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Managing Identities the right way will become a game changer for the automotive industry. Traditionally, the automotive industry has been leading edge when it comes to managing supplier employees. But even there we see massive room for improvement, with new federation standards like OAuth enabling new types of solutions. However, the far bigger challenge is extending IAM and IAG to the full ecosystem, with other business partners, dealers, and customers. The Extended Enterprise is increasingly becoming reality – however, this is not a simple task for the automotive industry with its complex relationships. Beyond that, the Connected Vehicle stands for the need for a... More



The first wave of massive regulatory pressure after the Financial Crisis now has passed the Finance Industry. Many organizations have achieved significant improvements in their Access Governance deployments or are on the way. However, it is not about taking a rest now for the next years. The pressure on IAM and IAG, as well as on GRC in general, remains high. And beyond tackling the initial findings, organizations need to extend their deployments so that they are audit-proof for the future. Working to the business instead of working to the audit: That is today’s challenge. Beyond that, the Extended Enterprise increasingly becomes a challenge for the Finance Industry... More


Life Management, Personal Cloud, VRM

Life Management Platforms, somtimes (misleadingly) called "Personal Data (Storage)", or "Personal Clouds" or "VRM" if focused on customer/vendor relationships, will turn the way we use the Internet upside down and make privacy and reliably secure exchange of information a fundamental layer of any networked interaction. Business models based on the exploration of personal data and on user tracking will fail. Join us at EIC 2013 to discuss the business models of the privacy centered post-facebook era. More


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