Business Resilience Management in a Pandemic Crisis 

Business Resilience Management in a Pandemic Crisis 

Making Resilience a Strategic Priority: Long-Term (IT-)Initiatives for a Better Crisis Preparedness 

Attend this KC Master Class to learn what actions you can take immediately to handle the current pandemic crisis. In a second stage, an in-depth course will help you bolster your business resilience in the future. In order to react to the current pandemic developments, this KC Master Class is conceptualized particularly flexible to fit your needs and time constraints.
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A pandemic. It is that one single punch that strikes above your organization’s weight that makes you feel the vulnerability of a hyper-networked global digital economy. In many industries, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak is heavily disrupting supply chains and causing both large and small businesses to close down branches and offices. This particular crisis was unexpected, but its repercussions will carry on into the future – a black swan – and need to be managed as such. As the first pandemic in the world of digital excess, complete with near-instantaneous stock reactions to excessive reporting and volatile public sentiment, this pandemic will set the tone for those that will inevitably follow.

KuppingerCole Analyst Alexei Balaganski has already given advice on what to do and what to avoid during a pandemic crises.

This requires action to decouple digital processes from their risky outputs in times of crisis, and to enable people to work seamlessly anytime and anywhere, so as to minimize human and IT exposure to infection and attack. These capabilities span from IAM to cybersecurity and there are risk mitigation measures that can be taken immediately, and long-term IT initiatives that will prepare your organization to handle the next black swan, pandemic or not.


  1. Setting Up & Running Disaster Operations (DisOps) 

  2. Secure Infrastructure to Support Healthy Working Conditions During a Pandemic 

  3. Supporting Business Resilience through Agile & Stable IT Operations  

  4. Building and Enabling Secure, Resilient Business Models 

Chapter #1  (Available from Apr 07, 2020) - Setting Up & Running Disaster Operations (DisOps)

  1. Building on what you already have: adaptexistingconceptsforDisaster Recovery and Business Continuity to better work with crisissituations

  2. Creating and staffing a DisOps plan

  3. Re-prioritizing business operation priorities during a pandemic

  4. Organizational and process requirements for a culture of resiliency

Chapter #2  (Available from May 08, 2020) - Secure Infrastructure to Support Healthy Working Conditions During a Pandemic

  1. Visualizing Security: using reference architectures to identify gaps 

  2. Identity Services Under Pressure: What does and doesn't work in a crisis situation

  3. Designing a secure distributed network infrastructure

  4. Safety for your Workforce, Security for your Systems 

Invest approx. 32 hours of self-learning + 1.5 days in-class attendance (online webinar and Bootcamp will be made available as recordings) to become a "KC Master for Business Resilience Management in a Pandemic Crisis "

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Business Resilience Management in a Pandemic Crisis 

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