Past Events


Virtual Event

Customer Identity & Marketing Automation

This virtual event offers a great opportunity to listen to discussions by experts from different industries dealing with CIAM and Marketing automation. Hear more about CIAM use cases for marketing and how to win customer trust by safeguarding their data. Enrich your knowledge to become better prepared for dealing with the challenges in this ever-changing environment.

Virtual Event

Privileged Access Management (PAM) for Your Enterprise

In this virtual event, KuppingerCole and other top experts in the industry will present crucial information on why companies need PAM and how PAM works best to prevent security breaches and credential thefts through defining and implementing the right strategy.

Virtual Event

Cloud First - Strategy & Roadmap

This KuppingerCole Virtual Event will help you navigate the tough decisions your company has to make in pursuing a cloud-first strategy and provide answers to complex questions to help identify a clear path ahead and ensure your business gains maximum benefit from a well-planned and carefully considered strategy.

Virtual Event

Cybersecurity & Enterprise Risk Management

In this Virtual Event, you will learn about current trends and developments in cybersecurity and how to minimize cyber risks in your enterprise.

Virtual Event

Identity Fabrics & the Future of Identity Management

With this Virtual Event, KuppingerCole will help you in defining a step-by-step approach to migrate from your legacy IAM to a future-proof Identity Fabric.