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Digital Risk

While information products and services of the digital economy require information infrastructure to be increasingly shared across jurisdictions and sectors, we are being faced with a rapidly evolving array of digital risk. In this track moderated by KuppingerCole Analysts Dr. Scott David and Dr. Karsten Kinast, lawyers and experts in privacy & IT law, CSOs/CISOs, GRC practitioners and IT professionals will learn how to assess and ultimately manage and mitigate digital risks through a holistic approach. Holistic, because we cannot solve privacy without simultaneously solving other information risk issues, as security, privacy and liability are each key to... More


Identity & Access Management / Governance

Identity & Access Management (IAM) today first and foremost is an organizational challenge and is in need for a leadership that understands the governance approach to meet the challenges of digital risk. But after all, IAM/IAG also remains to be a technological challenge. This track will help IAM/IAG professionals, security experts and project managers assess their current improvement needs and prepare for the digital transformation, where employee IAM will only be the smallest part of the game.



Architecting the Digital Enterprise

Securing the digital enterprise in a way that is light and agile enough to remain flexible and competitive is creating complex architectural, technical and integration challenges for IT professionals. What can we do now to support the transformational period from analog to digital business? What standards will be critical to support in future time? What are the steps to be taken now? This track is focused on the information security part of the digital business and will give you valuable and actionable advice.



Connected World

In a connected world, with billions of devices going online and creating sensitive information, there is only one way to solve the privacy issue: empowering the user. EIC is the only information security related event where User Managed Identity & Access and Life Management concepts are proposed as a sine qua non element of any digital business. In this track, you will meet with the user empowerment vanguard and find out, how this concept will change the way you think about digital business.



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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

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