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Kwadwo Agyapon-Ntra Tech Entrepreneur

MEST Africa

Kwadwo is a Ghanaian tech entrepreneur with MEST Africa and a hands-on machine learning enthusiast. He graduated from KNUST in Ghana in 2017 with first-class honours in Computer Engineering, and is proficient in Mobile, Web, Embedded Systems and IoT development.

He is passionate about Africa, and how technology and business can be used together to effect positive change on the continent, especially with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Outside of software development, he plays the guitar, drums and keyboard, and runs a blog.

More about him at https://kantra.xyz (short version) or https://blog.kantra.xyz/index.php/about-me-kayo/ (longer version).



cybernetix.world 2020 - Nigeria

Contact person:

Ms. Lauren Zuber
+49 211 23707725
  • Nov 26, 2020 Abuja

Key Topics

  • Everything AI

  • AI-powered Smart Cybersecurity

  • Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

  • Identity Management in the Age of AI

  • Robots, Automation & AI

  • Current and Future Blockchain & Post Blockchain Applications

  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

  • Things, Logistics & Mobility Ecosystem

  • Connected Industry & AI 

  • AI & Smart Energy 

  • AI & Robotics in Healthcare

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