Digital ID Beyond the Enterprise

Digital ID Beyond the Enterprise

Broadening the Horizons of Digital Identity in a Multipolar World

The digital identity landscape extends far beyond the confines of enterprise walls. As we step into a hyperconnected world, the significance of identity stretches across global platforms, consumer interfaces, regulatory environments, and innovative identification paradigms. The "Digital ID Beyond the Enterprise" session stream at EIC 2024 seeks to uncover the vast expanse of digital identity, diving deep into its transformative potential and its evolving challenges. Attendees will be equipped with insights and strategies, ensuring they're poised to navigate and leverage the multifaceted domain of global digital identity.
Global ID Wallets:
  • Universal Access: Discover the promise and potential of global ID wallets in providing seamless access across services and platforms worldwide.
  • Security & Trust: Understand the imperative of maintaining robust security standards while ensuring user convenience in global identity solutions.

eIDAS 2:
  • European Digital Identity: Dive into the upgrades and nuances introduced in the eIDAS 2 regulation, defining the identity landscape for European citizens and businesses.
  • Cross-border Interoperability: Grasp the potential of eIDAS 2 in ensuring harmonized identity verification across EU member states.

Decentralized Identity:
  • Identity in a Decentralized World: Explore the revolutionary concept of identity that's not bound by centralized authorities, ensuring user ownership and control.
  • Blockchain & Beyond: Delve into the technologies powering decentralized identities and their implications for both businesses and consumers.

Consumer Identity Management:
  • User-Centric Identity: Understand the nuances of managing identities in consumer-facing platforms, balancing user experience with security.
  • Personalization & Privacy: Learn how to tailor user experiences based on identity data while adhering to privacy standards.

Privacy & Regulation:
  • Navigating the Legal Landscape: Uncover the evolving regulations surrounding digital identity, from data protection to user rights.
  • Compliance & Challenges: Address the complexities of adhering to global regulations while ensuring streamlined identity management processes.

Beyond MFA:
  • The Future of Authentication: Go beyond multi-factor authentication (MFA) to understand the emerging paradigms in verifying user identities.
  • Innovative Techniques: Discover the technologies and methodologies that promise enhanced security combined with user convenience, shaping the future of digital access.

Immerse yourself in discussions, case studies, and expert sessions that aim to broaden perspectives, challenge conventions, and offer transformative solutions within the realm of digital identity beyond the enterprise.
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