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Virtual Event

Modern IGA Capabilities for Identity-Centric Security

Join the KCLive Event on IGA capabilities for identity-centric security to challenge legacy IGA and get insights on reducing security risk, strengthen compliance and improve efficiency with a modern future-oriented approach.

Virtual Event

Enabling the Future of Identity and Access Management

Join the KCLive Event on the future of identity and access management to learn how to implement an interconnected IAM architecture designed for the post-pandemic era.

Virtual Event

Managing Digital Workflows with ServiceNow

Join senior practitioners from research and enterprise as they discuss the current state of ITSM, highlight business opportunities brought about by SerivceNow and demonstrate live use-cases enabled by the platform. IT professionals from...

Virtual Event

Cloud Strategy Optimization - Ensuring Efficient and Secure Collaboration on Cloud

Join the KCLive Event on Cloud Strategy Optimzation to learn how to develop a state-of-the-art cloud strategy for your business.

Virtual Event

The Access Management Playbook: Securing Today's Organizations

Managing the granting and revoking of access based on user workflows is paramount to enabling effective risk management. Enforcing distinct access control requires an interconnected access management system that aligns with company policies and...

Virtual Event

Securing Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 promises a hyper-connected manufacturing environment where cyber-physical systems, IoT devices, and cloud computing combine to enable self-optimizing and self-adapting “smart factories” that can run production processes autonomously.

Hybrid Event

European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021

The European Identity & Cloud Conference returns fully digitalized, reacting to the global pandemic. We have collected a lot of experience in virtual conferencing throughout 2020 to be able to offer you a safe and hygienic event experience –...

Virtual Event

Enterprise Blockchain Day

Blockchain technology has been touted as the ‘solution’ to every problem, yet few enterprises have effectively deployed the technology. The Enterprise Blockchain Day aims to stimulate conversations that matter - reflecting the spectrum of views in...

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Finding Your Path to Zero Trust

As users, devices and application workloads move outside the corporate network, the traditional model of enforcing security at the network perimeter is no longer effective. A Zero Trust model offers an alternative that secures data while ensuring it is accessible to employees, regardless of where they are working. But the path to achieving Zero Trust is unclear for many organizations.

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