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A Prescription For A Healthcare Headache

Anyone know where the biggest identity project in the world is going on today? Would you believe Germany? It's true, though. The "Electronic Healthcard" or "elektronische Gesundheitskarte" (known as the "eGK") will soon be issued to some 80 million citizens, providing them for the first time with a digital identity aimed at reducing healthcare costs and improving the quality of service for patients. It may actually save some lives, too, by giving doctors a way to track patient histories and avoid possible side effects or drug allergies. Of course, simply handing out 80 million chip cards...


Identity services - easier software audits

In the last week I had several conversations with different IT vendors and end users which led to a discussion about the value of identity services within a service-oriented architecture. The IT companies came from different market segments. One example is E2E, a swiss company which develops a tool for model-driven architecture and the resulting applications. They have started defining such identity (and other security) services within their models. Other persons I spoke with came for example from the BSM (Business Service Management) space. The well-known business values for identity...


Orange / France Telecom release OpenID Service

Ariel Gordon and Aude Pichelin from France Telecom (FT) yesterday announced at the 6th Digital ID World in San Francisco release of an OpenID service to their 40 million subscribers. Congratulations to the OpenID community for this big success. It is not surprising that it is FT with it's Orange brand being the first company running an internet scale OpenID service. On the one hand, it's a smart company. They strongly contributed to the emergence of the SAML standard and pushed IBM into the Liberty Alliance some 3 years ago. On the other hand, if there is any industry which can make a...


Nov 14, 2007: Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) & Identity Management

Das unternehmensweite Risikomanagement, das nachhaltige Steuern des Unternehmens durch Kodizes und Richtlinien (?Governance?) und das systematische Streben nach dem Einhalten externer und interner Regelwerke (?Compliance?) verändern grundlegend die Anforderungen der Unternehmensführung an IT-Infrastruktur und Anwendungen. Welchen Hintergrund diese veränderten Anforderungen haben, wie sie sich auf die IT auswirken und welche zentrale Rolle das Identity Management dabei spielt, zeigt Ihnen dieses Seminar auf.


Nov 21, 2007: Identity Management im SAP-Umfeld

Mit dem Zukauf von Maxware hat SAP für Aufsehen gesorgt. Dennoch stellt sich die Frage, welcher Ansatz für das Identity Management der richtige ist, wenn (neben anderen IT-Systemen) SAP-Systeme eingesetzt werden.

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