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The shortcomings of common SOA security approaches

These days I have written a report on the relationship between IAM (Identity and Access Management) and SOA (Service oriented Architecture/Applications). One major aspect of this relationship is around end-to-end-security, e.g. securing the interaction of a user with an application (and the application which implements a business process) up to the backend systems like databases. That is inevitable because using a service in the context of an user identity or an user role is the only way for consistent, externalized security instead of coded security where some return of a service is...


MDM, EAI, IAM, Data Quality

At a workshop I have held yesterday I had an interesting conversation about some aspects of IAM - especially the way, IAM products are developed without reuse of existing technologies. The discussion isn't really new to me. I have discussed some of the aspects some five or six years ago with one of the leading IAM vendors. A fruitless discussion, by the way. MDM, e.g. Master Data Management, is a concept for building and maintaining master data, for example for supplier data or material data. There is no real difference to what meta directory services are providing. The only real...


Why IT cost management requires IAM

Have you ever thought about assigning the IT costs in a correct manner? Services and IAM will help you. Services are a means for a more granular view on what IT provides. That is true as well for the IT infrastructure services which are, for example, covered in ITIL. It is true as well for the services used in SOA concepts. But services aren't sufficient. The assignment of IT costs requires the knowledge about the user. Who is using which services in which frequency? This question has to be answered as well. That means, that you have to know in the context of which user a service runs or -...


UK Public Services Pushing Identity Theft to a new Level

According to BBC news, UK Chancellor Alistair Darling has admitted "loss" of 25m records by UK Revenue and Customs. 2 disks containing personal information including names, birth dates, National Insurance Numbers and bank account details of 25 million people, essentially of all families resident in the UK with at least one child under 16. He added, that there has been no evidence that this data has fallen into the hands of bad guys, but adviced those 25 million people to watch their bank accounts. Translated from political into real world language, this means that those disks have indeed...


Sun is back...

It has been quiet around Sun Microsystems at least in the IAM space for some time. Being one of the companies pushing the market some four years ago, especially with their Waveset acquisition, there hasn't been that much news for some time. For sure there were still a lot of improvements in the product. But other vendors like Oracle and SAP have had much more attention - especially due to their acquisitions. And some interesting things Sun has done like their early entry into the audit space or their virtual directory technology never obtained much attention, for different reasons. The...


Proofing the need for an application security infrastructure (budget)

One of the emerging topics in the broader IAM space integrates GRC and Identity Management: Identity Risk Management, including aspects like Identity Risk Metrics. Identity Risk Metrics are used to measure specific aspects of Identity Management. These metrics can be mapped to risks and thus serve as a means to detect and, in the next step, reduce risks. Such metrics can be defined in many areas. May be the most interesting are Application Risk Metrics – in the context of digital identities. Elements of this category are things like Usage of central identity stores (instead of...


Talking the talk with IBM's Tom Noonan

Tom Noonan of IBM ISS talks a mean speech. Yet somehow I came away slightly unconvinced from a press and analyst briefing he gave on Monday at ISS headquarters in Atlanta. Maybe one reason was that he hardly used the term “identity” as he described in some detail how he perceives the world of IT security and threat management. Instead he has a lot to say about security becoming a utility, about disconnected parts and the need for a “security ecosystem” where the products of each and every vendor can work together to provide seamless and coherent protection of both data (the “new currency”,...

Advisory Note

Die Identity Management-Strategie von SAP

Der Report analysiert die aktuell vorgestellte Identity Management-Strategie von SAP und bewertet diese. Dabei wird sowohl auf die technische Ebene als auch die Service-Orientierung und Business-Orientierung einschließlich der Verbindung zu GRC-Ansätzen eingegangen. Der Report liefert einen top-aktuellen, detaillierten Einblick und eine Einschätzung der SAP-Strategie in diesem Bereich und hilft beim Alignment von bisherigen Identity Management-Strategien.


Nov 15, 2007: Die Identity Management-Strategie von SAP

SAP hat nach dem Kauf von MaXware inzwischen eine Roadmap vorgestellt, in der die zukünftige Positionierung von Identity Management-Technologien bei SAP beschrieben ist, sowohl im Kontext von SAP NetWeaver als auch von SAP GRC-Lösungen. Kuppinger Cole + Partner gibt einen Überblick über die Strategie und bewertet diese.


IAM and the midsize market

The ones who are reading our newsletter or the articles at our website for some time know that IAM for the midsize market, e.g. the not that big corporations, is one of my favourite topics. Today I had an interesting discussion with a vendor who raised the question which vendor will dominate that market. There are four options: SAP Microsoft IBM The rest SAP is a favourite for customers which are still using SAP as their strategic ERP platform. Microsoft enters the customers via the Active Directory. IBM is still there, at least at most of the midsize companies. Thus, everyone else...


Nov 30, 2007: Auswahlkriterien für Provisioning-Produkte

Die Identity Management-Marktstudie 2007/2008 hat einerseits gezeigt, dass Provisioning weiterhin das Investitionsthema Nr. 1 im Identity Management-Markt ist. Gleichzeitig planen aber mehr als 5% der Unternehmen den Ersatz ihrer bisherigen Lösungen - ein sicheres Indiz dafür, dass manche Provisioning-Projekte die an sie gestellten Erwartungen nicht erfüllt haben.

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