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Trend Report: Desktop Virtualization and VDIs

Desktop Virtualization and VDIs (Virtual Desktop Infrastructures) are key topics for many IT managers and decision makers. However, like with every hype topic, there are shortcomings. Investments in VDIs and Desktop Virtualization thus have to be done carefully, after weighing the opportunities against the risks and the strengths against the weaknesses. From the perspective of KuppingerCole, VDIs will play an important role in the strategy for providing desktops or workspaces to users. However, they are one deployment option amongst others and will co-exist with other deployment options for...


The Risks of Local Password Management

In the run-up to the Black Hat meeting next week in ORT, hackers have announced that they will pulic demonstrate how to compromise the password storage system used by Firefox in its popular browser. Using so-called cross site scripting attacks (XSS), they want to prove that storing passwords locally is inherently dangerous. Well, so what else is new? The real question is: How can we make Single Sign-On (SSO) safe? The answer is: You can do it – but it won’t be easy. Fundamentally, the issue revolves around the proper storage of credentials.  Most enterprise-scale SSO solutions in use...


Facebook - they won't understand

Today I opened my Facebook which I use actively since yesterday. When g0ing to my settings, the system informed me about changed privacy settings. What it then recommended was ridiculous: All my very tight settings should be opened up. Instead of sharing information only with my friends, the system suggested that I should share a lot of information with everyone and other, sometimes sensitive information (religion, political opinions) with friends of my friends. I had to manually change back everything to "old settings" which at least was an option I could use. However, from my perspective...


Cloud, Automation, Industrialization

Cloud Computing is still a hot topic. And there are still many different definitions out there. I personally tend to differentiate between two terms: Cloud: An IT environment to product IT services. Cloud Computing: Making use of these services - procurement, orchestration, management,... Thus the internal IT can be understood as one of many clouds, there might even be multiple internal clouds. But we don't have to care that much about internal, external, public, private, hybrid,... The prerequisite for an IT environment to be understood as a cloud is the service orientation, e.g. the...


Impressions from the IT-Analyst Event in London

Last week I was invited to the IT-Security Analyst & CISO Forum Event in London, with a few vendors and a few CISOs. The form of the event is unique, and thanks to Eskenzi PR it is an excellent opportunity to gather the expectations from CISOs and the answers to these by vendors. Here are a few impressions and take-aways: - "Most of the vendor's products are crap, they are fundamentally flawed in the sense that they do not increase security a pence", as one of the CISOs said (Chatham House rules applied). More specifically, asking for more details, most of the tool and product vendors...


The new Swift agreement contains the seeds of new security issues

The European Parliament has passed the controversial new Swift agreement following intense debate aimed at dispelling worries about data protection. In fact, nothing much was changed, and the amount of data to be forwarded to US authorities involved in the “war of terrorism” remains mind-boggling. Proponents of the new agreement point out that it at least gives Europeans a say in what data to release. A representative of Europol, the European Law Enforcement Organization, will be able to veto any request with doubtful legal grounding. But isn't that hopelessly old-fashioned? In fact,...


Quest and Völcker - and what about the customers?

Yesterday, Quest announced the acquisition of Völcker Informatik. I've blogged about the impact on the IAM (and especially the Identity Provisioning) market yesterday. In this post, I'll focus on the impact on existing customers. Acquisitions are always a situation where FUD arises - fear, uncertainty, doubt. There are many examples of acquisitions where customers were on the looser's side afterwards, because their products of choice were (or are) supported only for a limited time before they had to migrate to another product. I won't bash on vendors here who have acted like that - you all...


The first Hidden Gem isn't hidden anymore!

Some days ago, we've published our report on Hidden Gems 2010 - vendors which are innovative but not that well known, at least not on a worldwide basis. We've included 25 vendors. Right now, only 24 of them are hidden. Völcker Informatik, one of the Hidden Gems, has been acquired by Quest Software. There is a good reason for that: Völcker is, from the Quest perspective, a Gem which might help them make shine (even) more than before. And not only from the Völcker perspective. For sure I like it when a Hidden Gem becomes "more visible", because it proves our rating of these vendors. So I'm...


Quest acquires Voelcker - the IAM market will change...

Today, Quest announced that they will acquire the German Völcker Informatik AG with its ActiveEntry product, a leading-edge identity provisioning solutions with some integrated Access Governance capabilities. From my perspective, that is a very interesting acquisition, which brings Quest into a leading position in the overall IAM market. Until now, Quest has been a provider of several point solutions around IAM issues. They had some provisioning capabilities in their ActiveRoles Server before - but it hasn't been the technical leading-edge product but more an add-on for some provisioning...


Do we still have to care about directory services?

It became pretty quiet around directory services during the last years. When I remember the discussions back some 10, 15 or 20 years around NDS versus LAN Manager (and the underlying domain approach) or Active Directory when it came to market, and even the discussions which came up in the early days of OpenLDAP, it is pretty quiet nowadays. Are all the problems solved? Are the right directories in place? Are the best solutions chosen when something changes? When talking with end user organizations it becomes obvious that we are far away from that state. There are implementations of...

Press Release

New Trend Report „Hidden Gems 2010“ from analyst group Kuppinger Cole available

Kuppinger Cole introduces an overview of Hidden Gems 2010 in the area of Identity and Access Management, GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) and Cloud Computing

Product Report

Product Report: Völcker ActiveEntry 4.1

Völcker Informatik AG based in Berlin has established itself in recent years as a provider of technically innovative solutions and a vendor to be reckoned with in the field of Identity and Access Management (IAM). In the process, the company has become highly visible in the German-speaking market and has succeeded in creating a substantial customer base including many large and well-known corporations, particularly in the German-speaking market. With introduction of its new flagship product, ActiveEntry Version 4.1 for enterprise provisioning, Kuppinger Cole believes that the company...


How Data Leaks Through Twitter

If you’re a soccer fan, thinking back to the year 1986 will probably remind you of the nail-biting final between Germany and Argentina that the South Americans narrowly won (unlike the devastating 0:4 loss they received this year, but that’s only by the way). If you are a data protection professional, however, harking back to 1986 will probably conjure up memories of the widespread street demonstrations during the run-up to the German census. Of course, the 80ies saw a lot of protest movements; atomic weapons and the new runway at Frankfurt International drew angry crowds, but resentment...


Hidden Gems - Vendors you Should Have a Look at

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording

Advisory Note

Trend Report: Hidden Gems 2010

This report covers vendors which are, from the KuppingerCole perspective, Hidden Gems in the mar-kets which we are analyzing. The “Hidden Gems” are vendors which are •    relatively small and •    innovative They might be established in a specific country (being sort of “world famous in Italy”) but not that visible beyond that country. They might be successful only in a specific industry but provide products and services that are of value for many other industries. But all of them have a clear unique selling proposition and...


BAM brought to reality

Do you remember the term BAM? BAM is an acronym for Business Activity Monitoring. It was a hype topic in the early 2000's. And then we didn't hear that much anymore about this topic. Yes, there are several vendors out there, providing different types of solutions. And like always, there are several vendors who claim to be the leaders in the category of BAM. When BAM became a hot topic some 10 years ago, the implementations were nothing else than a little advanced analytics. That was, at that point of time, far away from my expectations which were around intelligent, automated, real-time...

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