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The Enterprise IAM Evolution


The KuppingerCole IAM Blueprint

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 11:00-12:00 Location: ALPSEE

The KuppingerCole IAM Blueprint
In this session, Martin Kuppinger will show the KuppingerCole IAM blueprint. This blueprint serves as a high-level architectural view on IAM, mapping use cases, capabilities, and technical building blocks. It helps organizations to understand where to best split the IAM. It helps understanding which building blocks are required for supporting urging business demands and thus prioritizing investments. It helps aligning Enterprise IAM and Consumer IAM initiatives. This big picture provides the...

Trends in Digital Identity Strategies
Strategic overview of the Identity landscape and trends. Digital identity used to be mainly revolving around a simple user account, with the objective to claim access to a system. How is digital identity evolving in the technical landscape of today, and how do biometrics, new legislation and new authentication technologies, self-sovereign identity and other elements play together to solve business problems most banks are confronted with? Some of the practical use cases and scenarios.

How to Transform Your Data Protection Program Under GDPR
As GDPR is officially in place as of May 2018, many organizations have already taken the steps to formalize security requirements and security implementation to effectively comply with the GDPR legislation. This includes putting security controls in place that can safeguard the rights and privacy of the data subjects (the citizens and employees) as well as helping the data controllers and processors minimize the risks of storing and handling sensitive PII (Personal Identifiable Information)...

Moving Identity Talent Development Beyond the Basics

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 12:00-13:00 Location: ALPSEE

Moving Identity Talent Development Beyond the Basics
Larger, consolidated Identity and Access departments are emerging under either the CTO or CSO, as organisations attempt to realise the potential of digital business processes. Their people thus receive foundational training focused on a CTO or CSO agenda, but a clear I&A curriculum is missing. This talk will outline the challenges this implies in terms of talent acquisition and productivity. We will further provide ideas for crowdsourcing an I&A-focused curriculum and how to...

What Every ID Professional Should Know
New global regulations and daily reports of security breaches have elevated the need for organizations to develop identity professionals. It’s a difficult practice to learn, however, as most ID pros developed their skills through tribal knowledge ... usually by first learning a particular vendor product and then backing into the art of identity management. The lack of an established curriculum continues to restrict the growth of our industry. The new IDPro organization seeks to change...

The Identity Profession and Professionals
When you aren’t too busy provisioning users, running access certification campaigns, setting up federations, enabling social sign-on, managing privileged accounts, and all of the other critical tasks you do, you might ask yourself: What is the professional of identity management? What does it mean to be an identity management professional? How do I become better at what I do? How do I make my identity-related programs more successful? In this panel, identity professionals will discuss...

Enterprise IAM: Challenging the Future


The Supply Chain of Identity in Transport and Logistics

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 14:30-15:30 Location: ALPSEE

The Supply Chain of Identity in Transport and Logistics
In an industry where the majority of transactions from shipping quotes to customs papers to payments is largely legacy and manual, we'll take a closer look at how long of a supply chain there is for Identity. Explore challenges in a largely legacy industry when striving for digitalisation, unveil opportunities for the industry and beyond and take a peek into the future in a world where decentralised identity is adopted and what this would mean for global trade.

How to Eat an Elephant - An Agile Approach Towards an Enterprise IAM Migration Project
Successfully running a centralized Identity and Access Management system in a large enterprise isn’t easy. But how about migrating from a long existing and grown IAM tool into a new consolidated one? In a traditional IT environment? In an agile project? We tackled the challenge and offer an insight into our findings and successful outcome. In particular, we focus on some architectural pitfalls when moving from an existing system to a completely new, consolidated enterprise IAM. Finally...

Suites or Best-of-Breed: The Current State of the Identity Management Market
Aside from entirely new deployments of IAM solutions, we observe a growing number of organizations renovating and modernizing their IAM infrastructures. This leads to a series of questions in such programs and projects. One is if to better go for best-of-breed solutions or a suite. Martin Kuppinger will provide his answers on this questions and the criteria for making the right decision for either best-of-breed, a suite, or a strong primary tools provider together with some best-of-breed...

Privilege Management & Access Governance: Dream Team or Estranged Couple?

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 15:30-16:30 Location: ALPSEE

Privilege Management & Access Governance: Dream Team or Estranged Couple?
In most organizations, Privilege Management (Privileged Access Management, Privileged Identity Management, etc.) is still considered being a distinct technical discipline within IAM. On the other hand, we observe more and more organizations thinking about how to connect Privilege Management with Access Governance. There are good reasons to do so: Every privileged account must have an accountable manager. And if that manager changes his job, ownership must change as part of the "mover"...

The Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack
It is critically important to know how cyber criminals target their victims, what you can do to reduce the risk and make it more challenging for the attackers who steal your information, your identity or your money. It explains how outside attackers or malicious insiders can exploit vulnerabilities using examples such as a compromised email account password that escalates into a full-blown breach of network security. Compromising a privileged account, therefore, can be the difference...

Panel: How to Establish Governance and Scalability for a Comprehensive Enterprise IAM Program
In enterprise IAM, the classical boundaries between different types of users are blurring. IAM teams that have been dealing with office employees and subcontractors for years are realizing that factory personnel, partner companies or consumers need access to on-premises and cloud-based resources. What is the right approach to manage these different user populations? How can we get from silo approaches to structured enterprise IAM? How can scalability and governance be achieved? After a short...

Top 10 Lessons from Disasters in Identity Management

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 17:30-18:30 Location: ALPSEE

Top 10 Lessons from Disasters in Identity Management
With great automation capability comes great responsibility! Come discuss and learn vital lessons gleaned from disasters in Identity Management. Key Takeaway: Learn the importance of testing, consent and privacy

The Missing Element
When did the acronym PEBKAC become a commonly accepted trope in security? Blaming users for security failures may be a convenient out, but it is also misguided. Identity and access management, at the center of bringing people into the security equation, should be making things better. But all too often we suffer from the same bad habit of thinking technology can solve all problems - if only the users would listen and do as told. But times, and expectations, are changing. Shifting from...

The SoD Modeling Gotcha: Roles Are Like Hammers to Screws
Why Role-based SoD modeling has proven to be a train wreck in every Identity Governance Project. So what can be done? Why do organizations continue to struggle with entitlement risk modeling? It boils down to risk being aligned to roles and role-based access. The irony is that roles were never intended to be risk models. They were once low-hanging fruit, a logical way to provide an early means of grouping users to entitlements and later associating risk to such groupings.

IAM 2020


IDaaS for the Digital Transformation: What works best for Employees, Business Partners, and your Customers?

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 11:00-12:00 Location: ALPSEE

IDaaS for the Digital Transformation: What works best for Employees, Business Partners, and your Customers?
IDaaS (Identity as a Service) is increasingly becoming an alternative to traditional on premises IAM deployments. While some providers focus on delivering what on premises Identity Provisioning, Access Governance, and Identity Federation do, but as a service (we call this IDaaS B2E), others focus primarily on the employee (and sometimes customer) authentication to cloud services – what we call IDaaS SSO, due to the Single Sign-On focus of these solutions. However, we see a third group...

Managing Identity Relationships in Complex Ecosystems - a Practical Approach
Digital transformation, IoT and cloud are having a massive impact on our business. Not only on what we are working on but also how we are working is changing. Collaborations scenarios and new agile ways of working together demand more flexibility, more distribution and of course more complex IT. Compliance requirements - especially GDPR - still have to be fulfilled. The presentation will introduce some best practices how to manage identities and relationships in this emerging complex...

Mobile Connect: Mobile-Based Secure and Private Identity Services

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 12:00-13:00 Location: ALPSEE

Mobile Connect: Mobile-Based Secure and Private Identity Services
The digital identity space has evolved and there is now growing importance of identity and user authentication. Mobile Connect is a portfolio of mobile-based secure identity services driven by mobile operators around the globe. It offers a wide range of digital identity possibilities and allows the industry to explore and expand the opportunities of the digital market. It enables consumers to register and log in to websites and apps. In addition, it also allows the user to authorise...

Foundations for a Globally Compliant Mobile ID
With the launch of GANMI (Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities) a strong co-operation is in motion. Working in Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Norway, Oman, Switzerland and Turkey, GANMI aims to converge applicable standards in order to promote global interoperability of public and private digital services, extend supplier choice and reduce risk. Mobile ID allows people to prove their identity and give e-signatures that are legally equivalent to...

Solving Identity Challenges in Securing Mobile Apps
Identity assurance is a critical component for the digital era. In this session we will go over the most common challenges and proven winning strategies and tactics to ensure that the right user is accessing the right data thru mobile and hybrid digital environments.

(Hybrid) Cloud Identity


The Role of Federated Identity in your Future Identity Infrastructure

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 14:30-15:30 Location: ALPSEE

The Role of Federated Identity in your Future Identity Infrastructure
Whether it’s a need for cloud SSO, smarter authorization, or a common view of customers for better user experience, the demands for an integrated view of identity keep piling up. But in the current identity infrastructure, user information is distributed in many diverse data stores that may include LDAP directories, SQL databases, and web services. Given this fragmentation, getting a fully integrated view of identity for each user—and providing applications with the view that...

How will Authorization Look in Future? XACML, OAuth, Proprietary?
Authorization is the single area of IAM which is most challenging. This is partially due to the intrusiveness to applications, but also due to the lack of widely adopted standards. While there is logic in moving towards centralized, dynamic and policy-based authorization management (or, in short, ABAC), it is hard to succeed in that journey. This panel will focus on the way to best integrate applications such as COTS software, cloud services, and home-grown applications, with a solution...

Where did all our Servers go? - The Serverless Revolution and its Impact on IAM

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 15:30-16:30 Location: ALPSEE

Where did all our Servers go? - The Serverless Revolution and its Impact on IAM
We are in the midst of a data center revolution or what some might call an exodus. Software-defined infrastructure and technologies such as Docker Containers, Microservices, Orchestration engines like Kubernetes and serverless code execution platforms like AWS Lambda and Microsoft Azure Functions are quickly becoming the norm for any new application development. What is the role of IAM in an infrastructure that now measures its existence in seconds and minutes instead of days and weeks? How...

Going Hybrid: Who’s Best in Delivering the Infrastructure?

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 17:00-18:00 Location: ALPSEE

Going Hybrid: Who’s Best in Delivering the Infrastructure?
Most organizations are already hybrid. They run on premises IT, but they also rely on cloud services. When following this strategy, going for one or two strategic providers particularly for the IaaS and PaaS service is a logical step. However, every CSP (Cloud Service Provider) must meet the requirements of security, regulations, and internal controls. In this session, Mike Small will provide insight into how to efficiently risk rate the CSPs, following a standardized methodology. Beyond...

What Does it Take to Make Your Hybrid Cloud Really Secure?

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