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Reach the Next Maturity Level in your IAM Deployment - Beyond Classical Provisioning

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Advisory Note

Advisory Note: From Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) to Information Stewardship - 70587

Loss and theft of Information from organizations continues to be a significant problem. The new data protection regulations in the EU will increase focus on this area. Given the amount of attention to this problem and the wealth of standards and technology available – why do these leaks still occur? This document considers the sources of leakage and describes how better information stewardship based on information centric security is essential to manage these risks and mitigate any problems resulting from leakage of information. Information stewardship is not a new term; it has...


It Takes a Community to Manage an API Ecosystem

Intro Starting at the EIC 2012 I have been talking and presenting a lot about The API Economy. The API Economy has become a strategic topic for organizations. As one can expect with a hot topic, there are many opinions and views on the matter. Therefore there a many comments, blog posts and articles written about The API Economy. Needless to say it is tough to keep track of everything being said or to track any given thread. I should start off by saying the questions asked by this blog post are appropriate and need to be answered. The DataBanker thread An interesting thread that I have...


Dec 04, 2012: Using IAM Technology to Protect Information, to Defend the Brand & Increase Business Productivity

Identity & Access Management first and foremost is a business dimension and should be process-oriented and results-driven. In this webinar you will learn how to enable business owners to decide and be accountable of wo gets access to what.


Making it personal

SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication was created in 1973 as a cooperative within the financial community with the mission of creating a shared worldwide data processing and communications link and a common language for international financial transactions. It should need stating, but I will: this activity involves the secure exchange of proprietary data while ensuring its confidentiality and integrity.  Through the end of September this year, SWIFT had handled 3,424,307,411 messages – that’s over 18 million a day, and the totals continue to grow. In 2009,...


Whitepaper: Assignment Management – think beyond access - 70734

The days when IT lived in an isolated silo within the enterprise and everything was managed from a technical perspective with only traditional computing devices are past. Today’s reality is about more users and new ways to interact with them (Social Computing), more devices (Mobile Computing), and other deployment models (Cloud Computing). But is IT out of control? Not if it is done right. It is about managing what everyone in this bigger and open ecosystem requires. It is about assigning what they need and what they are allowed to have. Devices and other assets. Access....


Dec 12, 2012: Expand your GRC Controls to Cover all Systems – how to Make SAP GRC Work in a Heterogeneous World

SAP GRC, especially with the new release, is a key component in the GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) strategies and implementations of many organizations. It provides a broad functionality, but it is mainly targeted at SAP environments. Even while SAP in many organizations is the core business environment, auditors have started looking at other environments as well – for example the Microsoft Windows and SharePoint infrastructure which holds most of the unstructured data. In addition, there are several industries and many organizations which have a series of other core business...


The Strategic Approach to Cloud Computing. From Tactics and Chaos to Efficiency

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Nov 29, 2012: Reach the Next Maturity Level in your IAM Deployment – Beyond Classical Provisioning

Cloud, Mobile, Social Computing - IAM requirements are rapidly changing and need to go beyond classical provisioning. In this webinar, KuppingerCole´s Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger will guide you through these new challenges and talk about maturity levels of IAM deployments. Quest Software (now part of Dell) Principal Solutions Architect Paul Walker will contribute a number of best practice examples and talk about his experience from migrating existing provisioning environments to up-to-date flexible and future-proof solutions.


Best Practices for Business-Driven Identity & Access Management

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Your reputation precedes you

In our last outing about trust (“Who do you trust?”), I concluded: “In the end, we know that Trust is a binary condition which has attributes – you trust “an entity” for “a task”. Trust on-line can be calculated by doing a risk assessment (amount of loss times probability of loss) and seeing if the product of that assessment is lower than your pre-set “trust threshold”. Calculating the probability of loss involves factoring in experience or reputation. So, when you get to the bottom of it, trust is inextricably tied up with reputation.” But how can we assess or calculate reputation? And...

Executive View

Snapshot: - Salesforce Identity - 70630 is one of the original enterprise cloud application vendors. Coupled with its flagship CRM solution, Salesforce is branching out its expertise into other areas of the cloud computing area. With the introduction of Salesforce Identity, the company is bringing its considerable infrastructure and knowledge to customers for managing application-independent identities for authentication and authorization in the cloud. processes over 7 Billion logins a year on behalf of 100,000+ customers. After years of establishing identity as an integral part of its core...

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AI for the Future of your Business: Effective, Safe, Secure & Ethical Everything we admire, love, need to survive, and that brings us further in creating a better future with a human face is and will be a result of intelligence. Synthesizing and amplifying our human intelligence have therefore the potential of leading us into a new era of prosperity like we have not seen before, if we succeed keeping AI Safe, Secure and Ethical. Since the very beginning of industrialization, and even before, we have been striving at structuring our work in a way that it becomes accessible for [...]