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Oct 12, 2011: Risiko- und Schutzbedarfsanalysen im Cloud Computing

Wertvolles Expertenwissen zum Kernthema Cloud Security bietet Ihnen dieser halbtägige Intensiv-Workshop, den wir Ihnen während der IT-Security Messe it-sa 2011 (11.-13. Oktober 2011, Halle 12 auf dem Nürnberger Messegelände) bieten. Als Teilnehmer dieses Workshops erhalten Sie eine kostenfreie Eintrittskarte zur IT-Security Messe it-sa 2011.


Planning future-proof IT Security projects

In IT, proper planning is all-important. If it is neglected, chaos ensues. Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a good case in point: As more and more enterprises recognize that it is not enough to simply concentrate on digital IDs and handling access requests, the Golden Rule of IT projects comes into play: „Think big – start small“. Identity & Access Management is a perfect example of what happens when IT departments approach a basic problem with a too narrow focus. In the end, they wind up having to broaden both their scope and their financial commitment. And often, they find...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: Microsoft® Cloud Security - 70126

This document is an evaluation of Microsoft’s Windows Azure™ Cloud platform from a security perspective. This platform allows organizations to build Cloud applications which are then hosted in the worldwide network of Microsoft datacenters. It also allows organizations to host existing applications that run under Windows Server 2008 and certain types of data in these Microsoft datacenters. Microsoft has put considerable thought into meeting the security challenges of Cloud computing and incorporated solutions to these challenges in their offering. Many organizations are moving...


Oct 25, 2011: IdM in der Praxis: Urlaubs- und Krankheitsvertretungen einfach und sicher verwalten

Sie sind hoffentlich gut erholt und wohl behalten zurück aus Ihrem Urlaub? Dann wünschen wir Ihnen, dass Ihre Vertretung gute Arbeit geleistet hat und Ihr Erholungseffekt nicht alsbald durch liegen gebliebene Arbeit aufgezehrt wird. Gute Arbeit kann eine Vertretung allerdings nur dann wirklich leisten, wenn sie dieselben Zugriffsrechte und Systemberechtigungen hat wie Sie. Wie man dies auf einfache und nachvollziehbare Art und Weise erreichen kann, ohne dass Sie Ihre Passworte weitergeben müssen, das erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar.


Oct 13, 2011: Surviving the Cyber Security Attack Wave

In this webinar, KuppingerCole's co-founder and Principle Analyst Martin Kuppinger will talk about the key elements of a pro-active security risk management strategy. Then, Dr. Torsten George from Security and Operational Risk Management pioneer Agiliance will describe the elements of a properly planned and implemented security risk management program that enables organizations to reduce risk by making threats and vulnerabilities visible and actionable, enabling them to prioritize and address high risk security exposures before breaches occur.


Sep 15, 2011: Game On: Managing Multi-Regulatory Compliance

In this webinar, KuppingerCole's co-founder and Principle Analyst Martin Kuppinger will give you an overview on how to stay compliant in a multi-regulatory environment. Followed by Martin, Cognosec CEO Oliver Eckel will reveal best practices of managing compliance in today's multi-regulatory world.


Ignorance is no excuse

Looking back on the spectacular security breaches of the past few months it is almost impossible to avid the feeling that enterprises and organizations around the world have their heads stuck firmly in the sand, at least as far as Information Security goes. Okay, so you didn’t know the pistol was loaded. Well, ignorance is hardly an excuse in most cases, and Information Security is one of them. The only way to protect yourself from attack is by knowing your own weaknesses and doing something about them.There are at least two ways to skin this particular cat; one has to do with proper...

Executive View

Snapshot: Pawaa Enterprise Protection Suite - 70343

Pawaa is specialist on Enterprise Information Protection based in Bangalore, India, offering a number of products and modules for use cases such as integration with Google Docs, SAP Business Objects or as an online storage platform.


Sep 22, 2011: Integrating Access Governance and Entitlement Management

Under the impact of the worldwide financial services crisis and the resulting recession in major Western markets have put pressure on governments to introduce new legislation to alleviate the danger of a reoccurrence. However, new oversight regulations always tend to add complexity. For example, the new US Dodd-Frank Act is 6 times the size of its predecessor, the 2002 Sarbanes Oxley Act. Responding to these new set of laws forces enterprises and organizations to improve the transparency and flexibility of their access governance procedures. In this webinar, we will explore the diverse...


Sep 28, 2011: Thriving in Change - Using Federation and the Cloud to Minimize IT Costs

Overcoming the inherent security and identity management challenges is key to a successful move into the cloud. In this webinar, KuppingerCole's Senior Analyst, Sebastian Rohr, will give suggestions for successful adoption of cloud computing that overcome the inherent security and identity management challenges. Sebastian will be joined by Travis Spencer, a Sr. Technical Architect in Ping Identity’s CTO office, who will elaborate on these options, drawing on the lessons learned from the hundreds of Ping Identity customers that have overcome these difficulties.


Sep 27, 2011: Why Managing Privileged Users Benefits your Business

In this webinar, KuppingerCole's co-founder and principal analyst Martin Kuppinger will give you an overview on the dos and don'ts of privileged user management, with a special emphasis on hybrid cloud environment. Followed by Martin, Phil Allen, Quest Software's Director Identity Management EMEA, will talk about Quest Software's solution focus within the privileged user management sphere, which recently received a strong boost through the acquisition of e-DMZ Security.


Moving forward in IAM at your own pace

During the last years, there has been a lot of change in the Identity Provisioning market. Sun became part of Oracle, Novell is now NetIQ, BMC Control-SA is now at SailPoint, Völcker has been acquired by Quest, Siemens DirX ended up at Atos. These changes as well as other influencing factors like mergers & acquistions, failed projects, and so on lead to situations where customers start thinking about what to do next in IAM and around provisioning. Another factor is that sometimes provisioning solutions are implemented with focus on specific environments - SAP NetWeaver Identity...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: Lieberman Software - 70107

Lieberman Software is an established vendor in the PxM (Privileged Access, Account, Identity, User Management) market, one of the fastest growing segments in the broader IAM and GRC market. The core product ERPM (Enterprise Random Password Manager) supports the management of all types of passwords in a heterogeneous environment by managing and securing the passwords. In addition to its core PxM product, Lieberman Software delivers various Windows management tools. In contrast to other vendors in the PxM market, Lieberman Software focuses on the management of the passwords of privileged...


Aug 25, 2011: A Complete Identity Service Through Virtualization

In this webinar, directory expert and Senior KuppingerCole Analyst Dave Kearns will explore the challenges of identity integration and how to solve them through identity & context as a service. Dave will be joined by Lauren Selby from Radiant Logic, who will talk about Radiant Logic´s approach to defining an integration layer between internal, "traditional" identity management needs an the new cloud computing challenges.


Persons, Identities, Users, Accounts

Is there a mismatch between the reality in organizations and the implementations of at least several of the Identity Provisioning and Access Governance solutions when it comes to the representation of physical persons in IT? To me it appears that there is a mismatch. The reality in all large organizations I know is that the real world is sort of 3-tiered: There is a physical person - let's call him Mr. X Mr. X can act in very different contexts. You might call them roles or digital identities, however all of these terms are overloaded with meanings. I'll give three examples for that. 1....


Stop Using the "C" and the "E" Word

While attending the Cloud Identity Summit last week in Keystone Co. I noticed a usage trend that needs addressing. Almost without exception, the discussions around identity and identity technology used two categories for defining market segments. The two categories are: The Consumer The Enterprise These ambiguous categories are hindering moving forward with identity discussions and productivity. Every session I attended, I challenged the presenter to define these terms. Without exception, the confusion and ambiguity were rampant. For example, where are the people that don’t work for a...

Product Report

Product Report: DirX Identity 8.2 - 70134

Siemens hat sich mit DirX Identity als einer der technisch führenden Anbieter im Bereich des Enterprise Provisioning etablieren können. Im Rahmen der Übernahme von Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS) durch Atos Origin zum 1. 7.2011 ist das gesamte DirX-Produktportfolio an Atos Origin gegangen. Mit der Übernahme von SIS wurde gleichzeitig Atos Origin in Atos umbenannt. Atos vertreibt die DirX-Produkte weltweit.   Die seit 2009 erhältliche Version 8.1 und die 2011 veröffentlichte Version 8.2 sind gegenüber den je-weiligen Vorgängerversionen...

Advisory Note

Scenario: Understanding IT Service and Security Management - 70173

This research note is the first of series of documents describing KuppingerCole’s basic positions and providing insights into IT Service and Information Security Management. It describes the fundamental building blocks of, including what IT should be able to deliver to the business as well as the technical production of IT services. Together, these form the basis for effective organization of IT departments, as well as for improving Business/IT alignment, and making the procurement or production of IT services more efficient. The fundamental role of IT within an organization...


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