Identity & Access Management (IAM) Essentials

Learn All the Basics You Need to Understand Identity and Access Management

This KC Master Class is directed at professionals in managerial or technical decision-making positions and persons charged with digitization processes. In approximately 32 hours of self-learning you get knowledge on a foundational piece for security, compliance, and digitization for your organization, and the tools to use that to your organization’s advantage. Our analysts will guide you through each chapter to pass the final exam and become a KuppingerCole certified Master of Identity and Access Management.

Master IAM in 4 Chapters

  • (A) IAM Basics
    - Key terms, definitions, main role and benefits
    - Key components and tools of IAM systems
  • (B) IAM Foundation
    - Key building blocks of an IAM Architecture
    - KC IAM Reference Architecture
  • (C) Major IAM Technologies
    - Directories, Lifecycle Management, Access Governance, etc.
  • (D) Future-Proof IAM
    - Future of IAM
    - Trends
  • (A) Identity Lifecycles and Access Governance
    - Critical Capabilities
    - Deployment Models
    - Vendors
  • (B) Web Access Management & Identity Federation
    - Critical Capabilities
    - Deployment Models
    - Vendors
  • (C) Privileged Access Management
    - Critical Capabilities
    - Deployment Models
    - Vendors
  • (D) Non-Human Identities and RPA
    - IAM Beyond Employees, Partners and Consumers
  • (A) Standard Architecture Paradigms
    - Use Cases, Capabilities, Services, Tools
  • (B) More on Architecture
    - Technical Architectures for some IAM Areas
  • (C) Decentralized Identity and Blockchain ID
    - New Technologies & Opportunities for Privacy and Beyond
  • (D) Interplay of IAM and Rest of IT
    - ITSM, Cybersecurity, Marketing Automation
  • (A) Policies & Golden Rules
    - Need for Policies & insight into their structure
    - Samples for Golden Rules
  • (B) Defining your Process Framework
    - IAM Process Approach, Framework Areas, Recommendations
  • (C) Organization
    - Setting Up an Adequate Organization
  • (D) Guidelines
    - How to Avoid IAM Projects From Stalling

Tomorrow's IAM for Investing the Right Way
Identity and Access Management is changing a lot currently. Traditional approaches are increasingly reconsidered and cloud (first) strategies are leading to a shift from traditional, monolithic, on-premises IAM towards IDaaS (Identity as a Service), frequently with a set of more modular capabilities. Furthermore, IAM is crucial to meet regulatory requirements, to comply with standards such as ISO 270xx, and to mitigate cybersecurity risks, but also for improving business efficiency in onboarding employees, business partners, and customers.

Thus, understanding the elements of IAM and the concepts for today's and tomorrow's IAM is essential for investing the right way. In this KC Master Class, you learn what your team needs as a foundation for successfully evolving the corporate IAM.

With a comprehensive overview of the vendor landscape, you will be able to talk at eye-level with your peers and with your IAM suppliers.

Please note: This KC Master Class does not include any product-related training elements.

In this KC Master Class you will get a deep understanding of the terms and concepts of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Our analysts will teach common use cases, the various types of technologies that are part of IAM, the interplay of IAM and other areas such as cybersecurity, IT Service Management, but also architecture and the organizational aspects such as policies, processes, and organization.

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Identity & Access Management (IAM) Essentials

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