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Oliver Terbu

Architecture and Standards Lead


Oliver Terbu holds a MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University of Graz. He has been working in the Digital Identity space for about a decade. He was involved in various standardization activities such as the upcoming ISO 18013-5 Mobile Driver’s License and the W3C Verifiable Credential (VC) standard. Currently, he is co-chairing two working groups in the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) with focus on DIDComm and defining a bridge between OpenID Connect, Decentralized Identifiers and VCs as part of the OIDF/DIF liaison. In his capacity at ConsenSys Identity, he works on identity strategy and defines the architecture for integrating SSI technology with internal and external client systems. Before ConsenSys Identity, he was Standards Lead at uPort and Identity Solution Architect at Österreichische Staatsdruckerei where he was involved in several eID projects in the public and private sectors.


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Unlocking Decentralized Identity: A Playbook for Your Enterprise

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