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European Identity and Cloud Awards 2023

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European Identity and Cloud Awards 2023

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Receive a notable reference for your future business and present your use case to a global audience at EIC on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

Submit your nomination for one of the following categories by March 15, 2023.

Customer & Citizen Authentication
Balancing fraud prevention and user experience is important for successful enterprise project implementation. This category considers fraud detection, authentication, security and compliance projects while establishing a seamless UX.

Enterprise IAM
This category includes enterprise projects that address the implementation of modern IAM capabilities, Identity Governance & Administration, Identity Federation and Privileged Access Management. These projects can cover all types of identities but must include employee identities and should focus on managing hybrid environments as well as build on modern architectures and deployment models.

Identity Fabrics & IDaaS
Identity serves as the foundational layer for the creation of new digital business services. Successfully driving and executing transformational initiatives, securing and managing digital identities and access requires a solid grounding in Identity Fabrics to accelerate positive business outcomes. This award honors projects that have successfully deployed identity initiatives that meet user needs and promotes access to essential services.

Verifiable Credentials & Decentralized Identity
As the digital and physical worlds merge, there is a clear mandate to usher in the next significant era in decentralized trust management. This award honors organizations working on decentralized identity projects that are making a measurable difference. Submissions welcome from startups and enterprise candidates from across the world.

Future Technologies & Standards
We are living in an era of unprecedented change. With the rate of technological change continuing to accelerate, this award is dedicated to projects focusing on leading-edge technology innovations or new, innovative standards that will revolutionize industries across the globe.

Identity Start-Up of the Year
This award aims to recognize an innovative startup who has had a tremendous impact on the identity community in the field of Access Management, Privileged Access Management and Authentication and has demonstrated spectacular capabilities of roll-out, execution and adoption.