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NetFoundry isolates your apps and reinvents your network, enabling businesses to innovate faster, ensure security-by-default, massive simplicity and reduced costs. NetFoundry, built on OpenZiti, is the only solution purpose-built to connect massively distributed apps, edges, clouds, and devices in minutes, ensuring zero trust of the internet, local and OS host network and delivered as SaaS. By isolating the app, we remove the pain of public DNS, VPNs, bastions, complex firewall rules.

NetFoundry’s platform is accessed via APIs, SDKs and DevOps tools integrations, enabling everyone to benefit from connectivity-as-code. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices across the globe. Getting started is easy and free.

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May 10 ‑ May 13, 2022 Hybrid Event

European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022

After more than a decade of successful events in Munich, the European Identity and Cloud Conference will move to Berlin in 2022. For the first time, Europe’s leading identity conference will gather the finest experts from around the world in Germany’s capital.

Mar 23, 2022 Virtual Event

Zeroing in on Zero Trust

As organizations across the world continue to adopt a hybrid working model, there is a clear need for a new security model that adapts to the complexity of a mobile workforce. The Zero Trust security approach moves away from a default trust model towards one that is centered around the core principle of “Never Trust, Always Verify”. Adopting a verification-based management of identities and devices is critical to address modern security challenges and to ensure enterprise security. Join this KCLive Event to learn how enterprises across industries are making the transition towards zero trust, gain insights into best practices, and assess your company’s readiness for implementing a custom zero trust security model.

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Zeroing in on Zero Trust

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