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Jon Lehtinen Principal Identity Engineer

Thomson Reuters

Jon Lehtinen specializes in both the strategy and execution of Identity & Access Management transformation in global-scale organizations like General Electric, Apollo Education Group, and Thomson Reuters. He works to deliver Identity solutions that provide the bedrock for information security, governance, and new opportunities for business. Moreover, he recognizes the role that Identity can play in shifting the relationships among institutions, businesses, things, and individuals during this age of digital and social disruption. Jon is dedicated to the growth and maturity of IAM as a profession, and serves on the Editorial and Body of Knowledge Committees of IDPro.org, of which he is a Founding Member.


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Identity Fabrics & the Future of Identity Management

May 12, 2020
Build Your Own IDaaS: Lessons from Year One
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Identity Fabrics & the Future of Identity Management

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Ms. Jennifer Haas
  • May 12, 2020 09:00 - 15:00

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