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Sun unveils new models for OpenSSO

Sun has just announced a revamp of its business model around its access management products. Previously, Sun had maintained its Access Manager product as the official commercial release available for customers who wanted a stable product with support. In parallel, OpenSSO was the development branch of what would eventually become Access Manager in a subsequent release. Whilst OpenSSO was free to download and use, it was not supported in the same way as Sun’s Access Manager. Sun has now changed its model for OpenSSO and Access Manager. Customers with a valid contract will now receive the...

Advisory Note

Evaluation Report: OPENLiMiT

Die OPENLiMiT Group ist ein junges, ehrgeiziges Unternehmen, dass sich vorgenommen hat, im Markt für so genannte Digitale Signaturen (auch „Zertifikate“ oder „eCarnets“) eine führende Rolle zu spielen. Während andere Anbieter ihre Produkte in der Regel auf ein bestimmtes Computer-Betriebssystem ausgerichtet haben oder als reine Server-basierte Lösungen konzipiert haben, verfolgt OPENLiMiT eine offene Strategie und bietet als momentan einziger Hersteller eine universell einsetzbare Software, die sich leicht in bestehende IT-Landschaften...


Unfulfilled Promises on GRC – nothing else

These days I received an invitation from an IT vendors to visit an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) event. The keywords were Governance and Compliance. And the title of the keynote presentation suggested that ECM will solve every threat in these areas companies are facing today. Interestingly but not surprisingly, I have received invitations like that from other vendors – claiming to solve all these issues with other solutions in the fields of IAM (Identity and Access Management), BSM (Business Service Management), or with solutions focused on specific types of business applications like...


Mini-review of Microsoft "Zermatt"

I've written a short analysis on Microsoft's new "Zermatt" framework that can went up on our website yesterday. For those who have missed the announcement, Zermatt is a new developer framework from Microsoft that makes it easy for developers to work with claims, and is also a foundation for building secure token services (STS). In the analysis, I also included some of my thoughts on the "claims-based model" in general, and specifically about the lack of an authorisation model. I think this is perhaps the largest gap currently for applications using WS-Trust, WS-Federation and the...


Microsoft releases new "Zermatt" Identity Developer Framework

Microsoft has launched a new developer framework codenamed "Zermatt" on July 9th. It is currently in beta, and the first final version is expected towards the end of this year. This framework consists of a comprehensive set of libraries that facilitate the use of "claims" in applications - in Microsoft's words: make them "claims-aware". This greatly simplifies the development of applications that will work within federated environments and the new identity metasystem technology that Microsoft is developing, and will give a push to adoption of the new identity technology. In this short...


IBM strengthens security offerings

IBM recently announced some new products and a research initiative around IT security. The research initiative called “Phantom” focuses on new security threats in virtualized environments. The four new products are:IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager: A tool to manage security keys for data encryption amongst their entire lifecycle.IBM Unstructured Data Security Solution: Classification and Security Solution for unstructured information.IBM Tivoli Security and Event Manager: A SIEM tool for real time management of suspicious network activity as well as historical analysis.IBM Tivoli Access...


SAP Ventures invests in Imprivata

Imprivata, one of the leading vendors in the Enterprise SSO space and unique in its use of a hardware appliance, has closed its Series C funding of 15 million US$. SAP Ventures, the venture capital arm of SAP AG, joined the existing investors. Imprivata plans to improve its market positioning with the fresh money. SAP Ventures is, besides Imprivata, invested in Ping Identity, one of the leading-edge vendors in the Federation market segment.With focus on Imprivata, the investment proves the strong position the vendor has achieved during the last few years in the E-SSO market.Even while we...


Beyond Microsoft…

Information Cards, also abbreviated Infocards, are the technical foundation for, amongst others, Microsoft CardSpace and The Higgins Project driven by Novell. They will gain momentum significantly due the announcement of the Information Card Foundation (ICF). Amongst the founding members are Equifax, Google, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, PayPal, Aristotle, ATE Software,, FuGen Solutions, Fraunhofer Institute, Fun Communications, Gemalto, IDology, ooTao, Parity Communications, Ping Identity, Privo, Wave Systems, and WSO2. The list ist completed by several invited expert...


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