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KuppingerCole, founded in 2004, is an international and independent Analyst organization headquartered in Europe. The company specializes in offering neutral advice, expertise, thought leadership and practical relevance in Information Security, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Governance (IAG), Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) as well as all areas concerning the Digital Transformation. KuppingerCole supports companies, corporate users, integrators and software manufacturers in meeting both tactical and strategic challenges. Maintaining a balance between immediate implementation and long-term viability is at the heart of KuppingerCole’s philosophy.

As a core element of KuppingerCole’s research, the company provides different types of reports with thought leadership and a vendor-neutral view on the status of the markets, products, and vendors. KuppingerCole’s qualified analysts continuously research and update the company’s online research library, and perform manufacturer-independent advisory services.

Further, KuppingerCole organizes conferences, workshops, and webcasts in all fields of identity focused on information security, IAM, Cloud, Digital Risk and Digital Transformation. KuppingerCole’s yearly European Identity & Cloud Conference is Europe’s leading event for thought leadership and best practice in this area and covers the latest and future topics regarding the challenges in digital business.

KuppingerCole is the best advisory partner in making your business successful in the era of Digital Transformation.

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Date Title
Feb 08, 2023 Webinar

Unlock the Potential of Passwordless Authentication

The idea of passwords becoming obsolete has been discussed by the IT industry for years, if not decades. In recent years, Passwordless Authentication has become a popular and catchy term. It is used to describe a set of identity verification solutions that remove the password from all aspects of the authentication flow, and from the recovery process as well. Some passwordless options have been around for a while but are starting to be implemented more by enterprises and even consumer-facing businesses.

Oct 16, 2020 Webinar

Webinar KuppingerCole & Kapstone

Details will follow

Sep 27, 2018 Webinar

Making Sense of the Top 5 Latest Cybersecurity Trends

Let’s face it: with each passing year, the CISO’s job is not becoming any easier. As companies continue embracing the Digital Transformation, the growing complexity and openness of their IT infrastructures mean that the attack surface for hackers and malicious insiders is increasing as well. Combined with the recent political developments such as the rise of state-sponsored attacks, new surveillance laws, and harsh privacy regulations, security professionals now have way too many things on their hands that sometimes keep them awake at night.

Jul 05, 2018 Webinar

Patients, People and Things - Managing Identities in Healthcare

Digital transformation is a game changer in the health sector and a core requirement is better identity management. The need for improved security in modern medical facilities, the growing reliance on monitoring devices and support for millennials in their health outcome management, all require improved healthcare IAM. This will eliminate administrative expense, implement up-to-date governance and facilitate the exploitation of known trends in healthcare.

Sep 04, 2017 Webinar

Security Benefits of Cloud Solutions

While organizations are becoming increasingly eager to embrace the cloud for multiple business benefits, for CISOs and CIOs these efforts bring new challenges to understand and evaluate security and privacy impacts by introducing cloud solutions to their enterprises. Adopting cloud services can dramatically improve flexibility and scalability of critical business applications, reduce time-to-market for new products and even unlock completely new business models.

Jul 19, 2017 Webinar

Customer Identity Management (CIAM) - Building the Foundations for a Next-Level User Experience

Digital Transformation is all about following the connected consumer into the new world of digital services, throughout all available channels, highly individualized, privacy aware, compliant and value driven "by design". CIAM describes the underlying infrastructure enabling your business to do so.

Mar 09, 2016 Seminar

How Blockchain Will Influence Your Business

CXP Group and KuppingerCole are pleased to invite you to the first Blockchain Seminar in Paris. The working language of the seminar will be english.


Date Language Title
May 12, 2022

Panel | B2B IAM

May 04, 2022

Modern Identity Management: Security Without Compromising Usability

In the digital age, effective customer, partner, and employee identity and access management (IAM) is essential to enable secure online transactions, collaboration, and other interactions. But finding the right balance between security and usability has traditionally been challenging and required...

Nov 25, 2021

Panel | Digital ID Best Practices Discussion

Nov 24, 2021

Digital Identity Wallets – How To Evolve SSI To Meet eIDAS 2.0 Regulations

The presentation will give context on the EU commission announcement of European Digital Wallets and explains what eIDAS 2.0 defines for member states when it comes to digital identities. SSI can be a potential solution, but currently does not meet the eIDAS 2.0 regulation fully. We will explain why and give an idea on how to evolve SSI and create an ecosystem that is compliant with eIDAS 2.0.

Jul 22, 2021

The Path To Going Passwordless

Jul 22, 2021

Expert Chat: Interview with Josh Green

Jul 22, 2021

Panel: The Future of Access Management

Jun 10, 2021

IT'S ALL ABOUT ACCESS - Identity & Access Management

Jun 10, 2021

Warum Privileged Access Management? Hacker knacken keine Firewalls mehr, sie loggen sich ein

Jun 10, 2021

Wahre Identitäten in einer digitalen Welt verankern

In einer Welt, in der Sie Kund/innen oder Mitarbeiter/innen nie persönlich treffen, ist es entscheidend realen Identitäten mit digitalen zu verankern. Nur so können Sie als Unternehmen sicher online Zugriff gewähren, Aktionen mit hohem Risiko verifizieren und ein Nutzererlebnis bieten, das ihre Kund/innen begeistert. In dieser Session wird Olli Krebs (VP Central EMEA bei Onfido) erläutern, wie Dokumenten- und biometrische Verifikation nahtlos Vertrauen über den gesamten Identitäts-Lebenszyklus ermöglichen kann.  

Jun 09, 2021

Distributed Identity am Beispiel eines digitalen Impfpasses

Distributed Identity ist vielen eher weniger bekannt und noch weniger in Verbindung mit der Pandemie. Die Konzepte, welche DI liefert, sind aber ein hervorragender Ausgangspunkt einen digitalen Impfpass zu erstellen. Warum DI generell eine gute Idee ist und wie darauf basierend ein digitaler Impfpass aussehen kann, wird in diesem Vortrag dargestellt. Wer seiner Familie mal praktisch erklären möchte was IAM, IGA und PAM so machen: impfen lassen und (hoffentlich bald) einen digitalen Impfpass beantragen können!

Jun 09, 2021

Passwordless and Beyond - Die Zukunft des Identitätsmanagements

May 12, 2021

Robert Byrne: IGA in the Cloud without Compromise

Attend this session to learn how One Identity’s cloud-first solutions portfolio enables organizations to let business needs, not IT capabilities; drive how they implement their Identity Governance and Administration strategy. There is no single right way to do cloud-based Identity and Access Management services. Not only is every organization at a different place in their journey, and each will prioritize cloud benefits differently. So, no matter where you are on your cloud journey, modular and integrated solutions can strengthen your identity security, help you achieve governance and a Zero Trust model, and get compliant. Join this session, led by One Identity Field Strategist Rob Byrne. He’s worked with clients from many different industries with a wide array of Identity Security challenges and helped them successfully implement a secure and efficient IGA program.

May 12, 2021

Interview with Robert Byrne

Apr 14, 2021

Britta Simms: Next Generation Cyber Resilient S/4HANA Transformations

Companies are under attack. More and more attacks result in costly and/or high-profile security breaches. The world is currently experiencing a wave of digital transformation, that brings with it not only new levels of complexities such as these, but also offers opportunities for organizations to strengthen their cyber resiliency. Accenture, together with strategic partner Onapsis, have developed an integrated approach to deliver security by design to our clients, at any phase of their digital SAP transformation journeys. This Accenture methodology has embedded security concepts as an integral part of the overarching solution – therefore enabling clients to better understand their respective security implications and opportunities in order to effectively “transform”. In this keynote, Accenture leader Britta Simms, responsible for SAP Platform Security in Europe, will present this joint approach to achieving integrated security by design, as part of the S/4 transformation lifecycle.

Apr 14, 2021

Jochen Fischer: SAP Applications Under Attack! How to Enforce the Three Lines of Defense

Apr 14, 2021

Mastering Today’s SAP Threat Landscape - Joint Interview with Accenture & Onapsis

In order to effectively protect organizations, the constantly changing threat landscape needs to be understood. Threats could initiate from inside or outside of the organization, targeting the infrastructure, applications or users to obtain business critical data. Our panel discussion will focus on the most recent SAP threats, what’s different with the move to S/4, and valuable lessons learned on the importance of an integrated approach. We will talk with Dr. Rene Driessel – SAP Security Lead DACH at Accenture and Frederik Weidemann – Chief Technical Evangelist at Onapsis, to dive deep into today’s SAP security landscape.

Apr 14, 2021

Alex Gambill: The Tricky Business of Protecting Your Assets in SAP: A Holistic Perspective

With 77 percent of the world’s transaction revenue touching SAP ERP systems, these crown jewels have long been the prime target for cybercrime and internal threats due to Separation of Duties (SOD) risks, weak access controls and lack of identity management and governance. Today, a holistic approach to security in SAP—and other business systems—is not a nice-to-have but a must-have. This session will give attendees a deep understanding of the current threat landscape and a 360 0  perspective on what is needed for not only integrated security but also audit and compliance in the complex SAP environment.

Apr 14, 2021

Marco Hammel: How to Avoid Costly SAP Security Pitfalls. Why to Make Security Start With People and Not With Tools

Apr 14, 2021

Panel: SAP Security in Context of a Corporate IT

Mar 26, 2021

Thom Langford: CISOs, Complexity, Containment (and other C-words)

The traditional paradigm of investing in protection of known threats alone has been declining over recent years, as attackers become more adaptable and capable. Combine this with increased threats and attacker ingenuity it is small wonder that a CISO’s role has become more complex. This leads to the inevitability of a security incident where the complex environments and inventive attacks collide. This presentation looks at three fundamentals:   Why traditional protective approaches are no longer effective enough. How complexity has made the CISO’s ability to respond more difficult. The importance of automation in the response process to address this paradigm shift CISOs now face

Mar 26, 2021

Stefan Schinkel: Tomorrow's SOC, Enabled Today with AI-Powered Detection, Prevention and Automation

Mar 26, 2021

Panel: Best Practices to Get Started on Your SOAR Journey

Mar 04, 2021

Simon Moffatt: The Road to CIAM Success: Why an Identity Fabric Powers Digital Transformation

Many organizations are undergoing new modes of operation, which is enabling them to develop a "digital instinct" for their customer's needs.  A correctly designed consumer identity management platform allows those organizations to excel, in an agile, secure, and business-enabling way.  What does success look like in the CIAM world and how do identity fabrics enable it?

Mar 04, 2021

Martin Kuppinger: Interview with Simon Moffatt

Mar 04, 2021

Tobias Urban: The Balance Between User Experience and Security

Logging in is such a common process, it’s easy to take for granted. However, that entry point to your application or service is also when organizations become responsible for the user’s digital identity. And with the increase in innovation, and use of technology to deliver products and services, there is an explosion in the number of sources from which users can gain access. Overlaying all of that is the constant evolution of the threat landscape and regulations that inevitably follow. Tech leaders who want to grow their position in the market must balance two goals: delivering security and customer experience. Join Auth0 as we discuss, and provide some insights on how to utilize a strategic approach to digital identities, that has helped customers such as Siemens, HolidayCheck, and EnBW to: Maintain and improve the user experience Provide an innovative - and differentiated - product or service, that can scale as the business grows Achieve the above two points, while still ensuring security and trust for their customers’ digital identities

Mar 04, 2021

Oliver Krebs: Anchoring Real Identity in a Digital World

In a world where you never meet our customers or employees face to face, it’s critical to anchor their real identity to their digital one. It’s only by doing this that you can securely provision access, verify high-risk actions, and deliver on an experience that keeps them engaged. In this session, Olli Krebs (VP Central EMEA at Onfido) will examine how document and biometric verification can seamlessly enable trust throughout the identity lifecycle. 

Feb 18, 2021

John Tolbert: Zero Trust for Reducing the Risks of Security Incidents

Feb 04, 2021

Marleen Oberheide: Data Ethics: Moving Beyond Privacy into Data Ethics & Trust

Nov 13, 2020

Christopher Schuetze: Safer With Security - How Fabrics Can Be Used to Manage the Complexity of Your Enterprise Security

A flexible architecture is an absolute must in order to keep pace with new challenges within a constantly evolving landscape. Christopher Schütze, Cybersecurity Practice Director and Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole, will look at methodologies that help to structure, reorganize, and extend the existing Cybersecurity landscape within your organization. He will examine current topics such as “Information is the new oil” and “Trust only with verification – Zero Trust” and how you can integrate this into your strategy. Information security and ensuring a high level of trust must be a fundamental part of Cybersecurity strategies in the years to come. This will help you to make the right choices and improve overall security, and learn how to be safer with security.

Oct 02, 2020

Jackson Shaw: Is it Time for an Identity Revolution?

Why have things like cell phones and automobiles become more advanced, intuitive and cost effective over time while managing Identity, particularly Identity Governance, has remained complex and expensive? The time and resources it takes to implement an identity project hinders the business and slows any hope of digital transformation. The frustration is real and ripping and replacing has not proved to be the answer. So what’s it going to take to truly get IGA right? In this thought-provoking session, Jackson Shaw, an experienced thought leader in IGA will discuss the need to rethink the core of identity and why it’s time for an IDENTITY REVOLUTION.

Oct 02, 2020

Interview with Jackson Shaw

Sep 08, 2020

Matthias Reinwarth: The Three Fundamentals of Enterprise Identity Success - My Take

Aug 21, 2020

Paul Fisher: In the Future PAM will Become Embedded in the IT Stack

Paul Fisher will expand on his analysis of how Privileged Access Management platforms will develop support for DevOps and other key users. This will mean that certain PAM functions will be embedded within the technology stack, opening up password free and secure access paths and enable rapid task fulfilment.

Jul 20, 2020

KC Virtual Awards

Jul 20, 2020

Panel: Addressing the Customers' „Pain Points“ - CIAM for Better Security and Compliance

In the digital-first environment, the threat of identity cybercrime is higher than ever. It is imperative for all the players to offer their customers frictionless, personalized and secure experience which can be quite challenging particularly when dealing with a large number of identities. Offering the more refined customer experience, understanding your customer without compromising security and compliance is not an easy feat. In this panel, our speakers will discuss the main critical points that need to be taking into account while enabling seamless customer identity capabilities, how to maintain a high level of security throughout all processes while collecting and storing the data, how to meet the demand of the customers who expect a personalized experience with easy access withmore control over the information companies store and share.

Jun 08, 2020

Matthias Reinwarth: Optimizing Your Cybersecurity Spending: Where to Put Your Money During and After the Crisis?

Jul 05, 2018

Patients, People and Things - Managing Identities in Healthcare

Digital transformation is a game changer in the health sector and a core requirement is better identity management. The need for improved security in modern medical facilities, the growing reliance on monitoring devices and support for millennials in their health outcome management, all require i...

Apr 25, 2018

An overview of the Leadership Compass: Endpoint Security Anti-Malware

Malware has been on the rise. Ransomware continues to grab the headlines. New malware variants proliferate by the millions. Old style manual malware analysis can't keep pace. But organizations are increasingly under attack. Fortunately, vendors have been enhancing and improving their products to ...

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