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Quo Vadis Identity - Identity Fabrics

In the process of digital transformation, new digital business services change the way IAM needs to be done. Without the ability to manage and control the access of every one to every service, businesses will fail in their new initiatives. However, it is easy to succeed with the right moves and strategies, with a strong digital identity backend that delivers all identity services required by the new digital services that are created. KC Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger calls such backend the “Identity Fabrics” that provide all services in a standardized manner and, beyond that, integrates back to legacy IAM. Identity Fabrics are more than... More

AI, Digital ID & Security

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance identity and access management (IAM) and help protect IT networks from future security breaches. While IAM plays a huge role in mitigating data breaches and additional cyber risks, AI offers more efficient and accurate processes by automating and accelerating tasks. Exploring innovative solutions and ways of applying new technologies to develop novel forms of digital ID is the key to successful transformation and leadership. 


Digital Enterprise & Cyber Risks

Data is the core asset of the digital enterprise and is essential for its’ growth. But the digitalization brings with itself new challenges, like novel cyber threats. The number and variety of cyber-attacks is increasing rapidly. Thousands of ransomware incidents occur daily costing companies and government entities billions of dollars. It is essential for the digital enterprise and its leadership to define an effective cybersecurity strategy and know the limits of existing cybersecurity defences. Only then companies can enable frictionless customer experience, develop new products and avoid unnecessary risks.


Customer Identity, Privacy & Cloud

For organizations that want to ensure safe and efficient access to their services, effective identity and access management solutions are essential. But, ensuring maximum security while maintaining a smooth user experience is a constant challenge. More we move into the digital environment, the more each company must focus on these aspects and construct the IAM programs with the consumers in mind. With the changing regulatory environment, this is further complicated. 

Enterprises are utilizing cloud capabilities in order to reduce their costs, bring speed, scalability and accuracy to their business solutions. For companies... More

Expert Stage

At the Expert Stage sessions, held in the EIC CAFÉ area of the exhibition, you can listen to top experts that help you
solve critical business challenges and talk about their best practice experience. Take your opportunity to directly ask questions and discuss with the speakers face-to-face.
Each of the 20-minute Expert Stage sessions will be independently moderated by a KuppingerCole senior analyst.


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