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Mar 29, 2011: Overcoming Enterprise Entitlement Barriers by Externalizing Authorization

Entitlement Management is about keeping control of authorizations within applications by externalizing the policy management and the authorization decisions. However, a strategic approach on to Entitlement Management requires strategic offerings, supporting standards and built to scale. In this Webinar, Martin Kuppinger will talk about the status and evolution of the market for Entitlement Management, the role XACML plays, real-world architectural consideration and approaches. Followed by Martin, Subbu Devulapalli from Oracle will talk about solutions and real-world use cases.


May 13, 2011: Trust Framework Model and IdM Summit - produced by Kantara Initiative and OIX

2011 brings new opportunities for identity services in the enterprise & consumer markets. Gain state-of-identity insight through a series of presentations of common scenarios from diverse market leaders.

Product Report

Product Report: protected networks 8MAN - 70131

8MAN von ist ein Access Control-Werkzeug, das derzeit Windows-Umgebungen mit dem Active Directory und File-Servern unterstützt. Eine Erweiterung auf weitere Zielsysteme ist in Vorbereitung. Das Produkt unterstützt die Analyse von Berechtigungen, die Protokollierung von Änderungen, die Vergabe von Berechtigungen, ihre Kontrolle durch Dateneigner und ergänzende Reporting-Funktionen. Damit werden die zentralen Anforderungen in diesem Bereich unterstützt. Das Produkt kann durch eine aufgaben-orientierte, einfach nutzbare Oberfläche...


Don't start with technology - but understand technology first

I still too frequently observe that organizations are too quick when it comes to technology decisions. In many organizations, there is first a decision that a "provisioning", "web application firewall", "single sign-on", or even "identity management" is needed. Then some people google for these terms, find some vendors and decide about the solution. That fits to requests like "We'd like to have identity management running by the end of the year - could you support us?" On the other hand I frequently observe that many customers aren't aware of important technologies like Access Governance...


Mar 31, 2011: Access Management: Simplify Access to Web- and Cloud-based Applications without Compromising Security

The role of web access management has changed and nowadays serves as a central layer of protection for many different services, enabling federations and allowing versatility for users. Join us in this webinar to learn, how to transform your traditional web access management into such a central multi-purpose layer.


Sicherheit in der Cloud: Die 5 wichtigsten Regeln für eine funktionierende Sicherheitsstrategie

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording


Is encryption really the cure for what ails ya in the Cloud?

Almost two years ago, I blogged about a conversation I had with Martin (“Tall Martin”) Buhr about Cloud Security. At the time, he was the European head of Amazon’s Web Services, and he has recently moved on to Nimbula (“the Cloud Operating System company”) as head of sales and business development, but his words came back to me during an analyst panel at RSA Conference in SFO, where I shared the rostrum with Eric Maiwald of Gartner and Jonathan Penn of Forrester and during which we touched on regulation issues that could block the development of Cloud Computing. In Europe, the case is very...


Mehr Informationssicherheit durch effizientes Berechtigungsmanagement

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording


SAP focuses on SAML and SAP NW IdM instead of CUA

These days I've met with some of the executives of SAP to talk about their roadmap. Overall, SAP is moving forward with its Identity and Access Management products. e.g. SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (NW IDM). And the integration of the recently acquired SECUDE products and technology will significantly enhance the SAP product portfolio. Some of the new features are improved role management capabilities, reporting via SAP BW (Business Warehouse), and new REST-based APIs for UI creation. No rocket science, but valuable add-ons for their customers. For sure SAP is as well enhancing the...


Security or a ham sandwich?

When identity pros get together and let their hair down, they like to swap stories about all the dumb and/or ill-advised things people do with their passwords. BBC famously sent a camera team out to interview folks on the streets on London, asking them to reveal their user names and passwords and offering them a ham sandwich in return. More than half complied. Which calls to mind George Bernard Shaw’s famous question “What’s better: eternal salvation or a ham sandwich. Well, nothing’s better than eternal salvation, but a ham sandwich is better than nothing…” In fact, most of the stuff you...


Does your browser know who you are?

The lowly browser has come a longs way since Marc Andreessen wrote the code for Mosaic back in his salad days as a student at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications because he was fed up with the line-mode interface intrepid Internet pioneers like us were forced to use back in the early Ninties. But Mosaic was a relatively simple program, and improvement set in almost immediately. First came plug-ins, then Java applets and extensions, and today’s web browsers are actually sophisticated and powerful packages of applications that can automatically handle anything from downloading...


Mar 10, 2011: Recent Trends and Best Practices in Internal Audit Management for Better Business Performance

Internal Audit (IA), traditionally a vehicle preserving assets and ensuring compliance, has been expanding it´s scope into a means for business process improvement and operational excellence, while at the same time it has to cope with an increasing number of high-impact risks. The challenge is, to shift course from IA´s asset preserving role to a new, value creation focused role. In this webinar, Martin Kuppinger will talk about this paradigm shift in IA, how it can be aligned more closely to your company´s strategies, and how an up-to-date Enterprise GRC strategy will help you to create...


Quest further extends its IAM portfolio – e-DMZ adds PxM capabilities

Quest today announced that they will acquire e-DMZ Security, a PxM (Privileged Access, Account, Identity, User Management) vendor. That comes to no surprise given that PxM has been one of the last (relatively) white spots at the IAM map of Quest Software. Quest is further completing its portfolio, being a full-service provider for IAM now and offering one of the most complete portfolios in the market. The e-DMZ portfolio consists of several module, providing different types of PxM capabilities: Managing passwords for privileged accounts in a central repository Application password...


Feb 22, 2011: Sicherheit in der Cloud: Die 5 wichtigsten Regeln für eine funktionierende Sicherheitsstrategie in der Cloud

Cloud Computing findet jenseits der traditionellen physischen Grenzen, dem sogenannten Perimeter" statt, der den Mittelpunkt traditioneller Sicherheitsansätze bildete. In dem Maße, in dem sensitive Unternehmensdaten und Anwendungen zunehmend in die Cloud abwandern, steigt die Unsicherheit darüber, wie denn Informationssicherheit in der Cloud überhaupt gewährleistet werden kann. In diesem Webinar beschreibt Martin Kuppinger die 5 wichtigsten Regeln für eine funktionierende Cloud-Sicherheitsstrategie. Klaus Hild, Senior Technology Specialist Identity and Security bei Novell, wird...

Executive View

Snapshot: CA Service Catalog 12.6 - 70385

CA Service Catalog 12.6 is a comprehensive offering in the Service Management market, going well beyond traditional ITSM and specifically ITIL focused approaches, but also supporting these use cases. The real strength of the product lies in the fact that it acts as centralized instance within a holistic approach to service management with a strong focus on business performance.


From technology to business - the shift in Identity and Access Management

Being involved in a lot of advisory projects at end user organizations for some years now, I'd like to share some of the fundamental changes I observe. There is always a gap between what analysts like us, KuppingerCole, predict and what is done in reality. Thus it is always great to observe that things we've predicted and proposed are becoming reality. So what has changed over the course of the last years - trends becoming reality: Access and Identity Management: Back in 2008, I've blogged about the relation of the terms "access" and "identity", the latter being much more difficult to...


Mar 03, 2011: Externalize Authorization - XACML and Beyond

Externalizing and centralizing authorization from applications has recently gained momentum, as related standards like XACML have matured and experiences shared by early adopters have been positive. Obviously, potential benefits from a standardized method for authorization are tremendous. KuppingerCole Research therefore has defined a clear focus in the area of centralized authorization, monitoring the market and analyzing best practices. In this webinar, Martin Kuppinger will give an update on his recent findings and he will discuss with Doron Grinstein, CEO at authorization and XACML...

Executive View

Snapshot: IBM Tivoli Live – service manager - 70386

IBM Tivoli Live - service manager is a SaaS offering for core IT Service Management functionalities, including Service Desk, Service Catalog, CCMDB (Change and Configuration Management Database), and Asset Management. It is provided as a joint initiative of the IBM Tivoli product group and IBM GTS workplace services. IBM plans to add additional features in the future. IBM Tivoli Live - service manager thus is an additional deployment option for the IBM Tivoli ITSM offerings.

Executive View

Snapshot: HyTrust, Inc. - 70387

HyTrust is a venture financed company founded in 2007. It is located in Mountain View, CA. The management is experienced, with a history at different leading vendors in the IT industry. The company has successfully built partnerships with several large players, including VMware, Cisco, and RSA Security. It has achieved several innovation awards and has won a significant number of customers since their go-to-market.


Mar 15, 2011: Database Governance – How to Put the Right Controls in Place to Protect your Data

In this webinar, Martin Kuppinger will, for the first time ever, introduce the concept of Database Governance, the reasons why you should do that and the connection to Governance initiatives as well as Database Security technologies. He will as well talk about the areas where new conceptual and technical approaches will be required.
Roxana Bradescu of Oracle then will talk about practical approaches to make Database Governance work today – to enhance your level of protection of the valuable information assets.


Feb 18, 2011: Mehr Informationssicherheit durch effizientes Berechtigungsmanagement

Es gibt eine ganze Reihe von Gründen, warum das Thema Berechtigungsmanagement aktuell in der Unternehmenspraxis eine große Rolle spielt. Einerseits, weil es die Basis bildet für den Umgang mit Informationsrisiken (Stichwort Wikileaks), andererseits aber natürlich auch, weil es bei vielen Unternehmen Nachholbedarf gibt, um einen besseren Überblick über Berechtigungen zu bekommen und aus einem bisher eher mühseligen Geschäft mit Hilfe zeitgemäßer Werkzeuge Einsparpotenziale zu erschließen. Mit diesem Webinar bieten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit, sich zu aktuellen Trends und Entwicklungen im...


Opening the Door to Cloud Security

„Security“ and „Cloud“ are often seen as mutually exclusive. Many CIOs live in fear losing control over their data despite the claims by cloud providers that sensitive information is in fact in safe hands with them. But once data gets replicated, it gets harder and harder to keep them under lock and key. Many organizations hesitate to enter the era of cloud computing because they want to keep their data on a tight leash. Most products in the realm of cloud security fail to address these worries. And while federated identity management, coding security into new software, and security service...


Escaping from Cross-Platform Purgatory

Things would be so simple if companies could just sit down and agree for everyone to use the same computers, or at least the same operating system. In a perfect world, everyone would use Windows or UNIX or Apple or Linux and IT admins might actually find time to lean back and rest their weary bones. But since we don’t live in a perfect world, admins live in a nightmare of mixed platforms and systems where juggling sensitive data around is something Dante would have described in grueling detail if computers had been around when he wrote the “Inferno”. Cross-platform management is hell any...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: SecureAuth Corporation - 70260

SecureAuth is a single-product vendor. The product SecureAuth IEP is a platform for a strong two-factor authentication based on X.509v3 certificates for web-based applications, federated environ-ments based on SAML, and VPNs. It is deployed as appliance (hard or soft) and provided as well in cloud deployments based on Amazon EC2 and by Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Beyond the support of strong authentication the product supports different SSO (Single Sign-On) scenarios, federation support, and basic web access management capabilities. It supports many applications out-of-the-box, as...


Context-aware, information-centric, identity-aware, versatile

Recently another analyst company had a presentation titled "The future of Information Security is context- and identity-aware". Yes - but not that new. I remember that we had the context-based approaches as a key trend at our second European Identity Conference, back in 2008 (thus the upcoming EIC 2011 is IMHO the best place to learn about the new trends and the best practices for today around IAM, Cloud Security, GRC, and related topics). I personally think that there are some important aspects to consider when looking at the overall topic of Information Security: First of all: It is...


Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

Without getting into the umpteenth discussion about what, who and where is the Cloud, I think we can safely assume that for average people, and especially for businesspeople, Cloud Computing is when you run an application or store some data on someone else’s server somewhere out there “in the Cloud”. By this definition,, just to name an instance, fits just about everybody’s idea of Cloud Computing . Oracle’s Larry Ellison would beg to differ, and he actually traded insults onstage at Open World 2010 with Salesforce’s boss Marc Benioff, whom he accused of “just running a few...


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