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Oct 19 - 21, 2010: it-sa 2010: IT-Security-Messe

Die IT-Security-Messe it-sa 2010 in Nürnberg bietet als Fachmesse die ideale Plattform, um sich in einem boomenden IT-Sicherheits-Markt erfolgreich zu positionieren. Das Messekonzept der it-sa ist für Besucher eine attraktive Kombination aus erfahrbarer Fachkompetenz, praktischer Demonstration und der Konzentration von IT-Security-Lösungen.


Not Just Any Port in a Storm

As anyone in the identity industry knows, more lies between America and Europe that just an ocean. In fact, when it comes to privacy and data protection, a wide gulf separates the old and new worlds. Germany in particular is often perceived as hidebound, not to say paranoid, when it comes to companies collecting personal data about their customers. People are signing up by the thousands to have their houses deleted from Google StreetView, with the mass-circulation “Bild Zeitung” running panic-inducing headlines like “StreetView snoops private data” and warning their readers about“Google’s...


New Survey

All participants of the survey will receive a complementary copy of the survey results report, its key findings and recommendations. And even in private environments, either on-premise or in dedicated environments of service providers, things are changing. In this survey, we'd like to understand your views and experiences on security in virtualized environments and the developments happening in this space. How do you secure your virtual environments today? And how does your future roadmap look like? Kuppinger Cole have launched a survey on these questions and based on the results of...


Sep 29, 2010: Machen Sie mehr aus dem Active Directory - Identity-Dienste für die heterogene IT

Die meisten Unternehmen verfügen über eine zentrale Active Directory-Infrastruktur. Deshalb spricht viel dafür, darauf aufzubauen, um beispielsweise auch andere Systemumgebungen zu verwalten. So kann man bei geringem Integrationsaufwand noch mehr aus der ohnehin vorhandenen Infrastruktur machen und die heterogene IT in den Griff bekommen.

Product Report

Product Report: Quest Defender

Der Quest Defender ist eine Lösung im wachsenden Markt für flexible Authentifizierungsplattformen. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Lösungen setzt der Quest Defender konsequent auf eine Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung. Dabei werden sehr viele unterschiedliche Tokens unterstützt, so dass es dennoch eine große Bandbreite für die Authentifizierung gibt – sowohl im Hinblick auf die Unterstützung von Endgeräten als auch die Authentifizierungsstärke und die erforderliche Logistik für die Verteilung von Tokens. Eine Besonderheit des Produkts, die aber...

Press Release

Artikel zum Thema "Cloud Computing - Service Management ist der Erfolgsschlüssel" von Martin Kuppinger verfügbar

Düsseldorf, 12.08.2010 - Martin Kuppinger, Gründer und Principal Analyst bei KuppingerCole, hat einen Artikel zum Thema „Cloud Computing und die Notwendigkeit eines funktionierenden Service Management“ geschrieben. In diesem Artikel liefert Martin Kuppinger eine aktualisierte, praxisorientierte Definition der Begriffe „Cloud“ und „Cloud Computing“, um anschließend die zentrale Rolle des Service Managements für die erfolgreiche Umsetzung des Cloud Computings in Unternehmen zu beschreiben. Dabei geht es nicht nur um die Sicht der IT,...


Diving down to the details of access controls

Provisioning is important to keep access under control, as well as Access Governance solutions play a vital role in that game. However, there is a third group of applications which is commonly required: Tools which allow to dive into the details of access controls in specific environments. There are SAP specific solutions and tools for mainframe environments, XACML for standardized entitlement management for custom applications might be counted as well - and there are tools for the world of less structured information, like file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, and others. These tools are...


Sep 30, 2010: Best Practices for Enterprise Log Management

Not only since cloud computing has become a hype, traditional perimeters have been more and more disappearing. Managing risks and securing compliance in such "cloudy" environments has become a critical priority. At the same time, an ever increasing number of different systems and devices create floods of IT events and monitoring those events and find out those in real time, which indicate a threat. Managing logs therefore has become a complex task. Join us in this webinar to discuss best practices for log management.


May 10 - 13, 2011: European Identity Conference 2011

With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe.


The GRC Marketplace is shaking up: SAP and CA partnering on GRC

In the last weeks, I had a number of interviews and product / vendor briefings about GRC related products. And as you may have noticed, the marketplace is yet pretty unstructured. Since there is still no generally accepted common definition or reference architecture for GRC (altough I have developed one, see my reports), anyone touching functionality related to GRC assumes it is in the core. And so you can find extended document management solutions there (for policy managemnet) as well as controls and IT controls management tools, besides access governance and financial risk management...


Sep 17, 2010: Managing Identities in Hybrid Cloud Environments

It is easy to understand, why the cloud computing model appeals to senior executives, as it promises to enable enterprises to rapidly and cost efficiently adapt to changes in their business environment. Agility is key to success, but budgets are tight - that´s where cloud computing scenarios fit in perfectly. Adding cloud services to your existing enterprise IT - how does that fit with your identity management? This is the key question, when it comes to security in such hybrid environments. In this webinar, we will discuss with you about identity infused compliance in hybrid cloud/internal...

Product Report

Product Report: Beta Systems Software AG SAM Enterprise Identity Manager v1.1

The Beta Systems Software AG SAM Enterprise Identity Manager belongs to the category of enterprise provisioning systems. Its core function is to reconcile identity information among different systems based on defined processes and connectors to the target systems in a structured, automated, and traceable manner. It also supports common provisioning features such as user self service, delegated administration and password management. Further functions include configurable workflows for request procedures and approvals as well as auditing functions for logging and analyzing modifications made...

Product Report

Product Report: Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Rights Management

Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Rights Management ist ein Produkt, das von KuppingerCole der Kategorie Information Rights Management (IRM) zugeordnet wird. IRM ist aus Sicht von KuppingerCole eine der zentralen Funktionen für schlüssige, effiziente und durchgängige Konzepte der Informationssicherheit und damit ein Kernbaustein in jeder IT-Sicherheitsarchitektur. IRM setzt auf die direkte Zuordnung von Berechtigungen zu Informationen. Dokumente werden verschlüsselt und mit Berechtigungen für die Nutzung versehen. Sie können damit nur von den Personen, die entsprechende...


A Right to Forget?

The Internet, like an elephant, never forgets. Unfortunately, it also never forgives, as witnessed by the case of Stacy Snyder, a 25 year-old former student at Millersville University School of Education in Pennsylvania, who wanted to become a teacher. Until the day she went to a party and had her picture taken drinking from a plastic beaker and wearing a pirate hat. The picture found its way onto MySpace, where it was seen by a professor who thought it decidedly unfunny. In fact, he was so incensed that he informed the school authorities who refused to grant the young woman the diploma...


JanRain - identities for social networks

Amongst the different vendors I've spoken recently, JanRain is definitely one of the most interesting ones - and will most likely make it into the list of next year's Hidden Gem vendors. JanRain has had some popularity as one of the initiators of OpenID and with their OpenID libraries and other related services. However, they have made an interesting move during the last years and now provide what they call a "user management platform for the open web". In fact, they provide products for web sites and social networks to enhance the user experience around registration and the services which...


SAP adds an Identity Provider

SAP recently has announced that their SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1 now includes an SAML 2.0 Identity Provider - it requires the Service Pack (or Support Pack) Stack 5 (by the way: who at SAP is responsible for product names??? SAP BusinessObjects GRC Access Control; SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1 SP Stack 5;...). SAP is commited to SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) for a while now - and SAML 2.0 support is found at many places in the SAP portfolio. SAP systems can act as service providers in federation scenarios, with SAML 2.0 enabling the Single Sign-On and sharing...


Your token to VISA...

The recently published document on protecting credit card data during processing and storage with tokenization technology has gathered quite a bit of response (see for yourself As others like Mr. McMillon of RSA said before (, it is an overall good approach - and my very recent experience with CC data processing in outsourcing environments proves to me that solutions for this are in great demand. Besides the "nit-picking" (please excuse, we are totally on the same page...

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