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Securing Collaboration & Work from Anywhere in a Post Pandemic Future

Covid 19 has profoundly changed the way how we live and work. The question is, how these changes will persist and change our behaviour independently from a finally disappearing pandemic. Work went remote and whatever could go online disappeared from the analog world, creating pressure on IT departments to deploy... More

Pre-Conf Workshop hosted by Women in Identity

Inclusiveness in the work force is a given!

This workshop will provide insight into the global organization “Women in Identity” (WiD) and discuss why inclusiveness and diversity play an important role in Identity and Access Management and Security.

We welcome a very diverse audience,... More

Driving Digital Trust

Trust, whether in the analogue or digital world, is crucial for relations of whatever type between people and organisations. This Workshop discusses the essential requirements to build trust in the digital world of identities and entities.

Keep up with the Kantarians with the latest updates from the... More

Pre-Conf Workshop hosted by OpenID

OpenID Foundation Workshops provide technical insight and influence on current Internet identity standards. Technologists from member organizations and others will provide updates on key issues and discuss how they help meet social, enterprise and government Internet identity challenges.

This workshop... More

CyberArk Workshop


Join our live Attack & Defend Virtual War Room Experience to watch and learn as WhiteHat hackers Len Noe and Andy Thompson battle head-to-head in a real-world hacking and defense simulation covering five of the most notorious breaches in recent history:... More

Deploying an IoT project

This workshop is in two parts. Initially we will review the major IoT sectors and discuss how sensitive each is to three metrics: Safety, Security and Privacy. We will discuss the vulnerabilities of an IoT deployment in the areas of device management, communications, controller functionality and human-machine... More

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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021

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  • Sep 13 - 16, 2021 08:00-20:00 Munich, Germany
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