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Produktbericht: Radiant Logic Virtual Directory Server

Mit dem Release 5.0 des Virtual Directory Server hat Radiant Logic seine Produktlinie in die VDS Proxy Edition und die VDS Context Edition aufgespaltet, um den spezifischen Anforderungen der Verzeichnisvirtualisierung besser entsprechen zu können. Viele der Anforderungen an Virtual Directories entstehen aus den spezifischen Umsetzungsproblemen, die überwunden werden müssen und die am besten über gezielte Punktlösungen gelöst werden. Die VDS Proxy Edition von Radiant Logic ist gut platziert, diese Probleme zu lösen und wird zu einem entsprechenden Preis...

Product Report

Produktbericht: SailPoint IdentityIQ

SailPoint IdentityIQ ist eines der führenden Produkte im aufstrebenden Marktsegment der Identiy/Access-GRC-Plattformen, das leistungsstarke Funktionen in den Bereichen Attestierung, Audit, Analyse und Rollenverwaltung bietet – Letzteres wurde im aktuellen Release deutlich verbessert. Das Produkt unterstützt einen Risiko-Scoringansatz mit Schwerpunkt auf dem Identitätsrisiko, ist jedoch keine vollwertige Enterprise Risk Management-Lösung. Über direkte Schnittstellen zum Zielsystem oder zu bestehenden Provisioning-Lösungen kann es für die Steuerung...


10 Top Trends 2009 for IAM and GRC

As in the past years, Kuppinger Cole has worked out 10 top trends in IAM (Identity and Access Management) and GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance). Things are going forward in 2009, despite the economic crisis – even more, especially GRC vendors are benefiting from the crisis and the increasing investments in GRC. The need for Risk Management is well understood now. But our analysis shows that there are advancements in many other areas of IAM and GRC as well. The impact of Cloud Computing, new electronic passports as a means for authentication, and more discussions about privacy...


The rationales behind the Oracle-Sun deal

The (planned) Oracle/Sun deal has gained a lot of attention. There was a lot of discussion of the rationales behind. But most of them didn't really touch the point why Oracle will spend so much money for Sun. Have a look at the rationales: The hardware? Not really. Oracle never has done hardware business before. That is another type of business. For sure there are some advantages. It is a little easier for Oracle to offer appliances, but they could have done this with standard hardware and some flavour of Linux. For sure, for big shops that might become interesting - highly scalable...

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Cloud 09 - the Conference on Cloud Computing

Strategies for the right step towards "Cloud Computing"

The analyst company Kuppinger Cole will hold the Cloud 09 conference from November 24 - 26 in Munich. The leading conference on Cloud Computing in Europe will combine Thought Leadership and Best Practices.


The balance act of changing the business model

Last week Microsoft has announced that they will offer own cloud computing services in nineteen different countries. The approach is "hosted by Microsoft, offered by partners". That is an interesting approach and it is obviously the result of Microsoft's thoughts about how to manage the balance act between the existing business model and the upcoming cloud computing business. On one hand, Microsoft relies on their partners which sell software licenses today. On the other hand, Microsoft has to provide offerings as cloud services. Until now, there have been some limited offerings for...


Enterprise Single Sign-On in der Praxis

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording

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Zur European Identity Conference 2009 stellt Kuppinger Cole digitale Webausweise aus

Kuppinger Cole + Partner, Veranstalter der European Identity Conference (EIC) 2009, stellt allen Konferenzteilnehmern eine digitale Identität in Form eines Webausweises aus. Der Ausweis ermöglicht die sichere und einfache Anmeldung zum Kundenbereich der Analystengruppe, ohne Eingabe von Benutzername und Passwort. Technisch realisiert wird die Ausgabe von dem auf Identity Management Lösungen spezialisierten IT-Unternehmen fun communications. 


Sun integrates MySQL with IDM Offering

Sun Microsystems has just announced at the annual MySQL Conference that it is adding extended support for MySQL into its Identity Management stack. That's great, but what does it mean? For one, MySQL is hugely popular - starting off as an embedded open source database, and slowly but surely pushing into the enterprise RDBMS area over the years. Most enterprises use MySQL somewhere - some of them use MySQL strategically (i.e.: if you need a database, consider MySQL as one of the option, or even as the default option). So what does this have to do with identity management? Most databases are...


How could a future Oracle-Sun Identity Management Stack look like?

On the 20th of April, news of Oracle's intention to acquire of Sun Microsystems took most people by surprise. Reactions predictably covered the whole spectrum, with an abundance of comments going each way between delight and dismay. We've been asked for comments by customers and journalists over the last days, and have talked with several customers of both companies. Obviously, both Sun and Oracle employees are under strict orders not to comment on the proposed acquisition, and it is "business as usual" - at least for the near future: both companies have to work the way they have until they...

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Top-Experten zu Identity Management und Compliance auf der European Identity Conference

Mehr als 100 Sprecher auf der wichtigsten IAM- und GRC-Konferenz

Auf der vom 5. bis 8. Mai 2009 in München stattfindenden European Identity Conference 2009 (EIC) wird sich, wie schon in den Vorjahren, die Crème de la crème der Experten für Identity und Access Management (IAM) und GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) treffen. Die Experten werden ihr Wissen und ihre Erfahrungen mit den Teilnehmern teilen.


Liberty Alliance moves to Kantara

Today, Liberty Alliance will move to a new organization named Kantara. That is based on the analysis that security, privacy, and minimal disclosure of end users' personal information are becoming more and more important. In this area, several initiatives are on their way. The idea of Kantara now is to build an umbrella organization for the entire identity industry and to streamline different initiatives. Liberty Alliance will become a part of that bigger effort. The interesting question will be: Will Kantara become a big umbrella or a small one? There are several interesting initiatives...


Sun and Oracle - I would have won my bet

Today Oracle announced that they will acquire Sun. That isn't a real surprise to me. When the potential acquisition of Sun by IBM has been discussed some weeks ago, I've been asked about my view on that. From my perspective that would have been mainly a market share deal. And when big market share deals are discussed, Larry Ellison isn't far away. Thus I've said at that point of time that Oracle might as well make a bid. The third company I had in mind was Cisco, but they have missed that opportunity (which would have improved their strategic positioning significantly). Right now, Larry...


Controlling the Impacts of Recession on IT Security

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording


Cloud Computing – Opportunities & Risk

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording

Press Release

Cloud 09 - die Konferenz zum Cloud Computing

Strategien für den richtigen Schritt hin zum "Cloud Computing"

Düsseldorf, 15.04.2009 - Das Analystenunternehmen Kuppinger Cole wird vom 24.-26. November 2009 in München die Konferenz Cloud 09 ausrichten, die als Leitveranstaltung zum Cloud Computing in Europa Thought Leadership und Best Practices kombinieren wird.


Apr 23, 2009: Enterprise Single Sign-On in der Praxis

Konfrontiert mit einer zunehmenden Flut an Passworten für Benutzerkonten in einer steigenden Zahl an Anwendungen, gewinnt das unternehmensweite Single Sign-on zunehmend an Bedeutung. Einerseits zur Steigerung der Produktivität und zur Reduzierung der Helpdesk-Kosten, andererseits aber auch für ein Mehr an Sicherheit. Lernen Sie in diesem praxisorientierten Webinar anhand konkreter Projektbeispiele, den Nutzen eines E-SSO Systems für Ihr Unternehmen optimal zu erschliessen.


Identity Management and the Cloud

Cloud Computing will be the next big paradigm shift in IT. I have no doubt about that. But like with in many other cases, there is first of all a vision, then a buzzword, then some basic technology - and then people start to think about things like reliability and security. The same is true with Cloud Computing. There are many services out there, but IAM and GRC for the cloud are heavily underestimated. That is somewhat funny given that some of these services appeared in the big New Economy bubble some ten years ago. is just one example, some of the online conferencing...


The Open Cloud Manifesto

At March 30th, several vendors, including IBM, Sun, and Cisco, announced an "open cloud manifesto" which pleads for open standards in the cloud. The "open cloud" shall allow choice and flexibility of cloud platforms and cloud providers. A main target is the easy portability of applications. But, if you read that manifesto, you'll find the typical sentences about "openness", "avoiding vendor lock-in", "the need for standards", and so on. One of the most interesting things with the short and pretty lightweight (to avoid the harsh term of  "meaningless") "manifesto" is which vendors are...


The German ePA project - yes we can

OK, everyone has used that claim "yes we can" right now. But it fit's pretty well to the German project ePA (Elektronischer Personalausweis) which is one amongst several projects in different European countries for a new type of personal identification card. It's not an ePassport but an personal identification card - you have to have the latter in Germany, you can obtain the first if you require it for international travel. In contrast to some other countries like the USA and the United Kingdom, a personal ID card is mandatory in Germany. Currently it is an "old-school" type of printed...


The Digital Knee

Since "Minority Report", where Tom Cruise toted a squishy bag full of spare eyeballs around to hold up in front of iris scanners, thus fooling the access systems, biometrics has been a buzzword, if only a minor one, but it has failed to catch on in a meaningful way. A few years back I speculated that this is because every existing biometric method has serious drawbacks. Fingerprints fade as you grow older, and some people don't have any because they are afflicted with a rare disease  called "Naegeli syndrome" or dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis (DPR) that can cause vexing social...


Is SSO the key to the desktop?

I recently had a cup of coffee with a couple of interesting youngsters from Hamburg, Christian Evers and Philipp Spethmann, who have set themselves a truly impressive goal. They are out to wrest nothing less than the control of German desktops from giants like iGoogle, T-Online, Yahoo! & Co. And they believe the way to do this is by providing consumers a safe and simple way to log onto their favorite websites. Their company, founded two years ago with money from Ammer Partners, one of Germany's big venture funds (yes, there still are functioning venture funds over here; many of them,...


Compliance as a risk?

GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) has become a core issue for any CIO over the course of the last few years. SOX brought popularity to IT compliance – and nowadays everyone seems to talk about GRC. But sometimes, the approaches chosen seem to increase risk instead of mitigating it. What might seem to be sort of a provocative thesis unfortunately is the reality. There are, from our perspective, four critical aspects in many of today’s GRC initiatives. The first one is that GRC requires an organization which is GRC-ready. The second is that often too many tools are used....


In Praise Of Sabbaticals

In early 2008, I asked my colleagues at Kuppinger Cole + Partner for leave of absence in order to take a "Sabbatical", a kind of timeout. No, not because of burnout or anything dramatic like that, but rather because distance tends to sharpen your perspective, and I was worried that I was getting too wound up in the nitty-gritty of Identity Management as a specialized field. As a more or less non-technical person, I had begun to believe that the issues addressed by this industry are much wider than many of us seem to realize. And in order to truly appreciate what is going on I felt I needed...


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