Identity and Access Management Modernization an Important Cornerstone of Digitization

Wiesbaden, April 26, 2021 – Companies and organizations that fail to modernize their Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure, risk lagging in digitization. Many organizations, therefore, are focusing on IAM modernization. The Identity Fabric paradigm delivers a proven blueprint for this modernization process. In its latest Leadership Compass on Identity Fabrics, the independent IT analyst company KuppingerCole takes a close look at the top solutions in the market.

“An increasing number of vendors are delivering modern IAM solutions that are built on microservices, deliver strong API support, and support container-based deployments”, says Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst and author of the report. “Several solutions provide a good foundation for building a modern Identity Fabric; however, Identity Fabrics are typically built on multiple products, not a single tool.”

The Leadership Compass on Identity Fabrics analyzes Identity Management solutions by the following 13 vendors: Accenture Security, Avatier, Broadcom, Cloudentity, EmpowerID, ForgeRock, Hitachi ID Systems, IBM, Ilantus Technologies, Okta, SAP, Simeio Solutions, and WSO2. In the “Vendors to Watch” section, the report lists other vendors with promising Identity Management products that also can deliver to the customer’s own Identity Fabric.

The solutions are analyzed based on the following criteria and capabilities: Architecture & Deployment, Customization & APIs, Identity Types, Identity Lifecycles, Access Governance & Risk, Access Management, Legacy IAM Support, and Extended IAM Capabilities.

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