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Product Report Völcker Informatik Active Entry 3.2

Die Berliner Völcker Informatik AG hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren als ernst zu nehmender und technisch sehr innovativer Anbieter im Identity Management-Markt etabliert. Dabei ist es dem Unternehmen auch gelungen, insbesondere im deutschsprachigen Markt eine für einen Spezialisten sehr hohe Sichtbarkeit zu erzielen. Mit der Version 3.2 von ActiveEntry, dem Produkt des Unternehmens für den Bereich Enterprise Provisioning, etabliert sich das Unternehmen aus Sicht von Kuppinger Cole technologisch in der Spitze des Marktes.


One approach for policy management

Some weeks ago Evidian, one of the European vendors in the Identity Management market, has announced that they are in the lead of an European research program for multi-domain policy management. The program called MULTIPOL is part of ITEA 2 (Information Technology for European Advancement), a set of EU-sponsored initiatives in the IT space. The focus of MULTIPOL is mainly around multi-domain authorization, e.g. controlling access according to different security policies from different domains. The reason why: There is no internal network with a strong perimeter any more. Networks are...


The language of the customer

This morning I was working on some slides for a sales training I will do for a vendor these days. When clicking through my slides I found some older slide I have used some three years ago the first time. It was about the sometimes different understanding customers and vendors might have of the same terms - or the missing understanding of terms by the customers.Terms like Meta Directory, Federation, Virtual Directory, Reconciliation, and so on. In this context, a conversation I recently had with Hassan Maad, COO of Evidian (one of the definitely underestimated vendors in the market), some...


Think beyond the silo

In the survey recently published on the relation of SOA and Identity Management and the status of the SOA Governance which we developed together with Ernst & Young, it has become clear that one of the larger problems of IT is the silo structuring. IAM and SOA are equally separated silos like the areas of BSM. There are exceptionally few suppliers who strive after a closer integration of BSM and IAM. The problems emerging from such silo thinking are obvious. The survey shows clearly that a stringent, continuous and renewable safety concept is missing for most implementations of SOA-based...


Federation: The actual challenges become visible

The concept of Identity Federation slowly begins to establish itself, whether in Back-End with “classical” approaches or in the form of the user-centric Identity Management. The challenges are also shifted through this. It is no longer about long-discussed topics like standards or also the clarification of contractual basics but about many advanced challenges and the question of new or suitable business models. One of the experiences that was gathered was that the inclusion of the user is not only desired in many cases but also compulsory. In many cases one must interact with the customer -...


GRC – one needs it

It is presently discussed, especially in USA, whether GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) or to be exact, standardized solutions are more significant for GRC. It is interesting to note the blog-contributions from Archie Reed, HP on this. I also commented on the same in one of my current blog-contributions. Several interesting points were made clear in the discussions:There is still a lack of comprehensive understanding for the term GRC, its subareas as well as its meaning.There is an obvious difference between the methods of approach in Europe and that in the USA.Although closely...

Product Report

Product Report CA Identity Manager r12

CA hat mit seinem Identity Manager Release 12 ein Produkt aktualisiert, welches Funktionalitäten des eTrust Admin und des 2005 akquirierten Netegrity IdentityMinder Web umfasst. Durch die neuen Möglichkeiten der Administration und die stark anpassbaren Oberflächen kann sich dieses Release unter den führenden Produkten im Enterprise Provisioning-Markt behaupten. Die bisher getrennte Administration der Provisionierung und der Rollenverwaltung ist weiter zusammen gewachsen und zeigt, dass CA auf dem Weg zur Integration seiner IAM Lösungen einen entscheidenden Schritt...


HP, Novell, Oracle,...

Some time ago HP decided to stop the further development and sales of their IAM products, even while they will support existing customers. Since then, Novell announced an agreement with HP with a special cross-upgrade offer. And, since then, there are a lot of rumours about other partnerships in the market. What is the reason for this? To understand this one first has to first understand the structures of HP. HP is a pretty big and diversified company. There is the consumer business, there are printers. In the enterprise IT area, we still have three different divisions: Software (by far...


BMC again...

My colleague Felix Gaehtgens recently has blogged about his discussion with Tom Bishop, CTO at BMC, about the BMC strategy for IAM. His findings are very consistent with the blog of Tom Bishop which was published some weeks later and appears to be some indirect response to Felix. It is obvious that many BMC customers are insecure about BMC's strategy for IAM. There have been several changes, as well in BMC's organization as in the way BMC is adressing this market. BMC has moved the development of the IAM functionality to India, where they are developing as well other major parts of their...


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