PAM for the 2020s

PAM for the 2020s

Learn How to Design a Future-Proof Privileged Access Management Strategy

Attend this KC Master Class to learn how to protect privileged accounts of your company. Based on many years of experience, KuppingerCole Analysts will deliver practical knowledge on password management and automatic rotation, enforcement of the least privilege principle, vulnerability identification, risk management, central analysis, session management and monitoring, and efficient, comprehensive auditing.
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The introduction of cloud technologies, the increasing size of the mobile workforce and the emerging dependency on outsourced IT staff have led to the gradual disappearance of the secure and trusted enterprise network and the emergence of a new hybrid reality.

Consequently, more and more leading companies are realizing that their cybersecurity team must provide comprehensive expertise in privilege management. The capabilities required for this are manifold, because an efficient PAM strategy for today must cover several functional areas.

Only a holistic approach delivers the necessary visibility into every administrative activity across environments, platforms, applications and services.

However, professionals and expertise in this field are rare and therefore expensive. Outsourcing this challenge to third parties is more likely to create new hurdles than to overcome existing ones. With this KC Master Class, KuppingerCole offers an internal qualification program for a sustainable solution.

4 Chapters - The Holistic Approach to PAM

PAM for the 2020s

Invest approx. 32 hours of self-learning + 1.5 days in-class attendance (online webinar and Bootcamp will be made available as recordings)

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PAM for the 2020s

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