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Feb 28, 2012: Access Governance richtig gemacht: Investitionsschutz und zielgerichtete Weiterentwicklung

Access Governance – dieser Begriff steht für Lösungen, mit denen sich Zugriffsrechte besser steuern und kontrollieren lassen. Die regelmäßige Re-Zertifizierung und damit Überprüfung von Zugriffsberechtigungen gehört ebenso dazu wie analytische Funktionen für den Status von Zugriffsberechtigungen und Rollenmanagement-Funktionen. Die Lösungen müssen aber auch das Management von Zugriffsberechtigungen mit einfachen Bestellfunktionen für Berechtigungen durch Endanwender und damit auch eine gute Integration mit bestehenden Provisioning-Systemen unterstützen. Nur mit einem vollständigen Kreislauf...


Privacy by Design

KuppingerCole Webinar recording


Personal Data Vault – putting YOUR data in YOUR hands

I still remember the fun that was had when Dick Hardt first made his cool presentations on User Centric Identity Management and regaining control of who would access to what attribute of your multiple personas, be it online, at home or at work. We all know, that his company sxip identity failed because it did not gain enough momentum to monetize on the idea. Still, concepts such as the (also “failed”, much to my demise) Information Cards by Microsoft or the OpenID approach share some aspects of the sxipper product – putting you in control of your data. The current hype around the new EU...


Stopping a Clapper Over WikiLeaks

The U.S. government announced plans to put in place within the next five years measures designed to make it impossible to pass on sensitive information to the likes of WikiLeaks. They hope to accomplish this by “tagging” information so it can be tracked in case someone shares it with outsiders. The idea of creating “information-rich information” is obviously the right way to go in addressing privacy and security concerns in the Digital Age. It is possible, technically at least, to attach rules to individual pieces of information, such as who is allowed to do what with it and what happens...


Feb 21, 2012: Best Practice Driven Identity & Access Management

Mobile devices and apps, cloud based services, social networks, personal life management platforms - or, in short terms, let your customer in. Managing identities behind these trends creates the need for a new look at IAM. In this webinar, Dave Kearns will discuss with industry experts on the most important qualities a new generation of effective IAM solutions has to provide.

Press Release

Privacy by Design: KuppingerCole Webinar mit Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Michelle Dennedy und Dave Kearns am 26.01.2012 um 17 Uhr

Top-Experten zum Thema Privacy: Datenschutz, Informationssicherheit und Privatsphäre sind machbar Düsseldorf, 24. Januar 2012 - Der Schutz von Daten und Privatsphäre im digitalen Teil unseres Lebens mit all seinen Online-Aktivitäten hat sich zu einem beherrschenden Thema der „Consumer Identity“ entwickelt. 2012 wird die Diskussion um den Schutz der eigenen Informationen noch intensiver werden. KuppingerCole erwartet, dass sie in diesem Bereich der IT, in dem es um die Identitäten des Kunden und Konsumenten geht und der unser aller private...


Ignoring it doesn’t mean that there aren’t massive cyberthreats

The hot topic in IT (and beyond, for many organizations) in 2012 will be Security, including all its facets such as Identity and Access Management, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), Anti-Virus and IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems), and all the other components. That will also give the GRC market (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) another strong push, because GRC tools are increasingly used to define and manage security controls in a consistent way. GRC is becoming the business interface to security management, translating the complex information for the...


Feb 16, 2012: Sicherheitsanalysen und Sicherheitsmanagement - schnell, automatisiert, intelligent.

Auch wenn häufig viel zu leichtfertig der Begriff "Cyberwar" verwendet wird (denn Tote gibt es nur im wirklichen Krieg) - die Bedrohungslage durch Online-Kriminalität ist immens geworden. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) stellt Ihnen wirksame Mittel dagegen zur Verfügung und hilft Ihnen dabei nicht mehr nur rein reaktiv tätig werden zu können. In diesem Webinar sprechen wir mit Ihnen über neue Herangehensweisen in diesem Bereich.


2012 - Another one like the other ones

Happy New Year! At least, I sincerely hope the new year will be a happy one. But – at least in the Identity and Access marketplace – I fear it will be more of the same with banner headlines touting security breaches, insider scams and worse. Without further ado, here’s what my crystal ball sees coming down the pike in 2012. Phishing ramps up, especially spear-phishing Phishing is the hacker’s “art” of getting authentication and/or identity information through social engineering methods. Typically this is done via email (for example, telling you to click a link to keep your bank account...

Executive View

Snapshot: ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager - 70852

ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager (ESM) is a so-called “End User Computing Governance and Data Intelligence” solution. End User Computing is characterized by business computing activities performed by End Users, typically executed in spread sheet applications such a MS Excel, but also desktop applications such as MS Access or other VBA based applications and files such as .CSV (comma separated variable). 


Jan 26, 2012: Privacy by Design

2011 was, once again, a bad year for privacy as data breaches releasing usernames, passwords, credit card details and even medical records continued to make news right through the end of the year. Time has proven that no amount of imposed regulation can protect privacy in the face of a determined hacker. What’s needed is what’s called Privacy by Design. Join us in this webinar, where Senior Analyst Dave Kearns will discuss with Ontario´s Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian, who originally developed the privacy by design concept, and with McAfee Chief Frivacy Officer...


Feb 02, 2012: Back to the ROOTs

In diesem Webinar erläutert zunächst Martin Kuppinger die aktuellen Trends im Markt für PxM (Privileged Access, Account, Identity, User Management) und die Frage, wo und wie man PxM-Lösungen mit seiner übrigen Identity und Access Management-Infrastruktur verbinden sollte. Daran anschliessend stellt Jochen Koehler von Cyber-Ark praktische Ansätze zur Verwaltung von privilegierten Identitäten vor.


In retrospect of 2011

Well, the time between the years (usually today referring to the days after Christmas until New Years Eve - but did you know these were historically the twelve days between December 24th and January 6th which served to align lunar and solar calender years? But I am getting too much off-topic...) is used to reflect about the year passed. There are a few things and events that absolutely impressed me in 2011, which I like to talk about a litte! First, there was the spring event European Identity Conference (EIC - which had a great impact from my personal point of view. I...

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