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Making your Identity Management & Cybersecurity fit for the Age of Digital

The ability to innovate fast and to profoundly disrupt old school business models has become more essential than ever. EIC 16 will help you to transform security concerns into strategic advantages through digital risk management with future-proof choice of mitigation options. Prioritize your security programs in a way that gives a robust answer to the increasingly complex threat landscape, where identity is the glue, and on which types of tools to focus on when mitigating digital risks.



The “Homework Track”: Get Your IAM Ready for the Age of Digital Transformation

Cloud, Mobile, Social Computing and the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 have a profound impact on IAM processes and technology, as they shift your focus from employees to external communities like customers, partners, dealers, and billions of things. On the other hand, most organizations still have a lot of homework to do for implementing and improving their fundamental infrastructures. This track explores the key concept for a future-aware IAM architecture with topics like access governance, realtime analytics, proofing, authorization, authentication, API security and privileged identities and explains how to find the balance between short-term delivery and... More


Customer-Centric Identity Management: Securely Aligning IAM, CRM, and Big Data

While most organizations are at least good enough in managing their employee identities, dealing with millions of consumer and customer identities imposes a new challenge. Many new identity types, various authenticators from social logins to device-related authenticators in smartphones, risk mitigation requirements for commercial transactions, the relationship with secure payments, customer retention, new business models and thus new requirements for interacting with customers: The challenge has never been that big. The glue is the identity. If you know your customer and manage one consumer identity, you can solve your business challenges. This requires new ways for... More


Enabling the Digital Transformation: Identity & Security for Everyone and Everything, Everywhere

The Digital Transformation is not only about new products, services, and business models. It is neither a singular event or a one-time transformation. Digital Transformation means transforming into agile enterprises where business processes, partnerships, customer relations, services, and products are ever-changing and innovation happens at high speed. This imposes new security challenges, by smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), connected things and myriads of data, and more identities to deal with than ever before. It is about a new way of managing identities and their access in complex relationships. Doing security and privacy right builds the foundation for... More


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