Pre-Conference Events

Fido Authentication Workshop

Join this pre-conference FIDO Workshop to learn about the latest trends in strong authentication, including key updates from FIDO and its global stakeholders. During the workshop, you will get hands-on tips from companies that have led real-world FIDO deployments, discussions on related initiatives and technologies, as well as technical details on FIDO’s approach to simple, stronger authentication. More

OpenID Foundation Workshop

OpenID Foundation Workshops provide insight and influence on important Internet identity standards. The workshops provide updates on the work happening within OpenID Foundation working groups as well as updates on the OpenID Certification Program. More

Kantara Workshop

Keep up with the Kantarians as they overview Kantara Consent Receipt implementations and demo them in action, reprise Kantara UMA through Relationship Management and business models, and prepare you for privacy-focussed open call H2020 funding in your hands More

AI – Myths, Reality and Challenges

AI is a generic term that covers a range of technologies. Today some of those technologies are sufficiently mature for commercial exploitation and some are not. This presentation will describe the current state of AI technologies and the areas where they can be applied today. AI is a generic term and it is important to understand precisely what is meant when this term is used. It covers a wide range of technologies and this workshop will provide an outline of the range of technologies under this heading. Some of these are now being successfully exploited while some remain as futures. More

Blockchain ID Workshop

The application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is increasing year by year, be it in cross-border finance, health sector, supply chain, KYC and other areas. A number of Blockchain ID products both for public and permissioned ledgers have appeared on the marketplace and are already being implemented. More

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