EIC 2021 Is Officially "Green, Clean & Safe"

We want to give our attendees, partners, service contractors, and employees the best possible experience and we strongly believe that this experience needs to be hygienically safe and eco-friendly.

It is in our greatest interest to protect everyone from a virus infection or other registrable disease by considering all necessary precautionary measures during the planning and execution of EIC 2021. To emphasize our promise, we have attained a Green, Clean & Safe certification by Infracert GmbH.

How we ensure that EIC 2021 is Clean & Safe

  • Definition of a safety and hygiene plan
  • Transparent communication of this safety and hygiene plan with all relevant parties
  • Appointment of a Hygiene Manager
  • This Hygiene Manager will monitor national and regional safety and hygiene standards and ensures the regular update and implementation of the EIC 2021 safety and hygiene plan
  • Furthermore, the Hygiene Manager will inform all parties ahead of EIC 2021 about the current safety and hygiene measures, and the restrictions deriving from these measures during the conference
  • Communication of simple rules for all participants for protecting themselves and others from an infection


How we ensure that EIC 2021 is Green

  • Digitization of communication wherever possible: Information is shared digitally or printed on recycled paper
  • Promotion of low-carbon travelling: A conscious way of traveling with low carbon dioxide emissions is encouraged, e.g. arrival/departure by train
  • Use of sustainable materials and packaging: Washable, reusable, recyclable, or compostable items are preferred
  • Focus on eco- and animal-friendly catering: Organic, fair-trade, and regional as well as vegan and/or vegetarian beverages and dishes are served


Please do not hesitate to contact our Hygiene Manager Ms. Lauren Zuber for any questions.

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