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Eliot Lear

Principal Engineer

Cisco Systems

Eliot Lear is a Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems in their Advanced Research team. Active in the industry since 1985, prior to joining Cisco Eliot was the Internet Architect at a large S&P 500 company. Eliot has designed large scale distributed management systems, and has worked on integrating identity solutions to non-web applications. A participant in the IETF since 1989, Eliot has chaired several working groups, a research group, served on the applications directorate, a designated expert for the TCP/UDP port registry, and most recently has joined the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). He is a co-author of thirteen RFCs. Eliot currently also serves as a co-rapporteur in the ITU-D’s Q22-1/1 “Securing information and communication networks: best practices for developing a culture of cybersecurity”, and serves as an adviser on the American delegation from time to time.


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Kantara Workshop

May 14, 2013
KANTARA Workshop
Bridges to Trusted Federations, Connecting Nations and Markets in a Big-Data Economy

Kantara Workshop

May 14, 2013
Policy, Strategy, Standards: A Federation’s triple interop! ISO, ITU-T, NIST


Kantara Workshop

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Mr. Levent Kara
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  • May 14, 2013 9:00-13:30

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