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Key Risk Indicators between Business and IT

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) are metrics for Risk. Most of the metrics discussed today focus on either pure business aspects or, with IT and Identity Risk Management, on technical aspects. How long does it take to provision accounts in different systems? How many orphaned accounts do you have in different directories? ... But: There is another layer of KRIs which has to be monitored. For example: How long does it take until an organizational change is known to the provisioning system? The provisioning process might be extremly fast - if it isn't started, it is still far too slow. Thus, I...


Infocards, Personalization, Profiling, VRM, Privacy

I have a personal history in the areas of personalization and profiling. And there might be some good chance for these ideas to become reality now - in the context of Infocards and to the sake of VRM (Vendor Relationship Management). The threat in personalization and profiling is to know what the person really wants (personalization) or is/has (profiling). The one who knows best is the person itself. (Managed) infocards can transport virtually everything. They might provide profile information for personalization. A trusted identity provider might offer a service which stores profile...


File Server (Web) Services

One of the newer topics in Identity Management is the Enterprise Entitlement Management. This term describes approaches for a centralized management of the low-level entitlements (e.g. access controls) on system level from a central perspective. That seems to be pretty complex. How shall you ever manage file server ACLs from a central tool in an efficient manner? Or other tools? Yes, it isn't that easy to solve. But bring in services and you're much closer to a solution - not only for entitlement management, by the way. Think about abstracting file server resources as services (which is,...


Claims, Tokens, End-to-End Security

One of the panels at the recent EIC 2008 on End-to-End Security for SOA applications there was a discussion about whether this target could really be achieved. One comment was that built-in federation awareness in every single web services won't work with thousands of web services you might have today or in future. The handling of trusts would be too complex, was the argument. Yes, if you handle every trust separately. No, if there is sort of a trust broker for at least most of the web services which provides a standard trust with no specific configuration per web service. In that case...


After the conference is before the conference...

Now the EIC 2008 is history. Numerous participants, exciting lectures, interesting discussions in Panels and also during the breaks...the conference offered everything. We would like to thank everybody who made this conference a success, the participants, the sponsors and exhibitors, the catering teams, the technicians and, of course, the more than 130 speakers. The next conference is already planned. Also in 2009 there will be a European Identity Conference and also in 2009 we will again give away the European Identity Award. The location and the exact date will be announced within the...


Outstanding Identity Management projects honoured

For the first time, analyst group KCP has handed out the European Identity Award at the European Identity Conference 2008 (EIC), the leading European event for Identity Management and GRC (governance, risk management, compliance). The award honours outstanding Identity Management projects, innovations and further developments of standards. There are six different award categories. Apart from the best innovations in Identity Management and the best new or improved standards, prizes were given to the best projects of the past 12 months in the following categories: internal projects, b2b, b2c...


Virtual Corporate Business Cards

Yes, I know - it is a little redundant talking about "corporate" and "business" in the context of virtual cards. But it is one of the most obvious, interesting and feasible business cases around Identity 2.0. What do I mean by that term? My idea is about applying the ideas of Identity 2.0 and especially of InfoCard to the business. Provide every employee with an InfoCard or even some of them and you are better suited to solve many of today's open issues. How to issue these cards I have this in mind for a pretty long time. I remember that I had asked Don Schmidt from Microsoft about the...

Advisory Note

Trend Report: IAM und SOA 2008

Eine gemeinsame Studie von KCP und Ernst & Young AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Deutschland

Advisory Note

Trend Report SSO 2008

Single Sign-On (SSO) ist eines der wichtigsten Felder im Identity Management. Durch eine vereinheitlichte Authentifizierung können eine Reihe von Business-Values erreicht werden, darunter reduzierte Risiken für Sicherheit und Compliance sowie niedrigere Service Desk-Kosten.

Product Report

Product Report: Omada Identity Manager

Der dänische Hersteller Omada hat sich in den vergangenen beiden Jahren als wichtigster Technologiepartner von Microsoft im Umfeld von MIIS und ILM positionieren können. Gemeinsam mit Microsoft wurden mehrere Großkunden gewonnen. 

Advisory Note

Market Report: GRC 2008

GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) is amongst the most important emerging market segments in IT. KCP expects that there will be tools which integrate analysis, attestation, authorization management, risk management, and role management functionalities to provide an overall GRC solution which can be applied to all applications and all Compliance regulations which are relevant to any organization.


GRC and Role Management

GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) is amongst the most important emerging market segments in IT. KCP expects that there will be tools which integrate analysis, attestation, authorization management, risk management, and role management functionalities to provide an overall GRC solution which can be applied to all applications and all Compliance regulations which are relevant to any organization. Today there are partial solutions with specific strengths in some of these functional areas. Through internal development and acquisitions we expect to see more complete solutions in the...


Managing External IDs

Have you ever encountered procedural problems while re-engineering your hiring process, retirement or resignation processes to adopt it to your brand new IAM solution? Did you feel that modifying your IAM system to cope with all the different requirements, access rights and approval chains might as well be tackled through writing your own IAM system? Fine! Then you are in the best company you can imagine, because almost everybody went through that deep sorrow you feel. Now imagine you have to do this all for each and every external identity your company deals with in every business unit -...

Product Report

Product Report: Imprivata OneSign 4.0

Imprivata OneSign is a hardware-appliance-based solution for enterprise single sign-on, which supports mechanisms for strong authentication and convergence to physical access-control systems. The product holds an exceptional position in this market due to the chosen appliance approach.


There is no role management market - there is a GRC market

For some time I planned to write a report on the segmentation of the role management market. There are many different offerings for role management which all use the same buzzwords but provide pretty different solutions. But I decided not to write this report - just because there is no role management market. It might appear that such a market segment exists. But in fact it is just a part of a larger market segment, the GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) market. The GRC market, on the other hand, appears today as a very fragmented market, with a broad range of solutions and...

Product Report

Product Report: Imprivata OneSign 4.0

Imprivata OneSign ist eine auf einer Hardware-Appliance basierende Lösung für Enterprise Single Sign-On, die Mechanismen für die starke Authentifizierung und die Konvergenz zu physischen Zugangskontrollsystemen unterstützt. Durch den gewählten Appliance-Ansatz nimmt das Produkt eine Sonderstellung in diesem Marktsegment ein.


Apr 22, 2008: Liberty Alliance Standards Workshop

Co-located with the European Identity Conference 2008, Liberty Alliance will be hosting a workshop with worldwide renown identity management thought leaders like Conor Cahill (Intel), Fulup Ar Fol (Sun), Robin Wilton (Sun) and Patrick Harding (Ping Identity), and with great best practices from France Telecom /Orange, AOL and Deutsche Telekom. This workshop is organised by Liberty Alliance. Registration for this workshop is free and it is open to everyone.


Microsoft needs to U-Prove what its plans are for the Credentica Technology

On March 6th, almost a month ago, Microsoft announced its acquisition of Montreal based Credentica, a technology leader in the online digital privacy area. It’s been almost a month, but the dust won’t settle. Most analysts including KCP agree that Microsoft has managed a master coup in snapping up all patents and rights to this technology. But there are fears in the industry that Microsoft could effectively try to use this technology to enrich its own platform whilst impeding interoperability by making the technology unavailable. These fears are likely to turn out to be unfounded, but...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: Microsoft

Microsoft ist sehr spät in den Markt der Identity Management-Anbieter eingestiegen und hat in diesem Zuge sein Portfolio über die im Hause vorhandenen Werkzeuge zur Administration von Benutzerkonten und Zugriffsrechten an die Herausforderungen des Managements heterogener IT-Infrastrukturen der Kunden angepasst. Seit die Strategen in Redmond die Bedeutung einer Öffnung für Dritte erkannt ha-ben, arbeitet Microsoft mit Hochdruck an einer Weiterentwicklung und am Ausbau seiner Identity Mana-gement Lösungen – auch wenn dabei immer das Active Directory im...


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