European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019

LOCATION: Munich, Germany DATE: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - Friday, May 17, 2019

200+ Speakers • 950+ Delegates • 50+ Exhibitors • 160+ Sessions • 25+ Social Events
Unlimited networking opportunities

Come to the place where the Digital Transformation is happening. The European Identity & Cloud Conference, held from May 14-17, 2019, offers a mixture of best practice discussions, visionary presentations, and networking opportunities with a future-oriented community. More than 950 thought leaders, leading vendors, analysts, visionaries, executives, and end-users get together in Munich to be inspired by a list of world-class speakers.

With five parallel tracks, more than 200 international speakers and experts, many Best Practice presentations and 120 hours of relevant content, EIC 2019 provides you with a comprehensive overview of future trends in Internet security as well as practical information about current projects.

Every year the agenda focuses on the latest and most relevant Information Security and Digital Identity topics to offer you the foundation to design the right digital identity and security strategies for your business. Hear about emerging trends in order to be prepared to meet and exceed present and future business, identity and security challenges.

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019

Featured Speakers

Key Topics

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM): The Future is now!

  • The Age of AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive Intelligence in Security & Identity

  • The Privacy Challenge of AI

  • Consumer Identity (CIAM): Delivering Value to the Connected Customer

  • Microservices – Curse or Blessing?

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Managing Robotic Access; Data Focused Security Concepts

  • Enterprise Blockchain Best Practices: Learning from the Early Adopters

  • Data Management, Privacy & Security Done Right

  • The New World of Cybersecurity

  • Going Beyond Passwords with the Zero Trust Security

  • Intelligent Assistants and Their Potential Use for the Future Business

  • Identity in the Era of Digital Transformation and IoT

  • PSD2 2019

  • Facing the Post-GDPR Reality

Top Reasons to Attend

Technologies, such as chat bots, artificial intelligence, and data mining enable personalized customer journeys: But how to achieve a balance between customer profiling and data protection? Since marketing automation systems are used by more and more companies, most marketers are keen on extensively collecting prospect and customer-oriented data: A perfect basis for measurement and optimization of marketing success. Learn how to use the potential of AI for your CIAM strategy.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is often associated with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. However, it has much wider applicability and holds the potential to solve a wide range of challenges, like digital identity. Whenever technology is evolving, the governance is often neglected until incidents are requiring greater participation of involved parties and regulators to define operating guidelines. Get to know more about the practical implementations of the blockchain.


The number of cyber-attacks is increasing every year, and companies are boosting their cybersecurity budgets. Businesses are spending billions of dollars on cyber defense, but the net effect of this increased spending seems to be quite negligible – the number of data breaches or ransomware attacks is still going up. Is it a sign that many companies still view cybersecurity as a kind of a magic ritual, a cargo cult of sorts? Or is it caused by a major skills gap, as the world simply doesn’t have enough experts to battle cybercriminals efficiently?


The IAM business is under constant change. However, there is a change on its way that is bigger than many of the innovations we have seen over the past decade. It is IAM adopting the architectural concept of microservices. This will have a massive impact on the way we can do IAM, and it will impact the type of offerings in the market. Get to know how microservices can make IAM far more agile and flexible.


It is all about providing your customer a great experience so that they return to you and not to your competitor, who has never before been that close to your business. Anticipating, maybe even in advance, your customer's needs have on the one hand become a must. On the other hand, GDPR is significantly limiting the way how to create such intelligence through collecting personally identifiable data.

Even though GDPR has been in place since 25th of May 2018, many companies are still struggling to implement security and compliance strategies. But is it really that difficult? What is the general status? How big is the impact of GDPR on the business world? Learn what the new requirements mean in practice, how companies have managed to be GDPR compliant and gained a competitive advantage and what are other businesses still missing.


Learn how to solve critical business challenges by listening to best practice presentations on the EIC expert-stage and discuss with the speakers right after their presentation about improving your business with the right technology and strategy.


KuppingerCole will once again honor outstanding identity management, cloud computing and Blockchain ID projects and initiatives at the European Identity Conference 2019. The European Identity & Cloud Awards will be presented on May 15, 2019, at the evening event of the conference. The project has to have been finalized within the last 12 months before the EIC conference. Winning an award is a perfect quality seal for your company’s projects and solutions: Show and prove that you’re a Digital Transformation leader! 

Munich, Germany


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019

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  • May 14 - 17, 2019 Munich, Germany

Key Topics

  • IAM: The Future is now!

  • AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive Intelligence in Security & Identity

  • The Privacy Challenge of AI

  • Consumer Identity: Delivering Value

  • Microservices – Curse or Blessing?

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Enterprise Blockchain Best Practices

  • Data Management, Privacy & Security

  • The New World of Cybersecurity

  • Beyond Passwords with Zero Trust

  • Intelligent Assistants for the Future Business

  • Identity in Digital Transformation and IoT

  • PSD2 2019

  • Facing the Post-GDPR Reality