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About trademarks in the IAM business

These days I have learned that Fischer International Identity has trademarked to pretty generic terms: Identity as a Service (TM) IaaS (TM) I wondered (and still wonder) about that. Fischer declared that they have invented that type of business ("a services-based architecture built from the ground-up for the express purpose of cost-effectively delivering identity management capabilities via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model"), built on a SOA architecture, supporting multi-tenancy, being able to work across firewalls. Honestly: Yes, they are an innovator in that space....


The blessings of 3G with Win 7

Asa tech savvy person and all-time traveller I recently acquired a mobile network data flat of one of the local German and international providers - the one with pink logo. For every contract/subscription you sign, you usually get some perks, extra stuff, a mobile handset or - in my case - one of those netbooks. The Acer Aspire One 531 I was sent does feature an integrated 3G modem by OPTION Wireless ad comes with Windows XP Hometo my demise. Failing in preparing a proper backup (Acer gives you a backup software to burn media - but a netbook does not have an optical drive, and maping the...


Externalizing Identity to the Cloud

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording


Many test cases for German eID card

Some days ago the German government announced a list of 30 companies with test cases for the upcoming eID card, which will be available starting November, 2010. The good news is that the BMI (Federal Ministry of the Interior) has managed to get a good number of test scenarios outside of eGovernment. The identification of flight passengers at airports, hotel check-in, online shops, and some use cases for age verification are on the list of published test cases. For sure there are as well many eGovernment applications amongst these 30+ scenarios but the real important thing is that there are...


Virtual Directory Innovations

As someone actively covering directory services and virtual directories, several innovations have caught my attention. The players within the virtual directory space are (in alphabetical order) Optimal IDM, Oracle, SAP, Radiant Logic, Red Hat, and Symlabs. When it comes to product development and innovation within the last year, you can split those vendors right down the middle. - Optimal IDM, Radiant Logic and Symlabs have been actively developing their product and churning out new features in new versions. The others have not been adding any features, but instead spent time changing...


Aug 20, 2009: Vereinfachung der Berechtigungsanalyse und -Verwaltung

In diesem Webinar geht Martin Kuppinger zunächst auf die Notwendigkeit ein, konsistente Autorisierungsstrategien zu entwickeln, die bei minimiertem administrativen Aufwand einen durchgängigen Schutz von Informationen bieten – indem man sich auf das Wesentliche konzentriert und sich nicht in Punktlösungen verzettelt. Reto Bachmann von Quest Software wird daran anschliessend anhand von Praxisbeispielen beschreiben, wie sich das Berechtigungsmanagement unter Einsatz des Quest Access Managers einfach und transparent gestalten lässt.


Aug 14, 2009: Zugriffsmanagement richtig gemacht

In diesem kostenlosen Webinar gehen wir darauf ein, wie eine ideale Basis für ein konsistentes Access Management geschaffen werden kann und wie man dieses schrittweise weiterentwickelt.


Sep 21, 2009: Identity Services and the Cloud

The reason companies are considering cloud computing is to avoid the expense involved in building or acquiring the infrastructure, and to some extent managing it. However, without paying attention to the security and governance implications, those cost savings will actually evaporate when they either try to retrofit their existing business policies and controls into the cloud environment, or when they have to deal with the fallout from a breach or issue. In This webinar, Nishant Kaushik (Oracle) and Martin Kuppinger (Kuppinger Cole) will talk about this, and examine how identity services...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: SAP

SAP is the world’s leading vendor of enterprise business systems, with a core focus on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), but as well delivering application platforms for business processes and business intelligence solutions. Within the broad portfolio of SAP, the areas of GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) and IAM (Identity and Access Management) became more prominent over the course of the last few years, based on the fact that these capabilities are highly important for today’s businesses to as well fulfill compliance requirements as to optimize business...

Product Report

Product Report: Quest ActiveRoles Server

Quest’s ActiveRoles Server belongs to the category of Enterprise Provisioning products, but it is not a typical standard-issue provisioning solution. Instead, it is a tool for role-based administration of both Active Directory and a growing number of other system environments. As is to be expected, its greatest strengths are in management of Active Directory environments, where its functionality extends significantly beyond just simple provisioning. On the other hand, Quest has been systematically augmenting and improving the product’s existing provisioning functions over the...


Vendors might sell even in immature markets

These days I had a discussion with a vendor who sells different security tools which make up sort of an Endpoint Security "suite" about my and his view on that market. He was sort of offended by my critical view on today's endpoint security market and claimed that his company and many of his competitors are selling large amounts of licenses to customers. Thus I must be wrong when telling people that the market isn't really mature today. My view on endpoint security is, by the way, not as sceptic as the one I have on the DLP market (Data Leakage Protection/Prevention). I think that well...


Lesser of two evils?

More than 250.000 people have watched "ethical hacker" Chris Paget cruising the streets of San Francisco gathering RFID data from the new U.S. PASS cards and "enhanced" chipped drivers licenses. All it took him about $250 for a scanner and an antenna, as well as a piece of software he downloaded from the Internet. The new "e-passports" are now mandatory for U.S. citizens entering the United States from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean, though conventional passports will be accepted as long as they are valid. Paget was able to read and clone the information of the chips within...

Advisory Note

Market Report: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing wird häufig als der Bezug von Diensten aus dem Internet gesehen. Diese Definition ist nach unserer Einschätzung nicht korrekt. Der wesentliche Aspekt des Cloud Computings liegt darin, IT als Services zu betrachten, die flexibel bezogen und konfektioniert werden können, um die Anforderungen des Business zu betrachten. Grundlegend neu ist dabei der flexible Bezug dieser Services, womit IT-Services mehr und mehr zu Ressourcen wie Strom oder Wasser werden, die aus der Steckdose oder dem Wasserrohr bezogen werden. Das gilt natürlich nicht für alle...


Google's latest bombshell: the Chrome operating system!

The news from Google hit like a bombshell. Google is launching an operating system, called Chrome OS (like its web browser). According to the press release, the system will be shipping on Netbooks in the second half of next year. As is to be expected, the operating system will be open source. Chrome OS will be built on top of a Linux kernel, and will "use its own windowing system", which most likely means that X windows - the standard for decades on UNIX platforms - will not be used. As technology evolves, it sometimes makes sense to draw a line under what has been done so far, and start...


Will DMTF deliver on cloud management?

Recently, the DMTF (Desktop Management Task Force) announced an initiative to develop cloud standards for resource management, packaging formats, and security mechanism to facilitate the interoperability of private and public clouds (and amongst public clouds from different providers). Given my recent critics on the term of "private cloud" that means just standards to be able to use different types of service providers, regardless where they are. The announcement can be found here. The DMTF starts an Incubator to develop such standards, including existing work and standards like WS-Policy...


Integralis set to become the security arm of NTT

By acquiring the Munich-based IT security specialist Integralis AG, the Japanese telco giant NTT (Nippon Telephone & Telegraph) plans to become a major player in the world-wide market for managed security and identity management solutions. Integralis (511 employees, €167 million Turnover) will be integrated as a separate division within NTT’s Communications subsidiary (13,000 employees, €10 billion turnover). On Tuesday, NTT offered the Integralis shareholders €6.75 per share. Integralis’ shares had been trading for around €5, up from a low of €2.14 in February. This...


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