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Auto-federation and the lighter side of federated identity

Now who says that federated identity can't be entertaining as well. On January 24th, Sun's Daniel Raskin, who is involved in Sun's OpenSSO project, poked a bit of fun at competitor Ping Identity by putting a short videoclip up on his blog which would help "explaining the differences" between Sun and Ping. It didn't take long for Ping's crew to respond in kind, promising an "epic battle" in their own video posted on Ping's blog. What I quite interesting about these little jabs carried out in good humour were the comments about "federation auto-connect" that Ping announced a few weeks ago in...


One size fits all?

One trend observed is that the so called "Identity Managers", e.g. the provisioning products, are constantly growing in functionality - and complexity. This isn't surprising. There is strong competition between vendors and thus many vendors try to add all the functions which are offered by other vendors. The customers as well expect very complete products. But there are two things which should let us think about this strategy: The increasing complexity: Thus it really make sense to create more and more complex products? The still existing weaknesses: In many areas there are better...


It is not possible, that a single trader like Jerome Kerviel burns 5bn Euro

It is absolutely impossible, that somebody in a position like Jerome Kerviel can hold trading positions for 50 bn Euros and burn 10% of that amount. It is impossible, because banks nowadays would never rely on simple password protection for their trading systems. they all have state-of-the-art identity management in place and manage business roles in a way that one single trader could not crash the whole bank such big deals would always be routed through acknowledgement processes where duties are segregated Strong Authentication techniques and strict authorization would let all...


Apr 22, 2008: Identity Management Expo 2008

Visit the Identity Management Expo 2008 and discover a wide range of solutions for business, public sector and health sector. From provisioning to security, from federation to user centric - Identity Management Expo 2008 is your source for finding the right solution and partner. The Identity Management Expo 2008 is part of the European Identity Conference. Registration is free for the 22nd April, 2008.


6,5 billion GBP spent for social networks in UK

Some days ago I received a press release which stated that in UK the cost of social networks is around 6,5 GBP – at least a recent study claims it to be that high. Such numbers are always questionable, for sure. Which are the real costs of someone maintaining his own social network? Difficult to calculate… But: Even 1 billion would be too much. There is some value in social networks, especially in business networks. But it is obvious that it takes a lot of time to maintain contacts, find people you know and especially to do this multiple times for different networks. I personally have...


OpenID and the critical mass

Even while it isn’t real news, being known for some time, it is an important announcement: Yahoo will support OpenID. All 289 million users may use OpenID beginning end of this month as an ID to access other OpenID websites as well – like this blog. This is definitely a breakthrough for OpenID as approach for an universal identifier in the internet. Even while it will take some time for adoption through the Yahoo user’s and for support of OpenID on other websites this announcement is a major step towards the critical mass which is required for broad adoption of any new standard and...


Apr 21 - 22, 2008: VRM 2008

VRM, or Vendor Relationship Management, is the reciprocal of CRM or Customer Relationship Management. It provides customers with tools for engaging with vendors in ways that work for both parties. VRM 2008 is an unconference, where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants rather than in advance of the event. Registration for VRM 2008 is free.


Yahoo to support OpenID 2.0

On January 18th, Yahoo announced support for OpenID 2.0. OpenID is an open framework for decentralized single-sign-on. It effectively allows user to register with one trust Identity Provider (IdP), and then sign in to any other OpenID-enabled site by just providing the details to the IdP where the user has established the account. For example, once Yahoo start with this service, I would be able to go to any web site that also supports OpenIDs, and tell that site that I am a Yahoo user. The site will then verify my credentials using Yahoo’s sign-on system – effectively meaning that once I...


The Importance of Apertio's Acquisition for the Directory World

Hello World! I am excited to have joined Kuppinger + Cole, and my responsibilities will be around the technologies of directory services and identity federation. I would like to kick off my blog by writing about an acquisition that actually happened a week ago, when Nokia Siemens Networks announced that it will acquire Apertio, a Bristol, UK based vendor of telecommunications software. Now what does this have to do with identity management, or even with directories? Simple. Apertio specialises in a very specific type of directory server software. They have come up with a in-memory based,...


Kuppinger Cole + Partner reinforce their Analyst Team

Felix Gaehtgens, formerly Chief Architect for the virtual directory product at Symlabs, has joined the KPC team as Senior Analyst. Felix Gaehtgens, an experienced Identity Management and security expert, has become a new team member of Kuppinger Cole + Partner. This will to a great deal add to the effectiveness of the leading European analyst group engaged in all topics related to Digital Identity such as Identity and Access Management, Information Rights Management, SOA security and Governance, Risk and Compliance. In addition to reports, the group will in future provide market analyses...


Data leakage prevention

I've observed an increase in discussion around data leakage prevention - finally. This discussion is overdue, given the fact that data leaks are common in most corporations. Internal documents, eMails, blueprints aren't under control in most cases. The need for data leakage prevention automatically leads to two topics: Information Rights Management (IRM) and Identity and Access Management (IAM). Both are tightly coupled. Identity Management is about managing the identities. Access Management is about controlling access, but mainly to defined "information silos". Information Rights...


identity theft & offline fraud in banking industry

In a recent post, I  wrote about those 25 Million British people, whose bank information had been "lost". Jeremy Clarkson, a British TV presenter, wrote in his Sun newspaper column, that such a loss is of no value for somebody who may now own this data. To proof this, he published his own Barclays Bank account information. He now had to admit, that somebody exploited this information and transferred 500 GBP from his account to some welfare organization. So he either was lucky or didn't have more on his account, I suppose.

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