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Guiding You Through AI-Driven Digital Transformation | November 24 - 25
Guiding You Through AI-Driven Digital Transformation | November 24 - 25

About this Event
Artificial Intelligence has started to fundamentally change the way we live and do business. will help you to kickstart your AI programs right now and benefit from the huge potential productivity gains AI is offering. At you will be able to explore the ways in which AI is impacting your life - professionally and socially.

Create Your AI Roadmap
AI is the new IT and it is totally business-driven, changing every single step of the global value chain of enterprises and individuals. Anything that is a process, can and will be run by an AI. is the AI conference where business, health, and social meet tech and learn from those who already have gained experience with AI in their first automation projects.

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Artificial intelligence becomes more and more prominent. While sometimes its impact so far seems exaggerated, it plays an important role in almost every tech now. Tangible benefits of week AI is already visible but where do we stand now in terms of development and implementation? How far can we go and what does the future look like? At we will cover early adopter stories, best practices, Leading research & development reports and discuss how widespread implementation of AI applications is transforming industry and society.

The number of cyber-attacks is rising sharply. Almost every day we hear about a major breach in the public and private sectors. Businesses of all sizes are coming under attack and the cyber criminals are becoming more cunning by utilizing artificial intelligence to increase the damaging effect of their offensive. Clever utilization of AI can be crucial for the defending side as well by helping under-resourced security operations to stay ahead. is the perfect place to learn more about the how AI makes cybersecurity smarter.

Intelligent systems help transform the way we do work in many ways. Supporting in decisional situations AI helps do things faster more effectively, reach customers easily while providing the right information - removing friction between customers and enterprises. Be it Digital Advertising or chatbots, Behavior Analysis, and Predictive Analytics, AI offers immense benefits. The dedicated track about AI in Marketing will offer insightful content from the best speakers in the industry sharing their knowledge about how to leverage AI for their own benefit.

Artificial Intelligence is having an impact on all aspects of the banking and financial sector, especially in the developing world. At you will learn how AI helps banks optimize existing services and enables fintechs to offer a variety of new products. While Machine Learning algorithms fight money laundering by detecting irregularities, other algorithms are utilized to free employees from mundane tasks and offer customers tailored experiences. Still, the lack of explainability is the major issue which financial institutions must pay close attention in order to avoid unnecessary bad publicity and damage to the business.

Constant tracking and monitoring are what characterizes the modern world in this digital age. Everyone from the private to the business sector expects automated processes, accelerating operations and activities entail risks when it comes to digital ID.‚ÄčAt we will discuss how AI is ushering in this new paradigm of digital ID, how innovative solutions can aid to deliver a smooth experience, protecting consumers as well as businesses against various types of the cyberattack.

Get the Main Methods to Explain AI

Register now and you will get a copy of the Leadership Brief: Explainable AI for free! One of the largest barriers to widespread Machine Learning (ML) adoption is its lack of explainability. This Leadership Brief introduces the main methods that make AI explainable. 2020

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Get advice from the top thought leaders on how to create your AI business strategy
  • Hear numerous best-practice presentations from enterprise decision-makers
  • Increase your network and learn more about the most innovative products the market has to offer
  • Learn how AI can influence your business, now and in the future
  • Opportunity to attend various exclusive pre-conference events such as workshops, boot camp, KCx talk
  • Great interactive event platform with live stream, virtual expo area, and face-to-face network opportunities


Anne Bailey is an analyst covering emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, and helps synthesize the implications for companies, industries, and markets.She holds a Bachelor from Pacific Lutheran University, a Master’s Certificate from Johns Hopkins-Nanjing...

Marisa Monteiro Borsboom is the president of the Humanity of Things Agency and representing this same organization as a member of the CEPS Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity. Legal Entrepreneur - Founder and Partner  of the Inov@legal, in Portuguese Institute for...

Alex is a generalist in the truest sense of the word and sports a 15 year track record in the technology industry. His career highlights include various positions at companies like Adobe, SAP, Richrelevance, and the high-end fashion retailer E. Breuninger. His passions for photography, design,...

Pauli Isoaho is a serial entrepreneur, his last startup was Arctic Robotics Oy company, where he was a Co-founder and CTO. Arctic Robotics won Slush's demo day main prize 300 000 € in 2016.  Before starting his own companies he was working at Nokia in various positions. He also has a...

Elena Kell is an innovation and change manager with a passion for innovation, exponential tech, diversity and sustainability. Elena co-leads AI Center of Excellence and drives a number of AI initiatives in the legal domain in Telia Company. The purpose of the center is provide a holistic...

Anna has 20 years of experience in management, project management, and process development Industry experience includes: banking/finance, facility management, construction, and manufacturing. For the past 3 years, she has been implementing and scaling RPA at two different companies.  Being...

Obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science in 2015 at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. CTO and founder of Codete. Leading and mentoring teams of Codete. Working with Fortune500 companies on data science projects. Built a research lab that is working on machine learning methods and big data...

Dr. Danish Rafique is currently working as a Chief AI Officer at TerraLoupe. He has 10+ years of corporate experience in several countries, where he has led, built and deployed digital products across industries, including telecom, manufacturing and automotive sectors. Danish focuses on...

Mike Small is the retired director of security management strategy of CA, where he was responsible for the technical strategy for CA's security management software product line within Europe, Middle East and Africa. Mike did work for CA between 1994 and 2009, where he developed CA’s...

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  • Nov 24 - 25, 2020
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