: European Identity Award 2012: Swisscom - 70705

Special Award 2012 for „Mobile Security”: Swisscom MobileID – secure and easy authentication using the mobile phone with minimal impact on hardware based on ETSI Mobile Signature Standard.

Advisory Note

Best Practice: European Identity Award 2012: Sanofi S.A. - 70704

Best Project 2012 in the Category „Best Cloud Security Project”: Implementing Federation quickly to support business requirements. Federation becoming a business enabling technology.

Building the foundation for future business cases. Enabling secure access to Cloud applications.

Advisory Note

Best Practice: European Identity Award 2012: Europol - 70703

Best Project 2012 in Category „Best Access Governance and Intelligence Project”: Strategic IAM project adding centralized auditing across all IAM modules.

Ready for further expansion of auditing in an IAM ecosystem in a highly security-sensitive environment, including external collaboration.

Real-time monitoring beyond simple audit logs.

Advisory Note

Best Practice: European Identity Award 2012: Siemens AG - 70701

Best Project 2012 in Category „Best Identity and Access Management Project”: Enabling the hybrid Cloud in an audit-proof way.

Based on a flexible, scalable, standards-based architecture. Supporting complex, dynamic approval workflows in a very large scale environment.

Press Release

Analystengruppe KuppingerCole veröffentlicht neuen Research zur EIC 2012

Düsseldorf, 13. April 2012 - Zur European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012 (EIC), die am kommenden Dienstag in München beginnt und die führende europäische Veranstaltung in diesem Themenfeld ist, hat die Analystengruppe KuppingerCole mehrere neue Reports veröffentlicht. Diese stehen ab sofort zum Download unter bereit.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Migration Options for your Legacy Provisioning - 70607

Migrating an existing provisioning system always becomes a red-hot topic once a vendor becomes acquired by another vendor. In these situations - like the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, of Novell by NetIQ, of Völcker by Quest Software and all the other acquisitions we’ve seen in the past - customers are anxious regarding the future roadmap and the impact on their own infrastructures. However, when looking at reality, there are far more situations in which organizations think about changing their provisioning system. The question then is: What to do? Where to migrate...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: IAM and GRC Market – the Evolution in 2012/2013 - 70580

IAM (Identity and Access Management) and GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) are two of the most important IT market segments these days. They are driven by various factors. One is increasing regulatory pressure. Companies need to manage their risks, including access risks to their corporate information. That has put IAM and GRC on top of the IT agenda. However, IAM and GRC are also enabling technologies to help enterprises better deal with major trends in overall IT. Social computing, mobile computing, and cloud computing all are about dealing with more groups of users,...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Life Management Platforms: Control and Privacy for Personal Data - 70608

Life Management Platforms will change the way individuals deal with sensitive information like their health data, insurance data, and many other types of information – information that today frequently is paper-based or, when it comes to personal opinions, only in the mind of the individuals. They will enable new approaches for privacy- and security-aware sharing of that information, without the risk of losing control of that information. A key concept is “informed pull” which allows consuming information from other parties, neither violating the interest of the...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Rating Methodology for Products and Vendors - 70555

KuppingerCole as an analyst company regularly does evaluations of products and vendors. The results are, amongst other types of publications and services, published in the KuppingerCole Product Reports and KuppingerCole Vendor Reports.

KuppingerCole uses a star rating to provide a quick overview on our perception of the products or vendors. The categories of this rating and the reasons for deciding for a specific number of stars are explained later in this document.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Privilege Management - 70177

Privilege Management - which, in the KuppingerCole nomenclature, is called PxM - is the term used for technologies which help to audit and limit elevated rights and what can be done with shared accounts. During the last few years, PxM has become increasingly popular. Some vendors have enhanced their offerings significantly, while acquisitions have also led to vendors with broader offerings. The reason for that growth is the increasing demand in the market. PxM is on its way out as a niche market and becoming a mandatory element of every Information Security and IAM (Identity and Access...

Advisory Note

Scenario: The Future of IT Organizations - 70350

When looking at today’s IT, it is driven by some major evolutions. Everything which is done in IT has to take these evolutions into account. One is Social Computing. The second evolution is Mobile Computing. The third evolution is Cloud Computing. All these trends affect IT fundamentally. The consumerization and deperimeterization of IT are logical consequences. Information technology (IT) is available to virtually everyone and virtually everywhere. When looking at the Future of IT Organizations, Cloud Computing has the biggest impact. With the rise of Cloud Computing, IT managers...

Advisory Note

Scenario: Understanding Cloud Computing - 70157

This research note is one of series of documents describing KuppingerCole’s basic positions and providing insights into IT Service and Information Security Management. It describes the varieties of Cloud services and delivery models, the principal risks associated with Cloud computing and how the Cloud fits within the IT service delivery options for an organization. It relates the Cloud back to the basic building blocks of IT service delivery which together form the basis for effective organization of IT departments. The Cloud provides an alternative way of providing or procuring...


EIC 2012 – what I will talk about

Next week, EIC 2012 (European Identity and Cloud Conference) will take place in Munich. The conference will again grow significantly, and we will have a mass of interesting sessions there, ranging from keynote sessions to panels, best practices, and several workshops and roundtables. You definitely shouldn’t miss that conference. I want to give a sneak peek at what I will talk about this year. The Opening Keynote on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 will be about trends in IAM, GRC, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Security. I also will provide a quick view of the KuppingerCole IT Paradigm, which is...


User-centric Identity – the Ethernet of identity protocols?

Back in the mid 1990’s, Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) was touted as the networking protocol of the future. It could handle traffic of 100 megabits per second (mbps) and was considered far more reliable than Ethernet (which was only 10 mbps, anyway) as it was a deterministic protocol based on the Token Bus architecture (similar to Token Ring). Standard Ethernet protocol was considered to be unable to provide more than 10 mbps bandwidth and – due to its “collision detection” technology – was also considered unreliable. Yet here we are today with most networks tied together by 100...

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