Online Boot Camps

Online Boot Camp

Incident Response Boot Camp

This boot camp will allow you to check your organization’s cyber incident response plan against best practices or help you to create a response plan if you don’t already have one! It will guide you to the best practices for responding to a cyber incident and the technologies that can help to reduce its impact. It will also help you to choose the kinds of partners that you may need when an incident occurs.

Past Online Boot Camps

Online Boot Camp

Identity Fabric Boot Camp

With the concept of an Identity Fabric, KuppingerCole describes a paradigm for the Future of IAM, which allows serving different needs in a consistent manner. This boot camp will provide you with insights and recommendations on how to get to an IAM Program that is ready for the 2025 horizon and...

Online Boot Camp

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Boot Camp

In the age of digital transformation, our organizations must constantly reinvent themselves by being agile and more innovative. Emerging technology initiatives such as the digital workplace, DevOps, security automation, and the Internet of Things continue to expand the attack surface of...