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Wow for VAAU!

Ok, nothing is more boring than yesterdays news, I guess! Despite this oh so true statement, especially in the blogosphere, I would like to rant about SUN's recent acquisition of VAAU, a small company that offers tools around role mining and role engineering as well as compliance. I had the sincere pleasure to work with some of the VAAU EMEA people and found both their tools and their approach to be very exciting. SUN in Germany is also very excited - at least the SUN guys I talked to lately - and they are eager to put their new tools to work exclusively, bearing in mind that VAAU was...


Hello World...

Welcome to my world of Digital Identity - hopefully it will be as entertaining (and hopefully at least slightly insightful) for you to read as it is for me to write! First of all, I would like to post my vision own of digital identities - which might slightly differ from what others think... there are some people out there who have rather far fetched visions, driving the future of how our digital lives will look like in some five to ten years or even beyond that. What I would like to sketch is rather short sighted for being called a vision, nonetheless this is far from being reality,...


The rise and fall of social networks

There is a broad discussion around the use of identity information at StudiVZ these days. They have changed their agreements with their users and will present personalized adverts. That has lead to an intensive discussion in their user community. Another interesting change can be found at Xing since some two weeks: At the starting page you can now directly see not only the number of new contacts of your contacts (like at LinkedIn) but the names of the new contacts. I personally found that change a little bit to open. For sure you can look up the contact lists of your contacts as long as...


Customer Identities at Vodafone

Today, I had to put an end to a story lasting for months now, where I tried to change my mobile phone contract I have had at Vodafone since 1996, through cancelling any contract which may exist under my name/my address/my bank account number/my customer number(s).  It all started, when my employer was generous enough to take over my phone contract. Therefore, invoice address and bank account information had to be changed. I wanted to take this occasion and get rid of some add-ons I had been chased to subscribe to through aggressive telemarketing, which I actually never used and did not...


Jan 25, 2008: Der RoI des Identity Management

Der Blick auf den Return einer Investition in das Identity und Access Management ist ein wesentliches Entscheidungshilfe bei der Planung von Investitionen in die IT-Infrastruktur. Dabei zeigt die Praxis, dass RoI-Berechnungen in der Regel nur dann auch tatsächlich erreichbar sind, wenn quantitative Betrachtungen durch qualitative Aspekte und unternehmensspezifische Kennzahlen ergänzt werden.


Identity Risk Management - a cool thing

Recently I complained about the insufficient use of existing technologies. But there are some out there who do a better job. Sailpoint is one of these vendors. They are, together with some few others like Aveksa, in the process of establishing the new market segment of "Identity Risk Management". That is a discipline within GRC which deals specifically with risks which are in some way or another identity-related - which are most of the risks, by the way. It's about answering questions like "who is allowed to do what", but in detail and not only high-level. And with a high degree of...


The CIO agenda's business drivers

Recently I've posted on my view of the CIO's agenda. There are a clear reasons why these four key topics are relevant. What drives business? Earning money, e.g. revenues. Optimizing costs, e.g. optimizing the gap between income and costs and thus the net income. Avoiding problems and penalties. Earning moneys requires that a business is flexible enough to adopt to a changing competitive/market environment and to react fast. Optimizing costs is about efficient internal structures. Avoiding problems and penalties is about Corporate Governance and the entire GRC field (Governance, Risk...


System Lifecycle Management - survival of the smartest

One of the IT market segments I'm observing for a quite long time ist the System lifecycle management market, including software distribution, OS installation, inventory, patch management and some other technologies. There are few segments which are that crowded. If I count the vendors/brands which compete in the central European region I end up with something aroung 20 at least. Given this number of competitors it is obvious that not all of them will survive. There will be the big ones to survive - and there will be the smart ones. There are some different strategies to observe: Moving...

Vendor Report

Vendor Report: BHOLD

BHOLD is a specialized vendor focussing on Enterprise Authorization Management, i.e. the administration of authorizations to access IT systems from business level. In our opinion, this clearly defined and addressed orientation is responsible for BHOLD´s unique position in the market. Therefore, BHOLD is not seen as a typical vendor of Enterprise Role Management products, although the BHOLD portfolio also covers this functionality...


The CIO agenda – the four key initiatives

The topic I discuss probably most often as well with vendors and system integrators as with end users is how to sell IAM. The problem behind this is that IAM is mainly seen as an infrastructure element (which IAM is). The potential business value is often quite unclear, as well as many people just don’t know that they need IAM even because they are using different terms. The CRM don’t see their system in the context of IAM even while it’s the biggest identity store in most companies – just an example. One thing I’m intensively working on is a business-related argumentation which starts...


Trying to find the next niche

This afternoon I had an analyst briefing with one of the vendors which offspring the market segment formerly known as system management which is usually defined today as client or system lifecycle management. This change has been definitely necessary because system management covered a very broad range of different technologies. But the system lifecycle management segment, which exists for a while, is as well pretty heterogeneous. There are vendors which still mainly support software distribution, OS installation, patch management, and some other administrative functionalities. There are...

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