Database Firewall – Build the first line of protection

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Tuesday, May 03, 2011 TIME: 3pm CET, 9am ET, 2pm GMT
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Database Security is one of the key elements within any IT security strategy, given that several of the most severe incidents in IT are related to attacks against databases and that most of the critical and sensitive information in organizations is stored in databases. Database firewalls implement a first line of defense, blocking in real time any suspicious data manipulation without forcing production environment redesign. Thus, companies should consider the value that these tools can add to their security strategy.

In this webinar, KuppingerCole´s Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger will talk about the role database firewalls can and should play within database security and holistic security across the entire stack from applications down to the network. He will discuss the strengths like the non-intrusiveness of these technologies, as well the golden rules to have a solution which works accurate avoiding traps like for example “false positives”.

Steve Moyle, CTO Database Firewall at Oracle, then will dive deeper into technology and have a look at efficient approaches for deploy a database firewall in practice. He will explain how to write policies to ensure maximum flexibility and high performances. Finally, he will discuss how to address common issues like SQL injection attacks pointing out benefits of database firewalls versus traditional network firewalls.


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