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Gary Marsden

Cloud Services Director, Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing (CP&L)


Gary Marsden provides business and management experience to businesses – from Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) through to large enterprises – and their supply channels, to help them understand the ways and benefits of improving access and network security. As Cloud Services Director at Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing (CP&L), he helps organisations understand the smarter and simpler route for managing data security in the cloud. Gary spent nearly two decades launching and scaling start-ups and working within multi-national integrators and service providers. He has been instrumental in the development of managed and cloud services for voice, data, IT infrastructures and security markets. He joined CryptoCard in 2007 (later acquired by SafeNet) and led the development of the managed authentication service business, achieving a leadership position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for four years in succession. He previously served as Senior Director of Gemalto’s Data Protection Services, prior to its acquisition by Thales. Businesses are increasingly confronted by the cost and complexity of protecting data across disparate IT infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments, a scenario worsened by a growing shortage of skilled security personnel. Gary can speak directly to these challenges, bringing broad cloud-related domain knowledge on topics such as cloud security and specific cloud service provider issues. He also brings deep business level expertise on the role of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), in the context of these security challenges.


Information Protection in Cloud Services

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