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Meta-directories? I'd say quaint, but not quite dead.

An interesting conversation is taking place within the blogsphere about meta-directories, with Dave Kearns and Kim Cameron on both sides of the argument. This was all inspired by a blog entry on the 4th of March from Jackson Shaw called "You won't have to kick me around anymore!". That musing was about HP's retreat from the identity management market, but makes a statement about meta-directory technology: Let's be honest. The meta-directory is dead. Approaches that look like a meta-directory are dead. We talk about Identity 2.0 in the context of Web services and the evolution of digital...


How to be successful in Europe

In our briefings with US vendors which aren't that visible in Europe they often claim that they will start to develop the European market soon. Some one or two years later they are still almost invisible in Europe. There are some obviuos reasons why so many US companies fail to succeed in Europe. They can be split in two categories: The products The market development Regarding the products, it is important to understand that there are other expectations in many European countries than in the US market. Germans tend to look for the perfect solution, very sophisticated and really...


M-Tech - another interesting player in the IAM market

While M-Tech has a long customer list in northern America there are only a few customers here in Europe - even while M-Tech offers a comprehensive IAM suite. But M-Tech plans to address the European market more actively than before. They might have success if they do it the right way, with building a real presence in different European countries and not constricting their European activities to a one-man-office based in UK, which is the often observed approach of many US companies. Besides a reasoned approach and some tenacity in addressing the European market(s) the second success factor...

Product Report

Product Report: Citrix Password Manager 4.6

Citrix ist im Markt in erster Linie als Anbieter der Presentation Server-Produkte bekannt. Das Unternehmen hat aber in den vergangenen Jahren um diese Presentation Server herum kon-sequent ein ergänzendes Portfolio aufgebaut. Ein wichtiges Element dabei ist die Access Stra-tegy, unter der verschiedene Komponenten für einen kontrollierten, flexiblen Zugang zu IT-Ressourcen des Unternehmens zugekauft und integriert wurden. Ein wichtiges Element davon ist der Citrix Password Manager 4.6, mit dem die Herausforderung des Single Sign-Ons ad-ressiert wird.


Novell releases Identity Manager 3.6 with role-based provisioning module

Novell has finally released its Identity Manager 3.6 with integrated role management. There are two points of view on this new feature: In comparison to the integrated role management functionalities of other provisioning solutions. In comparison to the role management products out of the greater GRC market segment, including the business role specialists, GRC apps like SAP GRC Access Control or Identity Risk Management solutions. Both are valid approaches, like I’ve written in my other post from today. But it has to be kept in mind that you can’t solve every requirement with one...


Will there still be provisioning products three years from now?

Today, provisioning is the core element of Identity Management. Most of the products which are usually named “Identity Manager” are built around provisioning, with more or less additional features. But will that be still the case some three years from now? There are several trends which will influence provisioning significantly. The most important ones are Reuse of existing IT infrastructure components Business Role Management Enterprise Information Management These trends will influence the market. One important area is the reuse of existing IT infrastructure components. There are...


IBM acquires Encentuate to boost SSO capabilities

On March 13th, IBM announced that it has acquired Encentuate, a maker of enterprise single-sign-on software, session management and strong authentication components. Enterprise single-sign-on works at the desktop session and application level, and is typically implemented as a set of modules that are inserted at the operating system level to intercept and manage requests for passwords. This move by IBM will add Encentuate's E-SSO capabilities to IBM's Tioli branded access management solutions. IBM's Tivoli Access Manager Enterprise Single Sign-On, previously based on Passlogix technology,...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: Sun

Sun Microsystems ist einer der führenden Anbieter im Identity Management-Markt. Nach einer schwie-rigen Phase von Verlusten und sinkenden Umsätzen ist dem Unternehmen der Turnaround gelungen. Das spiegelt sich auch in deutlich verbesserten Produkten im Identity Management und der Akquisition von Vaau, einem Anbieter für das Business Role Management, wieder. Sun hat offensichtlich wieder an Fahrt aufgenommen und ist dabei, seine ohnehin gute Basis im Bereich Identity Management weiter auszubauen.

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: CA Deutschland GmbH

CA hat in den vergangenen Jahren eine Reihe größerer Akquisitionen von spezialisierten Herstellern durchgeführt und damit sein eigenes Portfolio an Produkten für das Identity und Access Management erweitert und abgerundet. CA bietet damit ein sehr breites Spektrum an Einzellösungen und positioniert diese auch als komplette IAM-Suite am Markt. Mit dem umfassenden Angebot an IAM-Lösungen un-terstreicht CA seinen Anspruch, einer der führenden Anbieter für IT Management-Software zu sein, in dem ein zentralisiertes Identity Management für die...


What's Dick Hardt up to now?

Yesterday, the news hit the wire that Ping Identity had acquired the Sxip Access product line. I've written an article on the topic here (you may need to register, but it's free). When I heard the news, I immediately wrote to Andre and Dick asking them for some more info. Andre got back to me pretty much straight away (thanks, Andre!). I was curious about the acquisition of the product line - and not the whole company. Many times in this space, whole companies are bought, especially when they are the size of Sxip. Andre confirmed that this had been Ping's original intent - to acquire Sxip...


Jun 07 - 08, 2008: Identitycamp Bremen

Das Identitycamp Bremen wird das erste Barcamp in Deutschland speziell zum Themenbereich Identity 2.0, Single-Sign-On, Reputationsmanagement, Beziehungsmanagement, Privacy 2.0 und Verwandtes sein.


Ping Identity acquires Sxip Access product line

This morning Ping Identity, a maker of federation software announced that it had acquired the Sxip’s Access product line from Sxip Identity Corporation. This includes several products, namely Sxip Access and Sxip Audit. Ping is taking over the complete product line, customer base and key workforce. Ping is a US company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and Sxip is a Canadian company that has its base in Vancouver, British Columbia. Due to this acquisition, Ping will open up an office in Vancouver as the result of this acquisition. Sxip Access is a federation and identity management...


DEC 2008 - Day three

WEDNESDAY, March 5th. Chicago, seems a tad warmer, but still too cold for my taste! The last day of the conference was a short one for me - I had to leave around 11:30 to catch my plane. I had a nice long chat with Dieter Schuller from Radiant Logic, who brought me up to par with their vision and technology. In my previous job Dieter and I were competitors, so we had a lot in common and of course knew each others products, but I got a much deeper understanding on Radiant Logic's vision and approach to virtual directories. As I am currently writing Kuppinger Cole's technology report on...


DEC 2008 - Day two

TUESDAY, March 4th. Chicago, back to freezing temperatures. Microsoft's Stuart Kwan kicked off the second day with his keynote address where he spoke about an "identity bus", where off-the shelf applications can plug in for all their authentication and access control needs. It was exciting to hear this from Microsoft. The concept is actually not even that new - Phil Windley wrote about this in his book "Digital Identity. But it's great to see that Microsoft seems fully committed to (several selected) open standards (most of them likely to start with the letters W and S) and...


Dec 2008 - Day one

MONDAY, March 3rd, Chicago (surprisingly warm). I've already reported from the pre-conference workshop last Sunday that gave a very good introduction to Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 and Certificate Lifecycle Manager, and Microsoft's Joe Long kicked off DEC 2008 with his keynote session presenting Microsoft's vision on Identity Management, and how Active Directory will evolve to meet those needs in the future. Apart from being a good summary on what I had already heard a day before, it highlighted Active Directory being in the centre of Microsoft's Identity Management ecosystem, surrounded...


Better late than never - my canned reports from DEC 2008

It's been an exciting last week starting off with DEC 2008 in Chicago, and ending with a roller coaster ride into JFK Saturday evening, on the way back to Europe. DEC, as always, is packed with interesting presentations from the best technology experts all around the topic of directories and identity management in the Microsoft technology space. Virtually all of the latest knowledge is packed into three full days, which sometimes unfortunately means that you have to make a very difficult choice of choosing which presentation to go to when some really interesting ones take place at the same...


CEBIT: 10 top trends in Identity Management

As in the past years, the analysts Kuppinger Cole + Partner have worked out 10 top trends in Identity Management. Some developmental aspects of Identity Management have already raised attention in the last few weeks. This includes HP's exit from the market, but also and in particular the substantially improved support for OpenID as one of the most important standards of Identity 2.0 –an aspect of Identity Management that is rather focussed on the end user. But there are many other developments in Identity Management that are not so much in the eye of (IT)public, but nevertheless important...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: Entrust

Entrust zählt zu den bekannten und etablierten Anbietern im Identity Management-Markt. Historisch hat sich das Unternehmen primär als Hersteller und Service-Anbieter im Bereich der Zertifikatsdienste und PKIs (Public Key Infrastructures) positioniert. Im Rahmen der Restrukturierung und Repositionierung hat Entrust allerdings inzwischen ein deutlich breiteres Produktportfolio realisiert, das auf die Stärken in den etablierten Themenfeldern aufbaut.


Netpro DEC 2008: Sneak Preview of Microsoft ILM 2

I am at Netpro's Directory Expert Conference in Chicago this week, and very excited to be here! I'm keeping my eyes and ears wide open for the latest tech and trends around Microsoft AD and Identity Management, and also participating at an experts panel this afternoon. Knowing that DEC is an action-packed event, I came a day early, and it was well worth it. Sunday's ramp-up to DEC 2008 was a pre-conference workshop on Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) 2 beta, Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM), Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Active Directory Rights Management...


OpenID going Large Scale

OpenID, a standard for an open, decentralized and domain-independent identity management, was one of the hot new topics at last year's European Identity Conference (EIC). This year, EIC will host a significant number of speakers talking about their implementations of OpenID, amongst them George Fletcher, Chief Architect for Identity Services at AOL. In a recent interview, George gave a first description of his project: 1. How many OpenID accounts has AOL issued? My understanding is that everybody with an AIM account automatically became the proud owner of a new OpenID, so there should...


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