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Beta Systems finally merges its versions

German vendor Beta Systems, one of the well established vendors in the core IAM market, e.g. provisioning (notably, they provide other solutions as well), has recently unveiled the new version of its provisioning product, now called SAM Enterprise Identity Manager - in contrast to its former name SAM Jupiter. That highlights that this product is part of a specific market segment, the identity provisioning products - most of them are named "Identity Manager". It as well shows that Beta Systems understands this release as a really major release. And, in fact, it is. Amongst the broad set of...


Identity Management by accident or design?

I was talking recently with Joerg Mauz, the CIO of a small German company called Ansmann AG that makes batteries and chargers for laptops and mobile phones. They may be tiny by some standards, but they have a big global footprint, and their  300 people are distributed around the globe from Shanghai to Macau to Stockholm and soon the U.S. as well. I asked him whether he thought Identity Management was a big issue for small companies like his, and he laughed. "They don't know what it is", he said, and then added: "Even though they may be doing it themselves already." Ansmann is a good case...


Pass Your Next Compliance Audit With Confidence

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Too many GRCs out there

One issue when dealing with GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) is that there is no single person which is responsible within organizations. And there is a simple reason for that: There are far too many GRCs out there. Vendors provide completely different offerings using the same acronym. That's not new, but in the case of GRC, there is even more uncertainty raised than usual in the IT industry. From my perspective, the solutions might be segmented into four layers: The so called "Enterprise GRC" which should be better named "Business GRC" or something because the other...


Show me your terrorists!

I just came back from a meeting of the German chapter of IAPP, the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and the words of the chairman, Dr. Jyn Schultze-Melling, a lawyer with the firm Nörr, Stiefenhofer & Lutz, still ring in my ears: “We are sacrificing employee privacy on the altar of anti-terrorism.” It turns out that firms are required by law to check their employees names against lists of terrorism suspects published by the United Nations and the European Union. In Germany, §34 of AWG, the Foreign Trade Law, forbids companies aiding or abetting persons or...


Single Sign On for SAP Environments

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Product Report

Product Report: Quest Single Sign-On solutions for SAP

The two products discussed here, Quest Single Sign-On for SAP GUI and ABAP and Quest Single Sign-On for NetWeaver, are Quest’s offering in the market for Single Sign-On (SSO) between Active Directory-infrastructures and SAP-environments on the basis of Kerberos. Quest also offers a „classic“ SSO solution called Quest Enterprise Single Sign-On as an option for infrastructures which do not run Kerberos. Authenticating primarily via Active Directory which is standard in many companies brings some big advantages. In addition, all necessary information is consolidated within...


Sony VAIO VGN-Z series - finally with VT-support

I recently bought a very expensive high-end Sony VAIO VGN-z31 and was more than surprised and downright angry, when I found out they had disabled the "VT"support of the Intel CPU, making it almost useless when it comes to virtualization with Virtual PC, VMware Workstation, Xen or what ever your favourite Hypervisor was. With their latest set of updates for their EFI (the new BIOS technology) now finally they gave in to the numerous customer complaints, all coming from power users and professionals, who were upset to just have spent 2.000 -3.000 €/$ on a machine, that was basically leaving...


Why cloud services will sell despite slowdowns in outsourcing and MSS growth

Within the last few months, I've read several news about slowdowns in the growth of the outsourcing business and particularly the MSS (Managed Security Services) business, at least compared to the high expectations raised in the years before. Does that mean that the cloud is dead before it really starts? I don't believe, for several reasons: There are different numbers regarding the status and grwoth of the MSS and outsourcing market. Some are much positiver than others - and it is no surprise that the negative ones are cited most (even the IT press more and more acts in the yellow press...


Commenting Print: Welt Kompakt 4.11.2009

I guess it became unpopular to read printed news in some societies but I really enjoy reading WELT KOMPAKT, a smaller printed formfactor of well-known daily WELT. Today, the more or less entertaining "Internet" section had a lead article called "Safe in the Web 2.0" or "Sicher im Web 2.0" by author Peter Zschunke. Eager to learn more about how "the general public" is informed about the dangers that lurk in the web, I read the mid-size article, featuring a James Bond-like shot of what seems to be Security Ops Center. My interest turned into surprise, ending in a sort of rage when I finished...


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